New Work At Home Leads 04.10.09

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I've decided to get off my lazy "arse" & up my postings. To achieve this, I'll be trying some new things such as, guest posts from other cool bloggers, posting job leads, polls, etc. Now I can't promise I'll do all this stuff consistently. But I'm going to try. Now on to the job leads…

Listed below are some work from home job leads I've found on the web. They've been screened to the best of my ability. But when in doubt, head over to our scam section by clicking here. Then proceed to follow the simple steps of our scam video & read some of the existing scams listed on that page. Within that vast information you should be able to easily determine if any company is scam. (Remember scam artists don't always ask for fees. See Package Forward, Check Cashing, & Cash4Gold Scams)

Please keep in mind I CAN'T make jobs magically appear to fit your needs or locations, although I wish I could. However what I find, is what I list! This will change from week to week, so as long as you're a loyal subscriber you'll be the first to know. Folks outside of the U.S. should visit our international work at home job page by clicking here.

I'm not personally affiliated with the employers or companies listed below unless otherwise noted. So any question or issues should be addressed with the companies directly.

And finally, some of you may be visiting this page all after the fact. This may mean the jobs listed below are no longer available. Again, there isn't anything I can do about that. If you're subscriber, just patiently wait for my next job lead post. Or you can visit my other site to see if we've posted similar jobs there or check out our work at home companies page. Good luck either way! Feel free to say thanks in the comments below, or share this page with others. Because after all sharing is caring! Now back to twitter I go! Peace!

Work From Home (Telecommuting) Jobs

P/T Legal Secretary
Part-Time Virtual Paralegal
Medical Billing Recovery Specialist
Medical Biller

Corporate Tax Accountant to File Taxes (Downtown LA)
Bookkeeper P/T

Web Designer Needed
Graphic Designer – Freelance

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  1. I have been looking for leads like these for two months and have almost fallen victim to the process server jobs . I thank you for helping me avoid anymore scams in the future. Thank you so much!


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