New Work At Home Leads 07.10.09

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Hey Guys, Did you miss me? Sorry about not posting new jobs last Friday. I totally forgot it was the 4th July weekend. Hope you had a great one. Working at home full time throws off my sense of time. My mad cow doesn't help the situation either.

Keeping that in mind I may not be posting next week either. I'm being forced on a family vacation to Turks & Caicos (Is that how you spell it?) next week. I know, poor Eddy. lol But if there is internet access at the resort, I'll try to log on and get some work in. That's the great thing about being a work at home affiliate, as long as there is internet access I can work anywhere. (The wife doesn't appreciate that as much. lol) Okay enough babbling, let's get it on!

I've found some new work at home jobs. But before we get to them, let's get some housekeeping items out the way to prevent any confusion, hateful comments, threats, demands, etc… You know who you are. 😉


– The leads have been screened to the best of my ability. But when in doubt, head over to our scam section by clicking here. Then proceed to follow the simple steps of our scam video & read some of the existing scams listed on that page. Within that vast information you should be able to easily determine if any company is scam. And remember scam artists don't always ask for fees. (See Package Forward, Check Cashing, & Cash4Gold Scams)

– Please keep in mind I CAN'T make jobs magically appear to fit your needs or locations. Although I wish I could but what I find, is what I list! This will change from week to week. So as long as you're a loyal subscriber & stay faithful to me, you'll be the first to know. But if you decide to stray & leave me for a younger & hotter site, then you risk missing out on some good leads.

– It should be noted we're a U.S. based site, so most of our job leads will be in America. Look, It's nothing personal against you or your nation. I don't believe in drinking "hatorade". (Eddy loves all people.) So that's why I've created an international work at home job page for people that live outside the U.S. Click here to visit it now.

– I'm not personally affiliated with the employers or companies listed below unless otherwise noted. So any question or issues should be addressed with the companies directly.

– And finally, some of you may be visiting this page all after the fact. This may mean the jobs listed below are no longer available. Again, there isn't anything I can do about that. If you're subscriber, just patiently wait for my next job lead post. Or you can visit my other site to see if we've posted similar jobs there or check out our work at home companies page.

Good luck either way! If you like what we're doing please show your love in the comment field below the jobs or share this page with others.

Work From Home (Telecommuting) Job Leads

Virtual Nurse Recruiter

Bilingual Care Manager

Customer Service Representative

Golf Writers

Medical Proofreaders

Freelance Writer – Relationships

PowerPoint Guru / Expert

Freelance Senior Copywriter

Contract Attorney Position (To prepare family law documents)

Recommended Instant Work At Home Opportunities

Email Reader

Online Shoppers

Get Paid To View Ads

Get Paid To Be Green

Mystery Shoppers

Online Chatters

Online Chatters

Message Board ‘Typist'

Survey Taker

Work At Home With (Data Entry, Typing, etc)

More Job Leads (Membership based site)

13 thoughts on “New Work At Home Leads 07.10.09”

  1. do you have an affilate program linked to your site that i can join and promote?
    if so let me know, i would like to join

  2. Dear eddy, I need help desperately. Our family is going through amazing troubles and theres absolutely no way i can really even make a dent Into the 500 a month that we need to save our house and im waiting for ssi to finally make there decision on whether or not i can work, Im losing it, Please reply.

    • Hi Thomas,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. There is nothing online that will happen instantly or relatively quickly to make you large sums of money. You’re better off hitting the pavement and trying to find a job offline anywhere that is hiring. At this point survival is the name of the game and you need to try to find anything that will bring in a check asap.
      None of the opportunities I know of can do that immediately. I wish I could be of more help but my hands are tied in this situation.

    • I hear you, but even with that said. It really doesn’t matter because avoiding scams is very simple. Always do your research and 99.9% of the time you avoid nonsense Follow your instincts. If something sounds to good to be true then it usually is. If someone is claiming they have a magical system that makes you easy money or offer an easy job that pays extremely well with no experience, you should always ask yourself the following. “If it’s so easy, why isn’t everyone else doing it?” Don’t assume anything, always know by doing your own research. Don’t let desperation blind your God given instincts. It’s extremely difficult to get scammed if you follow that advice.

      I know, because ever since I’ve followed these steps I haven’t been scammed in years. Knock on wood. lol

  3. @Maria:
    I know the feeling, I have been unemployed for over a year now and it\’s getting really frustrating. Trying to stay positive in these times can get the best of you but I\’m trying to stand strong and be positive. I have applied for several work-at-home positions on the site but haven\’t received any responses. Hopefully something will happen for the both of us.
    Stay positive!!!!!!!!

    • That’s great advice KSheal!

      The other thing you guys may want to consider is non traditional work at home opportunities while trying to land the regular work at home jobs. A lot of my loyal subscribers are making money doing this:

      Trust me, you have a lot more options than you think. So keep banging away at the regular work at home jobs but you can make a little money now doing some other things. Hope it helps either way.

  4. I love the discussion and the insight on legit work at home opportunities but I’m finding it really hard to land a work-at-home gig. Any pointers?

  5. Hi, i hope you have a great vacation, i just recently got your web i hope this one help me.
    I was leaid off yesterday 7/9/2009. I hope when you comeback from your vactions you have the chance to post some work at home, i am very interesting doing something from home and more now that my full time job for almost 10 years let me go. Thanks.


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