New Work At Home Leads For 01.08.10

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So how has 2010 been treating you so far? Or shall I say how have you been treating it? Are you going into the new decade with a different mindset? Are you shutting out the negative influences? Are you believing that this will be your best year yet despite what the reports may be saying?

If not, it's never too late to make that mindset change. I'll do my part and be that broken record to keep you there. But watch out for those negative Nancies. They always seem to rear their ugly heads when you're trying to better yourself. I've already had to do some deleting of comments and emails from miserable folks trying to steal my joy. You be sure to do the same. Trust me when I say it's not worth the effort in engaging in intelligent conversation with these type of people.

With that in mind let's get your 2010 started off right with some leads.

I've found some new work at home jobs. But before we get to them, let's get some housekeeping items out the way to prevent any confusion, hateful comments, threats, demands, etc… You know who you are.


– The leads have been screened to the best of my ability. But when in doubt, head over to our scam section by clicking here. Then proceed to follow the simple steps of our scam video & read some of the existing scams listed on that page. Within that vast information you should be able to easily determine if any company is scam. And remember scam artists don't always ask for fees. (See Package Forward, Check Cashing, & Cash4Gold Scams)

– Please keep in mind I CAN'T make jobs magically appear to fit your needs or locations. Although I wish I could. But what I find, is what I list! This will change from week to week. So as long as you're a loyal subscriber & stay faithful to me, you'll be the first to know. But if you decide to stray & leave me for a younger & hotter site, then you risk missing out on some good leads.

– It should be noted we're a U.S. based site, so most of our job leads will be in America. Look, It's nothing personal against you or your nation. I don't believe in drinking "hatorade". (Eddy loves all people.) So that's why I've created an international work at home job page for people that live outside the U.S. Click here to visit it now.

– I'm not personally affiliated with the employers or companies listed below unless otherwise noted. So any question or issues should be addressed with the companies directly.

– And finally, some of you may be visiting this page all after the fact. This may mean the jobs listed below are no longer available. Again, there isn't anything I can do about that. If you're subscriber, just patiently wait for my next job lead post. Or you can visit my other site to see if we've posted similar jobs there or check out our work at home companies page.

Good luck either way! If you like what we're doing please show your love in the comment field below the jobs or share this page with others. By the way if you do land a job or start making money because of what you've learned on this site, then shout it out in the comment field so we know folks are succeeding. Hey, even I need a little encouragement sometimes too.

Work From Home (Telecommuting) Job Leads

Search & Win

Website Updater / Manger (Indianapolis)


Search Engine Evaluator

Freelance Proofreaders/Copy Editors

Print Advertising Design

Website content management (RI)

E-Hotline (ehotline) Agent

Math Online Instructor

Article Contributor Wanted

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5 thoughts on “New Work At Home Leads For 01.08.10”

  1. Hey Eddie happy new year I have a big list of goals I need to set out and accomplish in 2010. I am looking forward to the challenge. Great article, I enjoyed it! I am not a hatorade drinker either lol, love that saying. I give props where props are due. Keep up the good writing, and happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Eddy! New Year is always the time for a wishlist which usually is never respected by the book or fulfilled. I’m treating 2010 with thinking back to 2009 what was wrong, what should I change. 2010 is treating me with hope. At least 2010 is too young to punch back! 😉

    • Erik,
      That was a good one! lol Sounds like you’re starting off 2010 with the proper mind sight. Reviewing what went wrong in 2009 should definitely help you avoid the same mistakes in 2010. Make it a great year!


      It’s always good to hear from folks don’t hate but prefer to congratulate. You may want to use that one too. lol In any event, have a happy new year. Sounds like you’re ready to take 2010 head on.

      By the way it’s Eddy not Eddie. 😉

  3. Happy New Year Eddy,

    I hope your holidays were filled with lots and lots of special memories.
    It is indeed a new year. It’s filled with possiblities, and so that makes it an adventure. Like any great adventure one never knows what kind of treasure will be found along the way.
    That’s what makes it so exciting.

    For a long time now I stopped listening to the reports and bad news that gets pumped out into the air waves. I’m aware of it, but I just don’t listen to it. I have a choice. So I choose to think of this time as an exciting adventure and I’m looking for treasure.
    This means that thinking outside the box is required, looking at things differently and seeing that this is a time of great opportunity.
    A time to break away from the idea of having to fit into the same old same old and do something completely different.

    The old mindsets have been that things had to be done a certian way in order to get from point a to point b. It was a person had one job that they did and then sometimes to get extra money they moonlighted with a second job.
    In the present condition of the economy some people are doing three jobs. Thoes jobs require them to leave home, get into traffic and go here or there and spend so much energy that when the end of the day came they had no energy to enjoy life.

    Enter the idea of working at home. The old mindset gets bumped into by the idea that you gotta do one thing as a job. But there’s a possiblity of doing several things without having a degree or work related skills. Thoes jobs don’t pay alot but they do one thing very well, show a person that it’s possible to work from home and that’s worth a whole lot.

    Then as I have found that hunting for unique opportunities is very much like hunting for treasure. The problem comes in when we limit ourselves and don’t have faith and belief in us and our ablity to do something different.
    So we come face to face with the tigers of disapointment and the lions of discouragement and the bears of throwing in the towel.
    We forget that we are in a time that has the earmarks of the times when people had to make their own roads to making a living because there were no established businesses and there were certianly no big corporations around to work for.
    So people took their skills and made a living from thoes skills. And towns and cities grew up all around them.

    In one of your very recient news letters you offered ideas to make money that were very non traditional, wrapping packages was one of them. It was wonderful to read that. That was a clear shout for thinking outside the box. In truth that’s what working at home has the possiblity of every single day.
    Sometimes it takes brain storming to discover a list of possiblities and then when you have a list what it takes is going for it. Try the whole list, who knows what will happen. Or who you will meet along the way.

    The other thing in this mix is the mindset of wage per hour that is still so persistant and so limiting. Working at home isn’t solely about exchanging working in an office or a department store at a wage per hour, it’s about getting more from life than we give away for a wage per hour.
    You started this journey because you wanted to enjoy life with your family. Be there with them through all of life, not just parts and peices.
    So here ten years later your doing this wonderful news letter and doing many other things I’m sure that look nothing like what you did when you were locked into wage per hour.

    You wrote this wonderful account of how you almost threw in the towel, gave up. But your wife kept sewing seeds because she believed in you and that helped you believe in you too.
    You know all of this works, and so you keep doing this because you believe in us and our ablity to do it too. It’s up to us to believe that we can too.
    Anything is possible. That pot of treasure may be found at any moment inspite of what the newspapers and the all the other bad reports say.
    Thoes can no longer be what we base anything on. They are designed to make people panic and do alot of other things that people would probably not do.

    The bottom line is in all of this do you see an empty glass or do you see a glass that can hold so much that it flows out and over the top and runs all over the table and on to the floor? Part of sucess in all of this is the positive perspective that helps give us better vision and has this wonderful side effect of leading us to the places where the treasure is.
    Sometimes that treasure is just one coin. But without that one coin you can’t have the bigger coins. So instead of being miserable and disapointed because all that has been found so far is just the one coin here and there. Reconize it as the trail to the bigger coins and more of them.

    After having said all that, I wanted to say, so far this year has been picking up speed. I’m learning lots of new things and doing lots of digging, and lots and lots of brainstorming. Every day presents gifts and possiblities. Which makes it a wonderful year so far. I’m believing for more and better with each passing day.
    It’s going to be a wonderful year. I can feel it in the wind.

    • Happy New Year Wendy!
      As always you have a great way with words. This is the second time I’ve read one of your comments and it’s had such a profound impact on me. You need to be motivational speaker, writer or something. Folks you may want to read another comment from Wendy here:

      I couldn’t agree with you more about everything you wrote above. You hit it right on the head about the hourly wage thing. That being said I understand folks fascination with it. After all folks have bills to pay so it’s an important number. It’s also been a great way to validate someone’s importance. If you’ve been working for years at $100 per hour and told that’s how much you’re worth, it’s hard to swallow making a few cents or dollars here and there online. You may view it as disrespectful. However as you pointed out folks aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Earning a few dimes or dollars online can eventually open up a world of possibilities that allows you to make even more money but more importantly more time at home with your family. But you need to be some what of a visionary to see that.

      Let’s hope you’ve provided folks with some food for thought. Because at the end of the day, life is all about perspective. I’m definitely living proof of that. Let’s imagine if I snickered at the few cents I made reading emails when I got started in this industry many moons ago. Suppose I thought to myself all these little money making opportunities were a waste of time and I earn 1000 times more working for the man?

      Well if my perspective was that limited, none of us would be here today having this discussion. Some folks may have been a victim of scam. Others may have never found their first work at home job or money making opportunity. And sadly some folks may have lost something far greater which is hope and a belief in themselves. So you’re right oh wise Wendy perspective can be a life changer for better or worst.

      I’m glad you have such a great one because it’s going to lead greater things (provided the action is put behind it). I’m looking forward to the day when I get another one of your thoughtful comments sharing some of your new found success. Because you’re obviously destined to find much more of it! Keep this great inspiration coming and let 2010 be your best year!

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