Next Job At Home Review: Is It A Legit Job Site or A Scam?

next job at home review

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The days of looking for job listings in classified ads are nearly over, thanks to the internet. Nowadays you can get a job if you know your way around the web. Websites like Next Job At Home claim to connect people with jobs nearby. However if you've looked for work at home jobs in the past, you know many of them turn out to be scams. So that said you are probably going through various Next Job At Home Reviews to determine whether the company is a scam.

Well, by the end of this review, you'll know what to expect if you can rely on Next Job At Home to lead you to your next work at home job.

What is Next Job At Home?

Next Job At Home found at is an alleged job search website that claims to assist people like you and I find work-at-home jobs nearby. Next Job At Home was founded in early 2008 and is owned by NGM Media LLC and founder Isaac Klein. The parent company is located at 6501 Congress Ave., Suite 100 Boca Raton, FL 33487.

How Does Next Job At Home Work?

You must sign up for a membership where they claim they will be sending you available job leads via email. These leads are mostly telecommuting jobs like telemarketing, remote customer service reps, remote assistants and such. Next Job At Home claims to pre-screen the jobs before sending them over to members. But clearly that is not the case. We'll discuss that in the complaints section below. But in the meantime for real screened work at home jobs, you should check out

Why wait on a job, when you can start earning real cash from home today on sites like, or

How Do I Join Next Job At Home?

Signing up is free. All you need to do is enter your email address which they will use to send you “alleged” jobs. If you don't like the idea of having to sit, wait and hope that an email has your next job, you can start making real money from home with My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Next Job At Home Complaints

Next Job At Home claims to have connected thousands of Americans with jobs since 2008. However, according to what people are saying, their experience with the company is something they would want to forget. Here's why.

Pathetic customer service

It's nearly impossible to get a hold of the customer service. More so, it seems the most convenient way to contact them is through email. Not to mention, people have complained of the company never responding to complaints and the phone numbers rarely work.

This means that they don't hold themselves liable for scams, all they'll do is send you a generic ”'we'll look into your case and get back to you” types of responses. That is if you are lucky enough to get.

Members' feedback comments seem to be fake…

What you see on the right hand side of the homepage as membership feedback may be total bullshit. Because from what we can tell there is no way to add your own feedback as a subscriber. So where do these all-positive comments come from?

Misleading Job Leads

The alleged job leads you get are just hyped offers to shady make money programs. So when you actually follow through with these leads, you discover that you have to cough up so called “registration fees”. Obviously this suggests that these are more likely business opportunities or some type marketing product not a job like you find on services like which actually provide real job leads and back it up.

Got Spam?

Well if you don't have enough of it, you'll get more of it. Because when you sign up for NextJobAtHome and the so called job leads they send you, that information is shared with other marketers. And that's when you start getting swarmed with spam from people they sold your information to. I wish I was making this up.

They team up with known scams

As if getting misleading job leads isn't bad enough. Apparently Next Job At Home has sent their members known scams. I thought they claimed to vet these so called job leads?

Well if you want to work with companies that have positive ratings with the Better Business Bureau you may like, or That said, you can even start making real cash working part time or full time from home with My Top Work At Home Recommendation.

Negative BBB

For those of you who live and die for a company's rating with the Better Business Bureau, at the time of writing this review, their parent company's rating is an F. That said, this only works to confirm truth in the complaints you've just read.

Is Next Job At Home a Scam or Legit?

Next Job At Home is something that should be avoided. If they were legit, they would not partner with known scams. I mean, even the customer feedback seems to be fake, not to mention the hundreds of people who have been flat out scammed by the company's partners. Fortunately there are legit services like that do actually offer screened jobs.

All in all, there are legit sites like, or where you can start making money right off the bat today. If you are looking to earn real income online working part time or full time, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's as real as it gets. Do you have questions or comments about Next Job At Home or any other similar scam you know of? Chime in on the comments section below!

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