Nikken Review: Is It A Magnetic Pyramid Scheme?

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There's a lot of money in the health & wellness industry, no one can deny that. But, can you really make money by becoming a part of an MLM business that sells products claimed to improve people's wellbeing? If you're asking that question, chances are you have been looking at several Nikken reviews. Well if you want to know the good, bad and ugly about Nikken you're in the right place

What is Nikken? is a Japanese company that was founded by Isamu Masuda back in 1975. In 1988, they expanded and set up their headquarters in California and are now situated in 40 countries worldwide. Nikken is a health and wellness company who are also an MLM. Isamu Masuda formed Nikken to help people establish a healthy lifestyle.

What Kind of Products Does Nikken Offer?

Nikken offers a variety of products which aim to promote good health and sleep. Some of their main products include the Kenko Sleep System which uses magnets to improve sleeping patterns. These products start at around $35 and go up to $1,500.

They also believe in air wellness and offer multistage air filtrations which remove airborne toxins. These units cost around $500.

In addition to their main products, they also offer nutritional supplements, skin care, aromatherapy, flexible support wraps, massage products, sleep masks, cosmetics, pet care items, weight loss programs, and water treatment systems.

The Nikken Consultant Brand Opportunity

Anyone looking to work for Nikken will have two main options to choose from to make money. You can become either a direct consultant by selling Nikken products to customers or you can recruit consultants under you where you can make money from products they sell and from people they recruit.

There are several consultant tiers and commission vary based on which tier you are at. Commission starts at 5% for Senior Consultant, 10% at Executive, 15% at Bronze, and 20% at Silver. The basic requirement is each tier needs to refer at least 100 people per month and each level needs to earn 500 points in sales. Consultants can sell products or recruit people by using personal websites, phoning, and social media.

If the idea of trying to get customers or recruiting people under you doesn't feel comfortable to you, there are other ways to make an income. If you're looking for some extra side income, you can try sites like, & If you want something that can offer you a full time or part time opportunity, Wealthy Affiliate is a great business opportunity to consider as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Become A Nikken Consultant?

You can become a Nikken consultant by paying an upfront fee of $99 plus tax.

Nikken Commission Plan

Nikken has a four-tier system that allows consultants to earn increasingly better commissions the further they go up the ladder.

  • Senior Consultant – The first level allows you to earn 5% of all sales generated by your referrals. However, you need to have at least 500 people in order to qualify and then bring in an additional 100 referrals every month to maintain your status.
  • Executive Consultant – Similar to the previous level, however, you'll now need a referral group of at least 5,000 people and then continue to bring in at least 100 per month. This level earns you 10% of all sales.
  • Bronze Consultant – At this level, you're earning 15% of all referral sales, but the requirements are even higher. You need 10,000 referrals and then keep them coming at a rate of 100 per month.
  • Silver Consultant – Finally, the last level earns you 20% of all sales, but you'll need to have over 20,000 referrals. Furthermore, you will need to keep on bringing in 100 new members each month in order to maintain the Silver Distributor status.

Nikken Complaints

Nikken has been around for more than four decades and is currently generating around $9 billion each year. Needless to say, the company knows what it's doing in terms of business. Still, every MLM has complaints that you may want to consider. So, we have given you an overview of the company, now let's have a look at some of the complaints.

Compensation plan is overly complicated

Like most MLMs, there are different ranks, matrixes and a whole bunch of other complicated breakdowns of how you make money. The fact you need a pdf to decipher it is annoying. Unfortunately, this is typical of MLMs and they'll claim it gives you more ways to earn. But it just gives me a headache.

If you don't like the idea of over-complicated compensation plans to figure out, you might want to try some other alternatives that are straightforward like, & Or if you rather want a business opportunity where the payment plan is straightforward, then check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

The Odds Are Stacked Against You

If you look at their income statement, the average consultant will make $199.29 per year as a Senior Consultant. Who can survive on that kind of money! As a Silver Consultant, the average consultant gets $552.40 per year. To make any serious income, you need to either sell a lot of products or recruit a lot of people under you. Just by looking at the figures, making money is a long shot and the odds are definitely stacked against you.

You Better Meet The Quota

Like most MLMs, Nikken has an annoying quota system in place. Each consultant, irrespective of what level you are on, needs to bring in 100 new referrals every month if you want to get to the higher levels, which isn't exactly an easy task. If you ask me, too much work and too little reward!

No Scientific Proof Products Work

Strictly speaking, there is no scientific evidence suggesting that magnets can have any sort of effect on the brain during sleep. In fact, magnets are unlikely to have any effect on your health and wellbeing in general. From a scientific point of view, there is no basis that these products work.

Is There a Better Alternative to Nikken?

If there was anything in the complaints section that you don't like, you might want to explore other options. Fortunately, there are different companies you can look into. You might want to take a look at another business opportunity such as My Best Work At Home Recommendation. If the idea of running a business has become less appealing to you, you can have a look at, &

Is Nikken A Pyramid Scheme?

Nikken is definitely not a scam, but I would probably give this a pass and avoid it. Based on their own income statement, most people aren't earning a full time or even part time income selling the products. To make any real money, you'll need to recruit a lot of consultants under you that either need to sell a lot of products or recruit other consultants.

All businesses require hard work, but this seems to require too much dependency on recruiting other brand consultants to make any real money. The scientific validity of the magnetic products effects is also a big question mark that would make me feel uncomfortable pushing their products.

But that's my two cents. You may feel differently. However, if these things concern you as well, then you have other options and may want to look into my Best Work At Home Recommendation as an option to consider. It allows you to build a business around products that people know and already trust.

If you have something to add to my Nikken review, feel free to write in the comment section below!

Until next time,

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17 thoughts on “Nikken Review: Is It A Magnetic Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. Nikken is a scam. Now I understand how it works.

    They have the same basis as Herbal life and other about having a super big sellers that will never sell. They will buy the products themselves and by this Nikken makes enough profits for a year.

    Of course they push a lot of practices where the sellers are obligated into buying the stuff.

    And how is the profit of this works? They sell garbage, unchecked, never seen in a store, rip off of other brands, sometimes at 10X the original price of the real value or the products.

    Cheap steren air cleaner for 62m2 -80dlls
    Cheap Nikken air cleanter for 62m2-800dlls

    Luuna matress made of FDA polyester – 700 dlls
    Nikken matress made of ground insoulation – 1300 dlls

    Its sad. very very sad

  2. I’ve been on the inside of this organisation. It operates like Amway, with one exception. Amway’s products are real, and do a good job. Their distributors a bit pushy. Nikken is lies from beginning to end. Their ‘nothing up my sleeve’ strength test appeals. In fact its a demonstration of the “I want to believe’ psychology. Con artistry at a level Amway couldn’t conceive. Don’t get involved, unless you are a great charismatic speaker, who doesn’t care about the truth. Sincerely, JM

  3. I used to be a part of Nikken. I will say that I was able to reach a high rank within a short period of time, but I had some assistance from my upline. I do honestly believe the magnetic therapy was awesome and that is how they got me. I was blown away by how amazing I felt. 20+ years later, I still use the products. In fact, their roller is the only thing that helps my neck pain significantly (heat, ice, Ibuprofen doesn’t touch it, CBD oils helps slightly). So as you can see, I have a very strong testimony of the product itself. I think once people give it a chance they also fall in love. BUT, there is a huge price on their products, and most people instantly tune you out with MLM’s so it was hard getting people to sign up, or to even buy. I eventually gave into leaving the business, very sadly, and started my own company which makes real income.

  4. Hi Eddy! The problem with many MLM online venture companies, (including Nikken’s even though they’ve been in business now for some 43 years) is the fact that it is truly difficult for an individual, (even more so a newbie) to make real money running it as a business.

    Most money in these MLM’s is earned only through the dogged efforts of being able to recruit new members to be placed underneath you in the company’s business model. Making it even more difficult is the fact that in so many cases, these companies do not offer solid training to help a person learn HOW to sell the opportunity through recruiting others to join just as he/she did, (perhaps foolishly I might add). In otherwards, educational training on how to run a business.

    The fact that Nikken has such a complicated compensation plan only adds to the problem of a member ever being able to attain a modicum of wealthythrough their opportunity. Every member of Nikken on average earns but $550 some dollars per year as a Silver Consultant? Finding out that statistic alone would scare most people into not even considering this company as a way to build income for him/herself online in a business.

    I also have this thing against companies that attempt to sell health and wellness products – usually in the form of pills. The fact that Nikken also offers sleep remedies, (magnets attached to one’s body) much like ingesting pills or using drink concoctions in order to allow a person to take off, or put on weight these products are basically all non-approved by the federal agencies that scientifically study such things. Again, it should be yet another major turn-off to people from even seriously considering becoming a member with such an opportunity.

    This is also despite with Nikken’s opportunity, the join fee at $99 is not to be considered all that outrageous compared to other ventures that charge in the thousands of dollars.

    Nope, although Nikken is not some new fly-by-night MLM venture, people interested in truly learning how to make money for themselves online would have much better options.


    • Hey Jeff,

      You make a lot of great and valid points about MLMs and some of them definitely apply to Nikken. But that said, there are some people that are able to make MLM work for them. So to each their own.    

    • As a someone who knows MLM from many years of struggle: no money in there, only tax write off benefits. No upline will ever be truthful about the financial side for the front liners. Unless you are ready to walk over your friendships and willing to be brainwashed by useless in the workplace dealers, run!
      P. S. Magnets do work for pain relief. They are not an affordable solution for many thou 🙁

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion. I think that’s what burns me about some MLMs and reps. They don’t want to discuss some of the negatives of their company. And when you do mention it to them, they get angry and try to attack others who question some of the issues. It would be great to see them actually acknowledge some of the shortcomings and tell folks how they worked around it to be successful in their business.

  5. I was aware of the hype with use of magnets for health. At one time I was an Amway distributor and they at that time had their version of magnets for health. I believe that fell by the wayside. MLM, in general, is not for me. Too many hours of work with little to no reward. I do like how you explain all this clearly and I think it will make people pause about an MLM business in general. Keep the good info flowing. I like you prefer online businesses like those you have reviewed.

  6. Hi Eddy

    Thanks for your comprehensive review of Nikken.

    Really all the drawbacks you state are drawbacks of the MLM business model aren’t they? I have not come across one with a simple compensation model, though some claim to have one. And boy are the odds stacked against you indeed!

    • You’re welcome. Yes many of the complaints are just common things you find an MLMs. So it’s not unique to this company. Thanks for chiming in.

  7. Wow! Nikken is an old MLM company, and most MLMs never reach that kind of age for one reason or the other.

    I would guess that the average Nikken yearly income is equal to or even better than most MLM companies. That seems to always be the case with these business models. A few people, usually very early members, make big bucks from thier down lines that are working pretty hard for $192 a year.

    MLMs like Nikken are too difficult to master and it’s too easy to set up a real online business with places like your recommendations.

    • Yeah they’ve definitely been around for a long time so that does say a lot. But like most MLMs I don’t think it’s a very profitable business for most people.

  8. Great review about nikken. Like you said even though they seem like a legitimate business and are doing quite well, the fact that they are also an mlm business puts me off.

    Not to mention them saying on average people are making less than a grand a year.

    I’d much rather build a business and make make money online selling items I want and that will more likely make me actually good money.

  9. I have ran across a couple of MLM sites while I was searching to work from home. However, I haven’t heard of this one. But I am like you those numbers they expect are completely unrealistic and to get that many referrals that is a whole lot of work and definitely not worth the very little pay.
    Thank you for your review on this Nikken MLM company.


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