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Have you ever written a term paper for school? Were you ever expected to create PowerPoint presentations, excel documents or other reports for your current or past jobs? Do you have any of those documents floating around in your computer? If you have said yes to any of these questions, you may want to look into as a possible way to work at home and make some extra money.
So what the heck is a Oboulo?
Well I may not be able to pronounce their name but I can tell you what they do. “ is an up and coming start-up striving to create one of the largest publicly accessible and publicly authored document databases on the Internet. encourages everyone who wishes to do so to become a true published and paid author. The documents published online are meant only for reference purposes.” wants these documents to upload to their website so they can be purchased by individuals or companies looking for reference material on various topics (marketing, law, economy, history, science…) . Even if your document doesn't necessarily fit one of the existing 30 categories they will create one for you.

What does this mean to you?
Isn't it obvious? Money! If you are or were a journalist, professor, lawyer, university student, corporate professional, etc. , you could get paid for some of those old word, excel or powerpoint documents you have “chilling” in your hard drive taking up valuable space. And best of all it doesn't involve any fees!

Is Ethical or a Scam?
Best I can tell, it's not a scam. They don't charge you any type of fees. However I have read where a few people questioned the ethics of the service. Some people have argued that the people that use the site are buying the documents to submit as their own in other situations. Oboulo doesn't seem to be promoting it that way. But I can see how a student, individual or company can use it the documents in a shady way. My take is as follows; Fertilizer can be used to grow crops by a hard working farmer. But in the hands of a nut job, fertilizer can be used as a bomb. Does that make the fertilizer manufacturer a terrorist or unethical? You be the judge.

How Much Money Can I Make? pays you $10 per document submitted. This is assuming you have a quality document that has substance and wasn't plagiarized. They have a review process so you'll know right away if your document was approved for payment. Click here for more information on this process. The other nice thing about this company is that they reward you for exceptional work by upgrading your account to an “ambassador” status. This is where you are paid $15 per document instead of $10. And like nearly 90% of the sites on the web, they have an affiliate program where you earn $10 per document submitted by other people you may refer. Hmmm, another company that has an affiliate program. Well isn't that a surprise? And you wonder why I keep telling you guys to “get your game up” and train to be the best affiliate you can be. Go figure!

Is this opportunity for everyone?
No, not really. But if you do fit the profile of a journalist, professor, lawyer, university student, corporate professional or maybe your husband, wife, daughter or son does this may be something for you. If you agree, then click here to sign up! As always, I just wanted to present you yet another non-traditional way of making money now rather than later.

Are you going to make a living out of this? Nope. But when you couple this income with some of the other recommended non-traditional work at home opportunities, it can help you make some decent money. And let's be honest, many of you aren't making money searching for traditional work at home jobs. I think we can all agree that making some money is better than making no money any day. But if you can't see the logic in that, feel free to chase after non-existing data entry and typing jobs.

In any event, good luck to you all. By the way, if you have questions about this opportunity, you should visit their FAQ page by clicking here.

Finally, for those of you that feel this type of opportunity is a waste of your time, head over to our work at home jobs page by clicking here. You'll find more conventional work at home jobs and companies listed there. You may also want to visit our trusted partner which is another great resource for work at home jobs especially if you want to avoid sites with ads that may confuse you. Peace out. lol I know I'm corny. 🙂

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