What Is Only Cash Surveys? Legit Or A Waste of Time?

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what is only cash surveysI remember the good old times when online survey sites had a pretty good reputation and provided survey takers with a variety of surveys to make some extra cash in their spare time.

As time passed, most of these sites made it more difficult to make actual cash to take surveys. Too often you would be expected to jump through hoops and paid very little in return.

It's unfortunate there are not many good survey sites left, because when you can find the right ones they're a nice little way to make some extra cash and add to your multiple income streams. So today in my Only Cash Survey Review we'll examine if this is one of the few survey sites that is worth your time and effort because Lord knows there aren't many left anymore.

What Is Only Cash Surveys?

Only Cash Surveys, a subsidiary of uSamp, is in business since 2010. Located in Encino, CA, the company operates a ‘survey only' website, that offers a free membership to survey takers.

The surveys are conducted for companies around the world paying millions of dollars for your opinion about their products or services. In contrast to similar sites, there is no point system or sweepstakes; every survey is rewarded with a set dollar amount.

Only Cash Survey is not BBB accredited and shows a rating of C minus at the time of this review.

How Does Only Cash Survey Work?

The sign up is FREE and after you confirm an email, you have access to your account page. Only Cash Survey rewards you with a $5 sign up bonus, which is immediately credited to your account.

You are required to take a series of short surveys with information about yourself, which help to match you with surveys that target the demographic group you belong to. There are about 10 of these, each paying you the amount of $0.10. The whole thing takes you maybe 40 minutes and you already made $6.00. So far, so good.

Now go and check your email inbox and make sure you ‘white listed‘ Only Cash Surveys so incoming mail does not end in your spam folder. Whenever a survey fitting your demographics is available, you will receive a notice. Other surveys will be posted to your account page on a daily basis, so make sure to check back often.

How Much Money Can You Make With Only Cash Surveys?

Don't expect to get rich overnight, or otherwise, taking surveys. Your membership page may look similar to that shown in the image below.

only cash surveys member page

You see, the majority of surveys will pay anywhere from $0.50 to $2.50. Higher paying surveys are very rare and you may see one that pays $3 or more maybe ever 4 weeks or so. Only Cash Survey shows clearly how much you will get paid and how long it will take you to complete a survey.

It's easy to figure out that most of the time you will be working for less than 4 bucks an hour. That is, IF you get lucky enough to qualify for the higher paying surveys.

What Are The Only Cash Surveys Complaints?

Like any other company, even the best ones, Only Cash Survey has its share of bad reviews and often time's unwarranted complaints. The most common complaint in the industry is:

It's Difficult To Qualify For Surveys.

You have to understand that you will not qualify for every single survey that comes your way. Let's assume you are single, and your profile fits some of the demographic criteria, i.e. age, location, interests etc., you may get the notification. However, every survey starts with a short list of preliminary questions, and if the survey targets the group “family of four or more”, you won't qualify. That's annoying, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, Only Cash Survey receives an over the average number of real complaints, and the severity of warranted complaints is outright scary. Let's begin with the name of the company.

“Only” Cash Survey Is Misleading!

What's in a name, you may ask. Well, Only Cash should mean you get cash for whatever you do. The threshold to redeem your earnings is $15. So, as soon as you reach this mark, you are ready to get some cash, right? Dead wrong! If you accumulated an amount from $15 to $24.99, all you could get is a subscription to ‘alure magazine‘. That's it, folks. You won't hear the sound of “Ka-ching” just yet. You try again to redeem your earning with an amount of $25 to $49.99, your choices now are Amazon Gift Card or a Virtual Shopping prepaid card; still no cash though. I agree with folks that complain, because most of them, me included, are not doing this for “stuff” but for hard cash.

Cash Pay-Out Threshold Is To High!

Considering the fact that it takes a long time to reach $50, this threshold is ridiculously high. Personally I don't like messing with survey sites that have high thresholds because it's unlikely to reach them and they know this. Meanwhile they're collecting valuable information that you'll never get paid for.

Completed Surveys Are NOT Credited!

Once you complete a survey it will show a status of ‘Pending‘. Most similar sites either credit your account immediately after completion, or within the next couple of days. Only Cash Survey tells you on their site that it can take up to 4 weeks for approval. In reality, it takes way longer, sometimes up to 3 months before you will get credit for your work.

They can't give a plausible explanation; you will hear some nonsense like “every survey must be approved by the company that ordered the survey“; as if they visually look at thousands of surveys and stamp them ‘good' or ‘bad'.

Getting Screened-Out With 80% Of Survey Done!

This is one of the most heard complaints. You are taking a survey and answer every question truthfully for 15 or even 20 minutes, and get screened out. This is not only annoying, but smells like you are cheated. Especially if you see a screen like this:

only cash survey screen-out

Wouldn't you be angry, and rightfully so, if you sit for almost 1/2 hour doing a survey, only to be told ‘that the required number of participants has already been reached‘? And that's exactly why the list of companies I do surveys with is very short. If they're not willing to pay me for the time I spent getting disqualified, I'm not wasting my time. Fortunately there are some sites out there that will always pay you for your time like PaidViewPoint.com or 1Q.com

Completed Surveys Are Removed From Account!

Many members complain that surveys miraculously disappear from their accounts without any explanation given. And when they try to find out why…………

The Account Is Suspended For Complaining Too Much

So, obviously they take away money you earned, and if you have the audacity to ask why, they just shut you off completely.

I Am Stuck A Little Under $50 – No More Surveys!

It seems that this is a deliberate act by Only Cash Survey. As people finally get near the magic $50 mark, it's literally impossible to find a survey to complete. I heard of many cases where folks are stuck for over one year, and can't qualify even for a 50-cent survey. At the same time, the email notifications either stop completely, or come now at a rate of one every other month.

is cash only surveys a scam

Very Slow Payment!

Finally! You made it. After 5 or 6 months of taking surveys you reached the goal, requested a payment, and it was approved. Only Cash Surveys lets you know it will take 4 weeks. So you wait patiently, but get a little nervous when 6 weeks pass and you have not received your dough yet. Of course, you send off an email to which you don't receive any response. My research team learned that it usually will take 2 months or longer before the money hits your PayPal account.

Is Only Cash Survey A Scam?

They seem damn near close to one considering some of the complaints listed above. They may not be doing anything illegal per se, but some of their business practices seem unethical. So with that said it's impossible for me to recommend Only Cash Surveys.

Sorry, I couldn't present you with a good opportunity to make some extra cash today, but not all is lost. If you follow my blog, you know I have little treasure chest with multiple income streams you can take a peek and see if something is inside that may interest you.

And while you at it, I would encourage you to look into My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and My Work At Home Courses so you can really expand your options. These opportunities enable me to make a full time income from the comfort of my home, and they can help you as well. So be sure to check them out if Only Cash Survey isn't really appealing to you.

Thanks for reading as always.

Eddy with a y

6 thoughts on “What Is Only Cash Surveys? Legit Or A Waste of Time?”

  1. I have stopped doing surveys except for Pinecone to me this is the only one that don’t kick you out instead they come to you with questions before sending a survey, it may pay only $3.00 but at least with them you know you going to get paid and can cash out any time or let your money build up.. been with them for quite some time and the longer u with them the more surveys you can get..

    • Hey Debra,

      Thanks for chiming in. I was a big fan of PineCone Research as well back in the days. I remember when they use to pay $5 per survey. The only problem with them is they’re not always adding new panelist to their company. So that’s annoying. Whereas companies like PaidViewPoint.com or InstantCashSweepstakes.com are always open to new panelists. So as long as you can get into PineCone, then it’s definitely good option. I appreciate your thoughts either way.

  2. Hi Eddy,

    I like the way you gave ‘Only Cash’ every chance to come up with some!… I once dabbled in doing surveys but found them a total waste of time.

    A very well presented review and special plaudits go for the depth of research you’ve undertaken.

    Thanks for efforts Eddy,


    • Hey Paul,

      Thanks for the kind words and chiming in. I can totally appreciate your feeling on surveys. With certain companies it is just a big waste of time where they have you jumping through hoops. But there are a few that are actually decent and I only spend my precious time with them. All the other ones I just ignore. So I totally feel where you’re coming from. Again, thanks for chiming in.

      I really appreciate it!


  3. Hi Eddy,

    Yes know what you mean about only cash surveys have tried them and get don’t qualify or the survey is closed. Seems like you said takes a long time to get to qualify and probably won’t get the money quick. I don’t do theirs due to that but still like fusion cash they pay a month after you cash out when they check the account. So far have had good luck with them. Am sticking to them.


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