Opinion Outpost Review: Is It A Legit Survey Website or Scam?

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Did you know you can make money off your dire need to give an opinion about anything and everything? Yes, it's possible. Companies like Opinion Outpost are recruiting people like you and I to complete surveys and paying you for it. This helps companies with their products or services. And you get to make a little cash so everyone wins.

But you are probably wondering whether this is actually real and have gone through a couple of Opinion Outpost reviews. Well, we have everything you are looking for including all the dirt.

What is Opinion Outpost?

Opinion Outpost found at www.opinionoutpost.com is a market research company that claims to allow people like you and me to earn money online by taking surveys. Their website was launched on January 1st 2009 in Shelton, Connecticut, although little is known of its owner(s).

How Does Opinion Outpost Work?

When these huge corporations want consumer opinion about their products or services they employ companies like Outpost to do market research for them. Opinion Outpost apparently then uses a certain criteria to get the right people from their list of members to share their opinion.

Opinion Outpost then sends this information back to these companies. Of course, Opinion Outpost members who give this information have to get something off their effort in the form of points they can redeem for cash or gift cards after completing these surveys.

How Do I Sign Up for Opinion Outpost?

Signing up is totally free. All you need is a working email. Once you create an account, you can log in to the members area and complete a profile form. The information you fill in include age, location, household members, things you own, etc.

Once you complete your profile, you will periodically receive email for survey invites depending if you fit their demographic needs for a given survey. When you successfully complete a survey you earn redeemable points.

How Much Do Opinion Outpost Members Make?

In my experience, it depends on how many surveys you can complete and how many you qualify for. One Opinion Outpost point is worth 10 cents in the bank. You can redeem a minimum 100 points for cash. There's no minimum set value for gift cards.

In the case of gift cards, they will convert your points at the point of redemption. If they are enough to redeem a gift card, you get your reward after 1-3 days.

According to actual members of the site, you can earn anywhere between $1.50 and $2.50 an hour if you happen to qualify for three or more surveys per day. This is of course based on conjecture.

They also have a refer-a-friend program where you earn $1 for each friend that signs up using your referral link. You get to refer up to five friends.

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How Does Opinion Outpost Pay You?

Once you reach the 100 points minimum required for redemption, you can get your $10 PayPal cash. You can also redeem Amazon or iTunes gift cards instead, which require fewer points to redeem than cash, usually $5 worth of points.

What We Like about Opinion Outpost

PayPal Payout

You can get cold hard cash through PayPal if you don't need gift cards.

Favorable minimum payout amount

The $10 minimum payout amount is very attractive, ($5 for Amazon gift cards) and you only need 100 points to claim the 10 bucks.

Opinion Outpost Complaints

Well so far everything sounds all good and dandy. But now let's get into the nitty gritty and discuss the complaints against Opinion Outpost. Because no company is perfect and you might as well know what the dirt is so you can make the best decision for yourself.

“Where are the surveys you promised?”

Apparently most of the survey invites you get are just pre-qualifiers that tend to get you nowhere. It's quite frustrating actually. Members have cited having to wait for weeks before qualifying for a survey.

“Where's my money, Jefe?”

While working with Opinion Outpost, you might want to put their customer service number on speed dial because sometimes they don't honor their end of the deal. Members from numerous online reviews have complained of getting ripped off their hard-earned points and in some cases never getting their gifts delivered.

Where's the international love?

According to their FAQS at the time of this review, this opportunity is only open to folks in the United States. You may want to look into Clixsense for similar options if you don't live in the USA.

“Limited referral options?”

Websites like Swagbucks.com and Fusioncash.com have a lucrative referral program where you don't have to deal with limitations on how much you can earn per referral. Whereas with Opinion Outpost they cap the amount you can earn on your individual referral at $5. They get to continue to earn on your referrals, but you don't. Boooooo!!!!

They don't have a BBB rating

I know this is usually a bummer for buddies of the Better Business Bureau. They have an entry, but are have not been rated at the time of this review. If you want a company with a positive BBB rating, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Is Opinion Outpost Surveys Legit?

Well, it used to be according to some people. You'll find a mix bag of feelings towards this company. If you've experienced any of the complaints above, you're probably not a fan of Opinion Outpost.

But some people have claimed to have a great experience with this company. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide. You won't lose any upfront money if it doesn't work out. But you may waste your time and time is money to some. So if that's your thought process, keep some of the complaints in mind to avoid being pissed.

At the end of the day, there are other options to earn from companies like Swagbucks.com and Fusioncash.com. You can also start making real full time and part time income online with My Best Work At Home Recommendation. Either way you have options if opinion outpost doesn't really float your boat. Well, that's all from me today.

Don't forget to chime in your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

Until next time,

Eddy “with a Y”

8 thoughts on “Opinion Outpost Review: Is It A Legit Survey Website or Scam?”

  1. Eddy with a y…..your responses are cold and callous. It just proves what a jerk company Opinion Outpost is. Please Eddy with a y, don’t ever work for suicide hotline! You are very snotty with a y!!

  2. I’ve been a member for several years with no issues until now. Tried to cash out my points, they froze my account and now have terminated me for ‘data concerns ‘. Will not pay me the $100 I earned!!

  3. I had the exact same issue as the previous comment. They will deactivate your account and not give you a reason. I’ve asked multiple times and they always tiptoe around it. And this was right before I was going to cash out. Site is a total scam.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience and opinion Michael. It’s sucky situation. Fortunately there are other fish in the sea and ways the make money from home.

  4. I spent so much time completing surveys and my account was randomly suspended for over a week. When I followed up with the support team about the issue. They “apologized for the inconvenience,” but my account was terminated and I was directed to their terms and conditions which answered nothing. I completed everything fairly and was ripped off for my time, personal info leading to several “scam likely calls” daily, and most of all hope for help with my school finances. I never would have shared my information with them if I had known this would happen. Bad business!


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