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So today, I am doing something a bit different than my usual reviews. There are a lot of times I am researching a company behind the scenes to determine for myself if they actually pay. Usually this involves actively participating in the opportunity for some time before I write a review. My guinea pig approach can mean you'll be waiting for weeks or months before I can present my findings. So I'm doing a bit of a compromise today where I report some of initial impressions of a given company.

A full blown review will follow where I go into the usual gritty details that many of you have come to love about my site. So with no further delay, check out my video first look on a new survey opportunity,, which is an offshoot of a company we love around here: Remember, this is just a first look my review will provide a lot more details and answer a lot of the questions you'll probably have. So keep this in mind. Enjoy.

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  1. Hey Eddy, I have a question, in the  registration  in the final step, they ask to call them and enter the security code, do you get charge for doing this? thank you and any updates on paidviewpoint?  

  2. Alex, I applaud your work ethic and saving prowess at such a young age. We need more kids like you in this country. It might turn things around. But I digress.

    Honestly I don’t know if you qualify for many of the options we cover. But your first step should be the recommendations page where we cover a lot of non-traditional ways to earn money at home:

    I’m thinking you’ll probably be good for some MTurk and MinuteWorkers stuff. There are some other things that might help you reach your goal too. You just have to be opened minded. Surveys aren’t meant to make consistent money with. So that’s no surprise. You’ll need to take a multiple streams of income approach my friend. And the recommendations page is the perfect place for that. Good luck.

  3. Hi, my names Alex.I am 14 and
    was looking at your website. The business that I was working for just closed
    down and I need to make some money to cover my expenses. I used to make
    $400.00 a month at my old work, but I was able to put a two hundred into
    savings each month. So I was wondering if you had any idea’s on how I could
    replace that income or at least get $200.00 to cover my expenses? Like I
    said I’m only 14, but I am home-schooled so I can work any hours, I know a lot about computer, and I learn very quick. I would be willing to do
    anything. I checked out a few survey sites, but I am only making about
    .25 cents a day. Is there any way I can make that online?

  4. Hey DragonSpirit!
    So good to hear from you. So you’re still fighting the good fight huh? That’s good, never let them beat you down. I believe in you and will keep you in my prayers. As a matter of fact, just said one for you! =)

    I agree PaidViewPoint seemed to really take the feedback I’m sure they have gathered on ICS and come up with a better survey site that addresses a lot of our complaints. However they have dropped the ball on some key points. Hopefully once they’ve read a lot of our feedback, they’ll make some adjustments. Thanks for chiming in DragonSpirit. It’s good to hear from you!

  5. Sir E. (When you hear that, you know it must be a Dragon! LOL)
    Signed up, from your first recommendation! Still doing battle with the K of P
    those buggers just don’t want to give up!  so keep praying for me! A lot please,
    you have good karma, and interest on account! LOL

    Love the fact that they get it, not waste your time and not treat you with value!
     Be blessed with more and more favor! DragonSpirit

  6. My experience has been similar to Gordon’s. I feel the same way as him. I am grateful for Eddy recommending ICS in the first place, that has become one of my favorite sites, which led to me finding PaidView Point. I like it so far. I also wish that there were more opportunities. It would be nice to at least have one survey a day to complete. I like the format. However, It is annoying to have to remember what you put the first time. There is a such thing as a tricky questions. You might like something one day and not like it the next, things to do change. I am honest as possible, but I have been told a couple of times that there has been a discrepancy with my answer.

    • Hey Quiet Storm,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I do actually recieve one survey per day from PaidViewPoint. You might want to log in every day to verify there is one there. Often time the survey emailed invitation ends up in my spam folder which I regularly check because computers haven’t been able to figure out not to put stuff I want in there. lol

      I agree sometimes your feelings changed about a topic and with this company you are dinged for that. As someone else pointed out it’s definitely as forgiving as ICS.

      Either way I think this thing has some potential. But I still have some cons I’ll be pointing out in my review. Hopefully I can meet the payment threshold within the next few weeks.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and experience.

  7. I am
    SHOCKED!!! I was actually a leader with this one!

    I have been
    so pleased with ICS (thanks for the referral, Eddy!) that I signed up as soon
    as Umongous (the owners of ICS and Paid Viewpoint) offered me this opportunity,
    I JUMPED on it.


    survey they offer is paid (usually $.10).

    are paid handsomely (compared to ICS) – ESPECIALLY the time-sensitive ones

    alert you (via e-mail) when surveys are waiting

    ICS, surveys are not long at all


    nearly as many survey opportunities as ICS

    pay-out threshold

    nearly as forgiving for changes in answer on repeat questions

    are longer than ICS (I don’t think I’ve had one more than 20 questions)


    If you like ICS then you are going to love Paid Viewpoint!

    • Nope! Just duplicate what you do! Your blog is my inspiration and I have every intention of doing my darndest to use your tips and tools to get me to retirement-status in a couple of years! (or at the very least quit my “other” job in a year or so)

    • Gordon,
      Thanks man. I appreciate the sentiments. (Obviously you know I was joking.)
      I admire your goal and it’s totally attainable! Don’t believe anyone that tells you that it’s not.
      If I can do it, you definitely can!

  8. Eddy.   I had nothing but problems when I tried to join this PaidViewpoint.   There were technical glitches galore involving my creating a log-in/username, password, and etc.   Their staff claimed that I had joined.   Yet, when it came time to do the final procedures in which I had to provide my birthdate, (and not many survey sites even ask for this info) I kept getting the same error message:   The site was not accepting any new members “at this time”.   It made no sense in that you would think a new survey site would be accepting as many members as they could get their hands on.   Repeated emails to their support staff indicated to me that they were nothing but a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut-off.   No one had a clue as to how to resolve this technical problem.   Finally, I said later for them!   So, no I can’t give PaidViewPoint a “thumbs up” in my dealings with them!   They need to get their act together!
    I do agree though with your analysis about ICS.   They are one of the best survey sites around.   It is fun doing their surveys!   I am at ICS several times per day.   You should know:   Every time I earn money, you earn a matching amount, lol!

    • That’s interesting. I didn’t have any real issues signing up. I wonder if it was an isolated issue. Too often the customer service reps aren’t really technically savvy. In which case they should forward such emails to the tech people. But alas a lot of times they don’t this.
      Sorry to hear you haven’t been able to give this a shot.

      But at least you’re taking advantage of ICS. Thanks for sharing your experience or lack thereof because of the technical issues. lol

    •  hey   eddie   do   u   know   any   more   sites   like   payed   view   point   that   free   and   pay cash   or paypal

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