Is Legit or A Scam?

Links & ads you may click on this blog pay the bills & keep this site free for you. Thanks for supporting! Review LegitSo over the holidays, I bought my family some tickets to the Radio City Christmas Show in New York City! The price of the tickets were highway robbery. But living in NY I guess I should be used to getting mugged. LOL

Fortunately I had a hook up because I'm Chase bank customer. As we planned to head into the city, we started looking at the price of parking and it was damn near the cost of one of the tickets! I thought to myself this is cray cray! (Excuse my corny “Krazy” Kanye West reference. lol) As I cringed at the cost of the parking, I said to my wife I'm in the wrong business!

Well apparently we can get into the lucrative parking business. If you have a garage, parking space or driveway you're probably staring at some money right now. So let's get into it this Review.

What is

It's basically an online marketplace aka a website that connects people that have available parking space with drivers like myself that don't want to be sucked dry by traditional parking lots. They manage all the logistics in terms of handling the payments and advertising. All you need to do is provide the space and price you want to charge.

How To Get Paid For Renting Out Your Space To Park At My

1. Sign up for a Free account at

2. List the type of space you have driveway, garage, the location, rate and availability.

3. Add a photo and winning description!

4. Accept a booking. will email you (and text you) when you receive a new request or a confirmed booking.

5. Meet the driver. That's optional but it's nice to do.

6. Get paid! Park At My House handles the money and keeps a record of all transactions. The parking fee will be transferred to your paypal account.

You can watch a video that walks you through this process here:

When do I get that money?

Keep in mind that collects and handles all the payments. Before the booking starts, the money that the driver has paid to park at your space will be held for 2 days until it is cleared and the driver has started their booking with you.

Two days after the booking starts, the loot will be available for you to withdraw. You can withdraw your money direct to your bank account (UK only for now) or via your PayPal account for everyone else.

So How Does Park At My Make Their Loot?

Obviously this website is in the business of making money like all of us. Isn't that why you're on this site? So how can this all be free for the parking space providers? Well folds in their cost to the drivers that rent from you. So let's say you want your going rate for parking in your driveway to be $20 per day. They would automatically add on anywhere from 6-40% on top of your fee.

Either way you get the full amount you want and chances are the drivers are still paying less than what a traditional parking lot might try to get them for!

What I like about

Easy money.

I rarely use that terminology but in this case it is. After setting up your free listing, you're good to go for the most part. They do all the hard work in terms of advertising the site and getting people to use it. You just need to accept or reject drivers, collect your money and spend it.

You decide how much you make… Sort of.

It's rare for people that work at home to decide how much they make especially if it's a work at home job. An employer usually dictates this. But with this opportunity, it's like running your own business where you dictate how much you want to make. It's somewhat similar to how Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to run my own business and where I get to control how much I make with my website. However with this parking business I think you'll have less control because ultimately the demand will dictate how much you can really charge and make.

There is a real need!

Sometimes you'll run into a work at home businesses that invents products and services that aren't really needed. You're literally convincing and begging people to buy their nonsense. That's no fun. With this opportunity there is a huge need for parking space especially in certain areas. So it's not like you're shoving some nutritional supplement down someone's throat to make money. (Sorry if that's your business.) You'll probably have a better shot at making money with this than you would some of these other MLMs or home based business opportunities that don't have a real demand or product.

No long wait for your money!

Assuming you can get some drivers interested in your space, you'll have your money within less than a week. Unfortunately with most businesses you might be waiting weeks or months before you see your first check after a sale. So this is great for those of you that lack delayed gratification.

What I don't like about

Meeting Strangers.

Ya'll already know that I'm an anti-social type of guy. I don't mind dealing with you online. But in person I'd prefer to be left alone. LOL But seriously with this opportunity you're having strangers park in your driveway or garage. You have to be comfortable with that idea. They say it's optional that you meet the drivers. But chances are you'll want to!

Supply & Demand can be a B….

If you live in the country/suburbs like myself, chances are there won't be a lot of demand for my parking space. This business seems to make more sense if you're close to attractions such as trains, parks, cities, restaurants, etc. If you don't live near anything that's popping off, you're probably won't make a lot of money with this opportunity. Ideally with any business you want to put yourself where there is a demand. You can't really move your house to where there is a demand. With an online business you can easily do that and you can learn how to find a demand to fill. I've done that with my website because of what I've learned from Wealthy Affiliate. But you definitely can't do that with your home unless you plan to move just for the sake of making more money with your parking business.

Legal & Tax implications

This type of business can open up some up some serious tax and legal can of worms. I'm not really an expert on this so I won't speak on it. Furthermore I don't want ya'll trying to sue me for bad advice. I know how you do. LOL But if you have questions or concerns, I found some great information below that you should read. Otherwise this can really bite you in the rear. That's the nice way of putting it. LOL

[wpsharely id=”5779″]Click here to visit their faq page about tax and legal implications.[/wpsharely]

So is A Scam?

I think this is a perfectly legitimate way to make money and save money. The website has received a lot of positive media coverage over the years which doesn't really happen if you're scamming people. So I definitely think it's worth a shot. It cost you nothing in terms of money. So if you have the space and live near anything desirable, then try this opportunity. Let me know what you guys think about this by posting a comment below.

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Thanks for reading this review. Hopefully you find it useful and it's another way to make some extra money online.

See ya'll soon!

Eddy with a Y! (Get it right. LOL)

4 thoughts on “Is Legit or A Scam?”

  1. as always Eddy,you are very informative and entertaining ,like you I don’t live near anywhere people would need to park and don’t think I would do that anyway the way some people are today,could set up for robbing your house ,don’t know now a days but I read it just to read your blog,you have a great talent there,keep people reading just to get a laugh now and then,great job.

    • Well thank you Criss! It’s always nice to have folks like you that can appreciate my corny humor. I agree about your concerns with this opportunity as well.

      I think it may be good a fit for some people though. Either way, Thanks for chiming in and the continued support. It’s truly appreciated!

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