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Another day and another review. This is going to be a short one folks because the writing is clearly on the wall with this one. But let's get into it nonetheless. is a fairly new (7/1/10) pay to click/read emails site. Like our legitimate recommendation of or, claims to send you emails that you're paid to read. Optionally you can refer other people and make more that way as well which is always one of my favorites for any opportunity. You earn credit for referrals down to two levels. 20% for the first level and 10% for the second. So far it all sounds like a typical PTR (paid to read) email site. But keep reading and you'll see appearances aren't always what they seem.

How do you get Paid?

They pay via Moneybookers, Liberty Reserve, Alertpay, WesternUnion or Check. No disrespect to these other payment methods but the fact PayPal isn't an option already makes me think something is amiss. But maybe there is some real logistical reasons or not. After all not everyone likes PayPal for a number of totally legitimate reasons. I personally have never had an issue with them all these years but to each their own.


So reading all this, you would think this might be another option to add to your multiple streams of income. Unfortunately it's not. Here's what we dug up and stepped in so you don't have to.

1. Ridiculous income claims for little work, experience or skills.

Just like in real offline life no one is going to pay you large amounts of money for tasks that don't require a lot of skills or experience. So why the hell would they do it online? Reality doesn't become suspended just because you're on the internet. Your common sense has to apply here too folks! So with that said, they're claiming to pay you $100 per email and $50 per ad clicked. Really Really? I don't care how many advertisers they can get, that's unheard of in that industry and frankly impossible to sustain. If they were really paying people that type of money, trust me you would have heard about. In fact, yours truly would be killing it with this opportunity and would have already shared it. So right off that bat, that claim would be enough to make me leave their homepage. I've been in this industry long enough to know if it sounds to good to be true, then damn it, it is. If you don't remember anything else from this article, remember that statement. However if you need more reasons to kick this opportunity to the curb, then read on.

2. Impossible payout threshold.

You need to reach $25,000 to cash out your hard money. Payment thresholds can be annoying on their on when there as little as $10 or $25 dollars. But a $25,000 threshold is just crazy talk. I guess in a monopoly money world that is easy to achieve if they're paying you $100 per email read and $50 per ad click. But we've already established that those numbers are as realistic as Donald Trump's hair. So if they aren't really sending out emails worth $100, it's impossible to reach the $25,000 payout. These guys get to collect your email address and probably spam you. You end up getting nada. Next!

3. Fake payout screenshots.

If you've been on my blog long enough, you know I always like to back up my personal recommendations with videos so you can actually see that I have been paid. On occasion I may resort to a screenshot. But I do prefer videos. These guys show you screenshots of payouts that clearly look fake. Even when you do the research online you can't find real evidence of people that have been paid consistently or at all. Whereas with a company like ICS, MySurvey, etc you can easily find on the internet tons of people announcing they have been paid regularly. Wouldn't you think a company paying people $100 per email would get a lot of love and exposure from their users and probably the media? But alas there is none that I could find. Makes you wonder…

4. Shady website.

Look, I'm not one that should speak on grammar or spelling errors because I'm totally guilty of the same crimes here on this blog. I'm a repeat offender that readily admits it. But bless your hearts because most of you ignore it and just value the free information provided. So I won't weight that against them as much as the other cons I've noted. However aside from the obvious spelling and grammar errors, there are links to pages that don't exist. This usually indicates the site isn't really kept up or active. Furthermore when you do a whois search the site is only registered for a year which most marketers would view as a throwaway site. In fact Google actually treats sites like this differently and considers them guilty until proven innocent. Here's why. Usually any business that plans to be around long enough will probably register their domain name for many years. After all it's not a large investment for any company serious about keeping their brand on the web. So that's a huge warning sign.

5. Why are you hiding? The whois search also shows that the company is hiding their contact information. There is no address or phone number to contact them. To make matters worst, they claim they are in Houston, but all signs point to China. Folks have claimed that the email support responses that have received were answered in poor English. Strangely enough they only respond to emails about upgrades by the way. So you've registered your domain for only a year and now you're hiding your contact information. Why is that?

Need I say more?


"Ain't nothing more to say". Put a fork in this one, It's done. Do what you want, but I would stay away from this so called opportunity.This is just another example of a rotten apple that puts another black eye on this industry. These are the type of sites that lead people into feeling all work at home opportunities are a scam. But if you've been a loyal subscriber that reads the material on this site, you know better. You already know it's a matter of doing your research. This shady opportunity is like anything in life where you have good people and bad people. You don't stop living life because you run into a couple of a-holes. You just truck on through until you find some good people. Well the same applies here.

Fortunately there are sites like Hits4Pay and Clixsense that do actually pay you. They're upfront with the fact that you're not going to make ridiculous amounts of money with their opportunity. They set real expectations that you can take to the bank. So if you were in the market for a real get paid to click or read email site, my suggestion is to go with something like InboxDollars, Hits4Pay, Clixsense, YouData, etc. Or if you were looking for something that pays you significantly more like a job be sure to check our work from home jobs page which is updated regularly. Either way you do have legitimate options out there.

Don't let sites like this dissuade you from your goals. Just continue to do your research and follow the sage advice of sites you trust. (Ahem… lol)

If you have tried this site and would like to provide some insight on your experience whether bad or good, please chime in below. We always welcome respectful comments from supporters and detractors.

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