Perk TV! An App That Pays You To Watch Videos Online

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perk tv reviewI just love me the income streams that kick you back a little dough for doing regular stuff online you are doing anyways on a daily basis. A perfect fit for me are the reward sites that don't require a lot of activity on my part.

If you follow my blog you know that I am always looking for opportunities to add to my multiple income streams, and share my experience with my readers so they also can make some extra cash.

The latest trends are APPS that run on Smart Phones or Tablets, require minimal work, and best of it, anyone can do it. One of these is Perk TV, the subject of my review today.

What is Perk TV?

Perk, created on 2009, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a Mobile Reward Program using an APP ( Perk TV) for Android and iOS devices that rewards you with points for watching the latest movie trailers, app trailers, and popular videos.

What sets Perk TV apart from other apps like this, or similar reward sites like Swagbucks, is that ads continually play without physical interaction for hours at a time.

The videos are between 1 ? and 2 minutes long and you get a reward of 1 to 3 points per video. 1,000 points equal $1.00

How Does Perk TV Work?

There is only ONE requirement: You need an Android or iOS device. Log on to, create your account, and then download only the Perk TV app. After you do the initial set-up, you are ready to accumulate points that can be redeemed with a variety of gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, XBOX, etc.) or Cash Reward Cards like Discover or PayPal.

You have the choice between “Watch Movie Trailers” or “Watch App Trailers“, and once you made your choice, new videos will play automatically without interruption or your interaction. You simply can let it run without watching, racking up points while doing other stuff, or even take a nap.

However, the folks over at are not completely brain dead. Every couple of hours or so, a button pops up asking “Are You Still Watching?” and you must click on it to let them know that you indeed are still alive, well, and ‘watching' (kind of).

How Much Money Can You Make With Perk TV?

To find out what the scoop really is, I had my research team run a timed test of ONE Hour. During that hour they watched 32 movie trailers and accumulated a total of 44 points.

Only 2 of the movies were rewarded with 3 points, 8 gave us 2 points each, and the majority, 22 kicked in 1 point each.

In theory, if you find a way to hit the “Are You Still Watching?” button every hour and run the app 24 hours a day, you can reach a total of 1,056 points, which amounts to roughly $1.06 per day, or $31.80 per month.

I have to say that I am NOT overly impressed by these numbers, to say the least. But is there a way to make a bit more?

perk tv rewards

How You Can Make More Money With Perk TV!

I assume you own two devices anyways, one iPhone and a tablet. You can run the app on both your toys and double your take; making $64 bucks a month instead of the lousy $32. Considering the fact that you need some sleep, at least every once in a while, you only run the app for 16 hours a day on your 2 devices. That gives you roughly $40 every month.

Listen up, it gets even better. They don't tell you that on their site, but my inquiring mind had me ask via email ‘how many devices I can run on one account'. They reminded me that I can have ONLY ONE account, but I can run a total of 5 devices on my account.

With that in mind, you now have the potential to actually make $100 per month for practically doing nothing but press an annoying button once every few hours.

Perk TV Tips & Hacks

1) Get a Good Internet Connection:

You are going to run a lot of devices on one network, so you need a reliable Internet connection in order for the videos to load fast. You also may split the network by using your unlimited data plan from your phone for 2 or 3 of the devices.

2) Buying Cheap But Reliable Devices:

Of course, I am not suggesting that you have extra phones just laying around, so you need to find relatively cheap, but reliable phone or tablets. You may check Amazon or Walmart for special offers on LG devices, which seem to be good enough for your purpose.

3) Bandwidth Setting In Your Perk TV Account:

Access your Perk TV account and activate the ‘Low Bandwidth Setting”. You are not overly concerned about the quality of the videos, and the reduced quality will free up bandwidth and the videos load much faster.

4) Setting Your Devices:

  • Your devices will get hot from running extended hours. This can lead to the devices to crash and you will have to reboot. Set the Screen brightness to the lowest level.
  • Perk TV shows you the steps required to configure your phone for optimal Perk use.
  • Restart your phone after every 24 hours of use!

5) Use ONLY 5 Devices And Heed The Warning!

“If you have more than one device that can run Perk TV, Lucky You! You can us Perk TV on up to 5 devices as long as you are using only One Perk account. You can run Perk TV on your iPad and iPhone at the same time!

If you are earning points too fast, you will receive a warning message:


We suggest removing one or two devices if you continue to see this warning.”

6) Perk TV's Terms Of Service!

It is against Perk TV's Terms of Service to “earn through the applications without any user activity for any extensive period of time“. Unfortunately, Perk TV does not give you their definition of ‘extensive period of time‘. A good practice would be to simply switch every hour or so from one of the two choice to the other; that should constitute ‘activity‘ and put you on the safe side.

What Are The Perk TV Complaints!

Overall, the Perk TV community seems to be a very happy bunch, but whenever there is a big crowd, there will always be small part that cannot be pleased, no matter how much you try. So let's detail them down below.

Perk TV Made Changes To Cut The Payout!

When Perk launched Perk TV, members were rewarded with 4 points for every 2 videos watched. It changed the reward plan sometime in 2014 and introduced a new reward structure of 1 to 3 points rewarded. Although Perk claims that users of their app have the opportunity to get more points, fact is that most videos only reward 1 point per viewing. This change actually reduced the monthly take by about 35%; folks that ran 5 devices 24/7 were able to accumulate enough points to earn about $250 per month. With the new reward scheme, the same folks now are able to make about $160 per month, almost $100 bucks less than before.

The way I look at these complaints is quite simple, folks. It is basically FREE money for doing almost nothing, and $160 extra cash in your pocket is definitely better than nothing. So, quit complaining; you don't even have to break a drop of sweat.

The App Crashes On Newer Devices!

It seems that 6th generation iOS devices are more affected than Androids, and Perk has just not gotten around to update their app accordingly. I am certain that they aware of the fact and a fix will be available in the near future.

is perk tv a scam

They Accused Me Of Fraud And Cancelled My Rewards!

DooDoo happens, especially when you are not adhere to the ‘Perk TV Terms of Services‘. Let me put it this way: You receive basically free money for doing almost nothing. The minimum requirement is to check your devices now and then, and show a little bit of activity. If you are too lazy to even do that, you have indeed NOT earned any rewards. There are also people that purposely that try to game the system and when they get caught they take to the internet claiming their accounts were cancelled for nada. Now with that said, I've seen with all reward sites where people fall through the cracks for some reason and their accounts are cancelled. But that's very rare. So I always take the reports of accounts be closed for no reason with a grain of salt unless I see an overwhelming number of the same complaints.

Perk tv rewards

Is Perk TV A Scam?

Perk and Perk TV do seem legitimate. They do pay as they promise if you keep Tip #6 in mind. You will not make a fortune running a Perk TV farm, but an extra $100 to $130 each month will take care of your gifting obligations through out the year (or take care of the ‘back to school‘ expenses if you have kids).

I think it's worth adding Perk as another source to my multiple income streams, because you can never have enough different ways to add to your income. On top of it, you are protecting yourself in case one of your other sources dries out because the company shuts down.

Being your own boss gives you the opportunity to avoid putting all your eggs in one nest, and I encourage you to check out My Work At Home Courses and My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Although I make the greater part of my income with the latter, both options enable me to make a full time income from the comfort of my home. You can do the same if you are willing to learn and put in the work necessary. So, check them both out; I am certain they can help you as well.

That's all for today and it's time to wrap it up. What do you all think of my Perk TV Review? Let me know by leaving a comment on your way out, I would appreciate it.

Eddy with a y.

6 thoughts on “Perk TV! An App That Pays You To Watch Videos Online”

  1. News Update:

    Just thought I would come back to give you guys an update. Well my Perk is not working out after all. I just got a notice telling me that my reward was cancelled. They give a whole slew of reasons that it could be, but not a specific one is mentioned for me. It’s a form letter they send everyone that they decline rewards for. I have no idea as to why. I did follow all the rules. I have heard this and heard and *heard* this about Perk. Well, it happened to me, so in a way I’m not surprised. I did follow the rules. I don’t even know *how* to do all that tech stuff (modifying phones and things) they mention to ‘cheat’. I think it may have been the stop and start of my crappy internet. I am not sure, and although I have written them asking to tell me specifically, I doubt very much I will hear anything from them. I have to add myself to the list saying this is a scam. Or maybe since they will let someone start but not keep going, maybe just a half scam. At any rate, all my 5 devices would not even ‘run’ all together at the same time thanks to my new internet. I have to modify and update that part of my first post too. So that was not why ~ I was not overusing it. Anyhow, people beware. Don’t get your hopes up for anything. Personally, I like to hear news updates, so just passing it on. Best wishes everyone.

  2. I’ve been doing Perk about two months now. You do have to set up a ‘Perk farm’ (all 5 allowed) to make any money with this. It’s quite doable with good internet to get 30 to 50 dollars a week with 5 devices. You need to set up the app called Perk Wallet to get some better payout ratio of points to dollars if you want paypal payouts. With this app there are some good ‘discounts’ on that. I have got two payouts of 10 dollars thru paypal. I have one of 25 dollars coming in today. The first month really doesn’t count because you are just getting started and don’t really have enough devices to make anything and/or you are figuring out which devices work best etc. I just now have all 5 phones and better internet or I would have more money. I get a little paranoid about them not paying out, after all they are not a place of employment that has to pay you. But other than that, I will continue. A good cheapie phone that has worked well for me and is 3 out of my 5 allotted devices is the LG Lucky phone. A mere 20.00 at Walmart. There are some good YouTubes about Perk. Hey, I figure if kids can make money, this ‘older’ lady can too. 🙂

    • Hey Ruth,

      Thanks for sharing your PERK hacks. I’ve heard about this “perk farms” as well but wasn’t sure if it was approved by Perk to do this. But if it is and folks have other devices hanging around it sounds like a good way to increase your income. Thanks again for sharing.

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