Picoworkers Review: Real Quick Cash Online or Scam?

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The internet has come a long way since we first heard of it. You can now earn an honest living online doing short, quick tasks at sites like Picoworkers. However, the internet is a gift and a curse in equal measure. You can easily fall for a scam or worse. That’s probably why you’re reading several Picoworkers reviews to determine whether it’s a waste of time or a low hanging fruit. 

Well, be glad you’re here. We did the research to save you some valuable time. So read the truth about the company in this Picoworkers review.

What Is Picoworkers?

Picoworkers.com is an online marketplace where freelancers perform a variety of small jobs for business owners. The company was founded in 2012 and is currently under the management of tech CEO Benjamin Quinlan. They’re currently located at 27 W. Anapamu St. #140, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

How Do You Make Money On Picoworkers?

Baasically Picoworkers connects business owners with freelancers to perform certain small jobs or micro tasks like taking surveys, writing small blog posts, testing apps, writing honest reviews, commenting on a social media post, creating short marketing videos, liking a social media page and more. 

Picoworkers will then review the freelancer’s job and submit it to the client for review. If the client approves the job, Picoworkers will deduct a certain commission and pass over the proceeds of the job to you, the Picoworker. The client may then rate you positively, adding to your success rate. If the client turns down the job, you won’t be paid and the client is free to leave a negative review on your profile. As you work and maintain a good success rate, you may be promoted to a higher level where the pay is slightly higher. 

How Much Can I Make With Picoworkers?

Honestly not much. The money you earn depends on a variety of factors including your success rate, volume of work and personal effort. You would be lucky to get a gig paying a Picoworker over $0.5 as most tasks pay anywhere between $0.04 and $0.3. However, keep in mind these are small tasks you can complete in minutes to earn money. So if you have the time and patience, the cents may add up if there’s enough volume of work. Based on what Picoworkers posts on this page, the highest earning freelancers have currently pocketed roughly $1000 in lifetime earnings doing these small jobs.

However it’s unclear how long the user took to reach these amounts. Actual freelancers have reported earning about $50 on a good month. You can also earn money referring others, whereby you’ll earn 5% of whatever your referral earns for life. 

So obviously you won’t earn a living as a Picoworker doing these small jobs working at Picoworkers alone. The best way to pile up your earnings to something meaningful is to join a couple more opportunities. You can make money online doing what you already do online at sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com. You can also make money online taking surveys at SurveyJunkie.com

However, these opportunities are only good for a little extra cash. If you’re better off spending time doing something that will earn you a sustainable income consistently, consider checking out My Best Work At Home Recommendation

How Does Picoworkers Pay You?

Picoworkers pays freelancers via either PayPal, or check or cryptocurrency. Once you’ve earned at least $5 and your balance is enough to cover the transaction cost you can request for payment. It’s not clear at this time how long it takes for the money to reach you. However, the PayPal option is instant. But they’ll require a photo of your driver’s license or identification before they pay you. 

How Do I Get Started With Picoworkers?

At the time of writing this Picoworkers review, all you need is a working email. Once you fill out the sign up form and verify your email, they’ll ask you a couple of demographic questions including age, location, occupation and so on. When you’re through setting up your profile you’ll earn $0.5 as a sign up bonus and then you can begin working.

Picoworkers Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you’re most interested in. So read along to be sure you’re not getting into anything shady or wasting your time with Picoworkers.

Don’t quit your day job

Picoworkers will definitely not pay for any vacations. It’s good for a little extra money, but definitely not something you can rely on for as a consistent source of income. Workers say the tasks run out sometimes and it’s really hard making the pennies add up to anything meaningful at the end of the day. 

High transaction fees

Picoworkers will deduct a cool $0.50 out of the $5 minimum payout when you cash out, in addition to your payment processor fees. It can be quite annoying having to cover such expenses especially when earning these pennies takes quite a bit of time and effort.

You can’t withdraw your sign up bonus

So when you sign up you’ll earn 50 cents immediately, but that money can only be used within the platform. It won’t count as money you earn as you can only use it to pay for a job. In addition, they don’t make that clear as you sign up. You’ll only know about it once you read the fine print buried deep in their Terms page

You must upload an ID to get paid

If you’re usually uncomfortable sharing your identity documents with such make money sites, then Picoworkers may not be for you. They’ll need you to upload a photo of your ID or driver's license before you get paid. But to be fair they do reveal this clearly on their FAQs page. But I know this can be a deal breaker to some of y'all so you’re better off knowing in advance. 

Fortunately, you won’t have to submit an ID to make money online and you also get to keep your sign up bonus at sites like SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com. There are always easier ways to earn money online.

No BBB Rating

If you rely on the Better Business Bureau to confirm a company’s legitimacy you're going to be disappointed tp learn that Picoworkers is not listed with the BBB at the time of writing this Picoworkers review. 

Is Picoworkers.com Legit?

Picoworkers appears to be a legit way to make money doing small tasks. There are several payment proofs online, and they’ve been around since 2012. However, you’ll definitely not pay your bills with this opportunity. In addition, you may need to give up an arm and a leg to make money, as you’ll have to verify your identity and cover all transaction costs before you get paid. Besides that, Picoworkers is a legit way to earn a little extra money doing microtasks online. 

That being said, perhaps you may be comfortable earning a little extra cash doing these small jobs at Picoworkers, and that’s ok. If not, you can make even more money doing what you already do online at SwagBucks.com and FusionCash.com. You can also check out SurveyJunkie.com for survey opportunities. 

But if a little extra cash is not what you’re looking for, you can check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation and learn how to make real money which can eventually turn into a passive income earner for you. 

Well, that’s my Picoworkers.com review. Do you still have questions? If so, you can visit their FAQs page for answers. We would also love to know what you think about Picoworkers or any other similar company. So feel free to chime in at the comments section.

Until next time

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2 thoughts on “Picoworkers Review: Real Quick Cash Online or Scam?”

  1. Having worked as a picoworker for more than 2 years, my initial payout of $22 went smoothly. But when I tried to withdraw money once I reached $50 or more, the website started encountering issues. Despite investing tens of hours into my work, it seems highly unlikely that I will ever receive my earnings again!!! Many people have shared similar experiences and warned against using Picoworkers as a means to make money…because you will probably never receive the money! I would NOT recommend Picoworkers!!

  2. 😠😠I hate Picoworkers site 😠😠
    I feel sorry for myself 😣I worked like
    a donkey but did not pay.
    Those who want to work please read..
    At first I thought it was a very good site.I lost my $19 .First you can Withdrew some money You will not be able to withdraw money later, it will show various problems.
    😢I had to work according to their rules Everything was fine while working.
    😐😐The problem is when I go to withdraw money.
    They said I have opened multiple accounts In fact I didn’t do one.
    😑😶😶One thing surprised me🤔🤔
    Didn’t show any problems when I was working. But when I requested to withdraw money Then showing the problem.
    😞😞It was really good before But now they take people’s hard earned money.So I would urge everyone not to work here.The rest is up to you .


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