PINCHme Review: Free Sample Scam or Legit?

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We all love free stuff, especially WiFi. Well, when huge brands and manufacturers want to know how the market is responding to their products, they issue free samples to actual people like you and me and then get feedback. Of course you already know this. Probably what you don't know is where to get some free samples yourself. Sites like claim to work with these brands and get members to try out these products for free and give feedback. By now you are wondering whether this is true so you'll need to go through a couple of PINCHme reviews like this one. Well, we have everything you need to know including the dirt they sweep under the carpet in this PINCHme review.

What is PINCHme?

PINCHME, found at is a website that allows people like you and I to sample consumer products from well-known brands for feedback. The New York based company was founded in 2012 and is currently under the management of Jeremy Reid, the Chairman.

How Does PINCHme Work?

Once every month, PINCHme sends free samples to members who then test out the products and give feedback. Not all members get free samples, just the ones that actually qualify to give feedback based on their PINCHme user profile. It's just like a basic surveys website only this time you get actual tangible stuff like skincare products, makeup, homecare items and the like delivered to you for testing and feedback.

When these samples are available, PINCHme will notify you and you can go ahead and pick the samples you want. If you are eligible to try them out and give feedback, they will send you the samples by mail. Once you try them out you will go back to your PINCHme account and give feedback about the sample you got.

Did you know you can also make actual money testing product samples and giving feedback at or Well now you do.

How Do I Join PINCHme?

You can create a free account with your email and a password. Once you confirm your email you'll answer a series of profile questionnaires. These questionnaires help PINCHme know more about you including where you live, your age, what products you use, your spending habits, how much you earn, the members on your household and so on.

According to the FAQ section, PINCHme is only available to permanent residents of the 48 contiguous states in America. They exclude Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

Can I Make Money With PINCHme?

No, you can't earn real money. What they do is give you sample for free, try them out and then you give feedback. So, essentially as a member you get paid through tangible freebies. But you can earn actual cash by taking surveys at

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What Samples Will I Get From PINCHme?

Essentially the samples are from well-known brands and are things you'd find in stores and online. The most popular items are things you use every day. It could be a facial cream, dishwasher soap, seasoning, dental floss, nail polish and the like.

There's actually a rundown clock on the website that pinpoints exactly when new samples will be available.

Do I Pay for Shipping At PINCHme?

No. PINCHme claims to cover shipping costs for all the samples they send you don't have to pay anything to get the samples. You also don't need a credit card to be a member, as they don't sell anything on the website.

What We Like About PINCHme

The Samples Are Useful

They don't just send samples no one would actually use. These samples from PINCHme are stuff you use every day. So, you'll not be wasting time waiting for things you'll probably throw away. They work with popular brands and all they need from you is your honest opinion about the product.

Positive BBB

I know there's lots of you out there who value a company's BBB status. At the time of writing this review, PINCHme registers an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

PINCHme Complaints

At this time I know everything smells daisy fresh and you just feel like getting yourself some free stuff every month. But how free is free? They say there's nothing like free dinner. So, what dirt is underneath PINCHme's carpet? Read along and find out!

It might end up being a waste of time

There are people out there who took time to join PINCHme and have never qualified for a single sample to date. Your profile determines what you get and sometimes it will boil down to nothing. So, it's no guarantee that they owe you anything if you choose to join.

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They can't keep up with the traffic

It seems the company has more members than they can handle. When the run down clock comes close to zero and you log in to choose your samples, the website crashes. It appears this happens almost every time according to complaints we came across online.

Is PINCHme a Scam?

By all means, no. PINCHme is not a scam. The website sends out samples once every month at noon EST to be exact. Once the clock runs down to zero you can log in and see what samples you qualify for. Problem is, you might not qualify for a single damn thing if your profile doesn't match a certain criteria.

It's not as hard as winning the lottery to get free stuff, but there's no guarantee that you'll actually get the samples if you sign up.

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Well, that's all from me about PINCHme do you have questions or queries? Kindly chime in on the comments section below! We would love to know your thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “PINCHme Review: Free Sample Scam or Legit?”

  1. I’ve been a member for years. Never really paid much attention to what I ordered and what actually arrived…..until this year. I have outstanding orders since February of this year.

  2. OUT OF 11 WEEKS on the leaderboards weekly results, Thuy N., Lincoln, NE won 7 times; Harshall A., Chicago, IL won 6 times; Paul J., Florence, JY won 4 times; Alexandria B., Las Vegas, NV won 4 times; Whitney D., Hammond, IN won 3 times and Shannon H., Kingston, PA won 3 times. Pinchme claims that they are not fixed but I beg to differ. You be the judge!!

  3. Pinch me is definitely not a scam. I’ve already gotten one box and have 3 in route. Yes, it can be frustrating but it’s been great for me. Love Pinch Me!!

    • Niki, about how long is the wait between when you claim a box and when it ships? I understand the shipping time can be long, but I claimed a box back on 5/31, and it has already been 1 1/2 months and still showing that it hasn’t even shipped yet!?!

  4. I am unsubscribing to PINCHme. It feels like a scam and they’re just collecting your information little by little. Everytime I try to do a survey, I never qualify. But it asks if you want to try another survey so it can get more of your personal info. I’m done with them.

  5. This is a scam company. They steal your info and don’t send out anything! Ive never met anyone who has anything from this site. SCAM

  6. Yes, PinchMe is a scam. I’ve been a member for months now. I’ve done surveys to qualify for PinchMe boxes, I’ve received emails that I would be notified when the boxes would ship “within 2 to 3 days”, and weeks later, have yet to receive anything. I’ve also claimed free samples that have never shipped. PinchMe is most definitely a scam.


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