Pinecone Research Review: The Real Deal or An Exclusive Scam?

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Pinecone Research ReviewNowadays everyone has an opinion and too often they're sharing it all over the internet where folks like me don't want it. But that's on me. Fortunately for you there are companies like Pinecone Research that actually want to hear what you have to say. But you probably know this already and have gone through some Pinecone Research Reviews to see if it's the real deal.

Well, we have everything you would want to know about the survey website, including the dirty linen they don't air in public. So let's get into it.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is a market research and opinion website where users get to take surveys or test products and earn cash rewards. Pinecone Research, owned by The Nielsen Company, was started on the 10th of January 1998 and is currently managed by Mr. William Miller. The 19 year old business is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

How Does Pinecone Research Work?

Once you become a member of Pinecone Research you will receive survey invites in your mail as availability dictates. You can then complete the surveys to get rewarded. Sometimes you will receive actual products delivered to you to try and give your opinion about them.

How Do I Join Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is an invite only survey panel. Although anyone above the age 18 is free to join, you can only become a member if an existing panelist/member sends you a referral link. Another way to join is if you happen to be lucky enough to come across a banner ad with a referral link.

Either way, once you join you will answer a series of questions designed to determine whether you qualify for membership at that time. If you get accepted, you become a panelist where you will start earning through taking surveys and testing products.

How Much Money Can I Make With Pinecone Research?

A survey will pay you anywhere between $3 and $5. The website uses a points system where $1 Is equivalent to 100 points. Panelists are already pre-qualified so they do not get survey disqualifications. Existing users have cited making up to a hundred dollars a month just answering surveys.

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How Do I Find Pinecone Research Sign Up or Join Link?

As we mentioned this survey panel is exclusive. So you may want to do a Google search which may lead you to a sign up or join link. However, you should watch out for scams that you need to pay to join Pinecone Research. Remember, you don't have to pay anything to become a member.

How Does Pinecone Research Pay You?

Up until spring of 2013, the first reward (usually $3) would be automatically sent to you by check to the physical address you provided during sign up. This changed to a points system where after you accumulate the first 300 points ($3), you can request for payment through

  • Check
  • PayPal or
  • Gift cards

What We Like About Pinecone Research

Surveys are always available

Unlike a lot of survey sites that make you jump through pre-qualification questions, you don't need to do that with Pinecone Research. If you're being contacted it's because you already fit what they need so your survey is pretty much guaranteed.

It's free to join

Joining might be by invite only, but it's totally free to join and participate. If you find yourself having to pay to become a member, you are being scammed. Quit whatever you are doing and search elsewhere for a way to join.

They pay quite well

Pinecone Research is not as stingy as most survey websites. In my experience, you can search online for surveys that pay you $3 or more until the cows come home. Very few websites will pay you a dollar or more per survey.

It's fun to be a panelist

The surveys are short and fun to fill out. Panelists actually get to test products like before they hit the market.

Pinecone Research Complaints

There's always a chance that these websites will pull a fast one on you. That's why we make it our business to put you in the know. So let's blow some whistles, shall we?

It's a pain in the butt to join

It's actually harder than you think to become a member. The ”exclusive” thing exposes unsuspecting users to scams from con artists claiming they have that allusive join link if you're willing to pay for it. Obviously you shouldn't and you should just keep searching the web until you find one.

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About that BBB Rating…

At the time of writing this review, their BBB rating is an F, I know for some of you that's a deal breaker, but I always take Better Business Bureau ratings with a grain of salt.

Where's the international love?

It sucks that you can only join if you reside in the United States, the UK and Canada.

Lame payment issues

Sometimes you will have to grease your elbows to get payment. At times the PayPal payment option vanishes, or the check option becomes temporarily unavailable. Some users have complained of having to be strong-armed to choosing merchandise instead of cash.

Don't quit your day job son!

Like all survey companies, they will only send you surveys based on your demographics. So this isn't money you can depend on or predict. If you want something like that, then you should consider My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

So Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Well, Pinecone Research is not a scam. It's one of the few long standing survey websites that may be worth your time and effort. However, like any site it does has its issues. The biggest issue is that joining is by invite only. Even if you are lucky enough to get in, don't think you'll be rolling in the dough. Some users have mentioned receiving only one survey the whole week. So this isn't something you can depend on for consistent income.

Either way, if you are lucky enough to get that precious join link, pounce on it instantly! However, if you're being asked to pay to get that link, drop it like it's hot. All in all, if you successfully become a panelist, you might just be on your way to being a member of one of the best-paying survey websites out there.

However, if you don't like the idea of resorting to luck to find a link to make money online, you can join and You can also check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Well, that's enough yip yapping from me. I would love to hear what you have to say. So chime in below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y.

16 thoughts on “Pinecone Research Review: The Real Deal or An Exclusive Scam?”

  1. It looks like Pinecone Research is a legit opportunity to earn some money online. The fact that they’ve been in the business for almost 20 years is a very reassuring point to me. But the fact that they don’t send surveys very often is a thing that can discourage people and make them give up the whole thing. 

  2. Thanks a lot for this review, I had not heard of Pinecone Research before.

    I don’t like the fact that they only let you join through a referral link and I don’t understand why. Does a member earn something for getting others to join? I also think that they should give more people the chance to sign up, not only people from the UK, Canada or USA. I’m from Spain so I wouldn’t be able to join.
    Anyway, I personally don’t think taking paid surveys is the best way to make money as the moment you stop taking surveys, you stop getting paid, it’s like an online job to make extra money but not a full-time income, as you said.


    • I wouldn’t call it a job since it’s not consistent income. But it can make you some money if you’re lucky enough to find a join link and can actually get surveys consistently.  

    • Pinecone is owned by Nielsen, so they are indeed legitimate. I think they use referral links to join to make sure those who join are vetted by the referrer. The referral links are few and far between so if you want to get on board with them you have to keep looking. (Check out coupon blogs or make money at home blogs for them).You do have to answer short prescreen questions each week. But at least you know when you get a survey you are prequalified and will get paid once you complete it. For me, they’ve consistently provided surveys (they let you choose how many you’ll be available for per week) and they’ve consistently paid out. Each survey is worth $3 and you can cash out to PayPal at $3, so that is a nice feature. They also offer other gift cards and merchandise if you’re so inclined. Your mileage may vary but they have never disappointed me.

      Thanks Eddy for your reviews and valuable resources on your site.

  3. Thanks Eddy with a y. There are so many scams out there and also I didn’t know you made such little money with surveys. I’ve read so many websites claiming to make thousands with surveys. Thanks for the info. I guess nothing replaces putting in the ground work. Do you think money can be made with affiliate marketing?

    • Yeah, that claim that you can earn thousands of dollars taking surveys is nonsene. You can make some money, but nothing life changing.  

  4. Hi Eddy, your post on Pinecone was right on point. At $3 a survey it would take 100 surveys a day to make a good living from this venture. That would be over 12 per hour. From what I saw in your post one guy only got a survey a week. And on top of this it’s hard to join. Best regards, Joe

  5. I’ve participated in a number of survey sites but I have never heard of this one. These seems like one of the very few legit survey websites. Unlike others that I have come across, this one pays a lot more per survey.

    I think the end result is the same as any of the other survey sites. In the end, this is a waste of your time. You get very little for your time spent in completing the survey. There are much better ways to make money online.

    • Hey Steve, thanks for your opinion. Some  people feel surveys are worth their time. So it all depends on your needs.

  6. Hi Eddy

    I didn’t know getting the link was so exclusive.

    My friend works at Nielsen so must have access to the link. Can’t believe people make others pay for it. That’s very sneaky.

    Sounds like a good opportunity to make some side cash, so will definitely be using that link.

    • Yeah, it’s one of the most annoying things about this company. But they are a good one if you can get in.

  7. Hi there and thanks for the information about Pinecone research. It sounds like it could be ok if you can actually get the exclusive link to join it and hopefully try not to get scammed along the way. But anyway, It’s no good for me as I live in the UK and also, I would much prefer to spend my time building my own online business on a fantastic platform like Wealthy Affiliate, where you get good training and lots of help along the way. I highly recommend it.


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