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what is prepnowI just hope my two kids grow up to be geniuses like their daddy, Eddy with a y, and never need tutoring to keep their grades up. Because tutoring doesn't come cheap, and these kids are already sucking my wallet dry with all their annoying needs like food, clothing and shelter. LOL

Nah but seriously if my kids needed tutoring, I would not hesitate to spend the dough and use the services of a reputable Online Tutoring Company like PrepNow, which happens to be the subject of my review today. Because who knows you may be the tutor I have to pay to help them, so listen up.

What Is PrepNow?

Richard Enos and partner Gregory Zumas founded StudyPoint, Inc, a provider of in-home private tutoring, in Boston in 1999. They focused on the needs of families who wanted a higher level of customer service and convenience, and on students who would benefit from individualized, one-to-one instruction.

Their company was a great success, and the founders recognized the growing potential to deliver high quality tutoring via a virtual classroom. In 2009, StudyPoint launched its PrepNow Tutoring Division, which focused on high quality live online tutoring, and it broadened the company's reach to every city and town in America.

Since inception, PrepNow has helped over twenty thousand students nationwide increase their confidence while achieving higher grades and test scores.

PrepNow specializes in K-12 tutoring in the following categories:

Admissions Test Tutoring

  • ACT Tutoring
  • PSAT Tutoring
  • SAT Tutoring
  • SSAT Tutoring

Academic Tutoring

  • Biology Tutoring
  • Chemistry Tutoring
  • French Tutoring
  • Physics Tutoring
  • Spanish Tutoring
  • Writing Tutoring

How Does PrepNow Online Tutoring Work?

The Virtual Classroom.

Using innovative technology, the tutor and the student will meet for regular sessions in PrepNow's Virtual Classroom. This platform enables the tutor and student to work together in a shared online workspace, where they can talk through strategies, discuss concepts, and work through practice problems, just as they would in a face-to-face tutoring session. The system utilizes a Skype Voice Connection that enables them to engage in an ongoing dialogue just as they would if they were sitting together at a kitchen table.

prepnow virtual classroom

The PrepNow Content & Strategy.

To succeed on standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and PSAT it's essential to master both the content areas covered on the exam and the strategies needed to solve complex analytical and reasoning questions. For this reason, PrepNow's extensive curriculum addresses both aspects of the test, providing the student instruction in the content areas tested on the exam and the strategies and techniques students can use to maximize their scores on test day.

Furthermore, since the student will be working with the same expert tutor throughout the duration of the program, the tutor can customize lessons to ensure that the students are focusing on those content areas where they need the most review.

PrepNow Adaptive Homework.

All material that student learns during live tutoring sessions is reinforced by PrepNow's Personalized Homework Path. This unique adaptive homework system will challenge the students by delivering more difficult homework assignments in those areas where they demonstrates improvement or easier content in those areas where they continue to struggle. And because PrepNow's Personalized Homework Path draws from real, retired exams, the students are getting the most authentic practice problems available.

prepnow tutoring review

PrepNow Tutor Availability & Hourly Rates.

PrepNow Tutors are available 24/7 at hourly rates from $50/hour to $250/hour

How You Become A PrepNow Tutor.

Qualification & Requirements

Experience: You need at least two years of teaching or tutoring experience. You also need either a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal/CR.

Education: You'll need at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited 4-year college or university.

Availability: You are required to work some weeknights and weekends.

Application Process:

You apply online through their website. If you satisfy the qualification requirements and your application is accepted, you will attend a rather intensive training that teaches you the PrepNow Virtual Classroom Platform, and also some administrative tasks.

How Much Does PrepNow Pay?

Unfortunately, there is no information to be found on their website. I can tell you what my research team found out, unofficially though. PrepNow tutors are paid about 25% – 30% of the hourly rate the company is charging the student. You are looking in the neighborhood of approx. $15 to $65 per hour.

What Are The PrepNow Complaints?

Well, my friends, there is always a first. My team and I couldn't find any real complaints. Of course, there will always be a few folks thinking they should get paid more. Other than that, there are NO complaints to report.

what is PrepNow

So Is PrepNow A Scam or Legitimate?

Yes PrepNow is definitely a legit company to work with. What makes PrepNow stand far above other online tutoring services like, is their concept of promoting a tutor-student relationship that lasts for the duration of the tutoring program. Not only is this of great value to the student, YOU the tutor are guaranteed steady income during that time. Even if you feel that the pay may be a little low, just imagine having five students at the same time, keeping you busy with 2 or 3 hrs each per week, you would be making a steady $300/week in extra income for the duration of a semester.

Take a look at some of the tutor profiles on the PrepNow website. Browse by hourly rate and you will find out that those in the $100 or higher brackets are tutoring for 4 or 5 years with PrepNow. So, there are possibilities for promotions and pay raises.

With that said if you think you are qualified, I would recommend giving PrepNow a shot. But if tutoring isn't your cup of tea, there are other ways to earn a living online that can be based around your passion or interest. That's pretty much how I make my living online and My # 1 Free Work At Home Recommendation, can help you as well if you're willing to work hard and have patience. However I'm not one to just have one way of earning money. Personally I love multiple income streams so I have a greater potential to earn higher income and to avoid the inherent risks of just having one source of income. If you've ever lost a job you know how detrimental it can be to have all your eggs in one basket.

So if you can appreciate the multiple streams of income philosphy I would also encourage you to check out My Work At Home Courses where I teach you some of the other ways I earn money as well.

Well that's all for me my friends. As always, I want to hear from you so please post a comment down below. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this company. So don't be shy.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y.

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