Is Procard International A Scam?

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No sir! Procard International has been one of the best companies I've worked with for years. It's listed with the BBB in good standing, they actually have telephone number that you can call and they're extremely responsive to email. Futhermore they've been around over 10+ years. Scams don't last that long people. Bad news spreads like wildfire on the internet. So if this company was really a scam it should be gone already because of all the negative publicity and complaints it would've received.

With that said, at first I thought they were a scam too. Initially when I first started with Procard International I didn't last long. I joined and then left within a few months without giving it much effort. For some reason I was under the impression that I wouldn't have to work. Dumb me! Like many that join internet work at home opportunities I blamed the company for my failure. I cried and bitched that it had to be the company and not me.

So I pretty much wrote the company off. I even tried their competitor Ameriplan and that's when I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that if I wanted to be successful at any internet work at home opportunity I should not allow myself to fail. Yeah I know it sounds like a bunch of crap but it came to me because I was able to be successful with Ameriplan and the company was very similar to Procard International. I noticed the only difference in terms of success was the fact I tried harder with Ameriplan. But I soon left that company and returned back to Procard International.(That's a whole other story..)

Because I knew I was able to make Ameriplan work, it gave me a different perspective on Procard International. I took more advantage of the wonderful training provided in their associates area. I read more about their program so I knew how to present it to others. I was able to identify immediately what Procard's strengths were in comparison to Ameriplan and played to them. With this new found excitement, I went full force with it and was not going to give up until I could make it work. Luckily for me I did and later became one of their top associates.

I was able to make Procard International‘s legitimate work at home opportunity work because I believed it would and I would not have any other outcome. This time around I didn't give up on myself. I decided that if I wanted to work at home, I would invest in myself and that's why I was able to make Procard International successful for me.

Is it for everyone? Hell no. If you're not ready to work and go through the training process, ask questions and dedicate yourself to making it succeed then you should look elsewhere. But if you want to earn good money working for a solid and legitimate company and don't mind putting in the effort than Procard is for you.

To learn more about Procard International use the link below.

Procard International Is Not A Scam!

12 thoughts on “Is Procard International A Scam?”

  1. Hi Eddy and everyone! This was one of the articles I read about 7 or 8 months ago, when I was making my final decisions on my “perfect” work at home opportunity. I was debating between Procard and Ameriplan. Ameriplan seemed to be a better fit, but more expensive. So I went with Procard. It is a very good company, with what I feel is an amazing service. I think I like the discount health plan companies because I have been in that “makes too much for medicaid, but not enough to afford insurance” category. Anyway, Procard was a great company. However, I had no experience working for myself or working online (besides surveys….) and I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t feel the training was sufficient enough to make me see what I was supposed to be doing. I didn’t realize at the time I could Google search free or paid leads. I didn’t know I could get outside training in areas like advertising, prospecting, etc. Don’t get me wrong, they do have training, it just wasn’t enough for a newbie like me. So I do want to tell anyone debating Procard, it is a good company. If you want it to work, MAKE IT WORK!! Google anything you don’t know how to do, and call your upline!! That was another mistake I made. I waited for my enroller to call me (I believe she should have, but I could have called HER) and was frustrated that she didn’t. I realize in hindsight that my success does not rely on my enroller or anyone else!! And for those of you who said watch your credit cards with them and all that other BS, when I cancelled they offered me more leads, support, etc and when I declined, they REFUNDED me my money, which I wasn’t even expecting. Good good good ethical company. I may have taken their offer, but I was already enrolled in AP, only because I decided it was a better fit for me. That doesn’t mean it is for anyone else. No matter what company you choose A) do your research (scams don’t last 10-20+ years!!! and the BBB doesn’t “give away” good ratings and B) commit to yourself and your business, and make it work!

    Thanks again @WorkAtHomeNoScams:disqus

  2. Hello Eddy!

    I just want to tell you that I joined Procard International and just became active 5 days ago. I am very excited to be a part of what seems to be a very promising business and has so many glowing reviews! When I ordered my leads, they say that usually start you out with just 10, but they threw 25 extras in to get me started for a total of 35 leads! Before I even finished sending out all the e-mails, someone had already responded to me! And of course, in addition to the leads they sent me I can still get friends and family to sign up……this seems to be perfect for me!

    I think I have finally found the work at home opportunity for me this time around, but I will be keeping you posted on my progress….wish me the best!

    God Bless..

  3. @susan m:

    I really have to reply to your comment because we are all working hard and just don’t need gloom and doom around us. I have a great down-line with Procard International, and I have been with the company for over 4 years, now. Everything they say is true, and I am proof of that. This company has been on the Internet for over 10 years, and you just don’t make it that long on the Internet running a scam. My paycheck has NEVER been late, and I automatically receive it through Paypal. I have a down-line of Associates who are also happy with the company. We are all saying the same thing, “We can’t believe it!”. This company is really delivering on what they promise. As for comparing this company to another one that is not even related, you are just flat out wrong and seem to have some other issues going on. I did look up that other company and Procard International has no relation and doesn’t even have the same products. Maybe you should be asking yourself more questions and not casting out dispersions and try to ruin opportunities for lots of people who want to make a good and honest living for themselves. From what I can tell, the company is legit and it has also clarified the job to make it easier to understand. They now allow anyone who becomes ‘registered’ to work for the company as long as they want and earn commissions, right away, without any investment or purchase required. A ‘registered’ Associate is NOT required to keep (1) active account; however, to get the company’s free leads each month, personalized business website, and complimentary dental, optical, vision, Rx, and physician does require being ‘active’. And this makes complete sense to us. They explain it that they have to pay for these features, so they want to make sure a person is serious about the job. Makes sense to me. Good luck to you… The rest of us are making our own luck!


  4. Well…Procard International is owned by Erich Wilms. Erich’s brother and father (Grant and Hermann Wilms) owned ASP and NHCD. Same type of companies…promoting savings plans. As a former Sr. Manager of ASP, I would suggest you do a google search of Grant and Hermann Wilms arrest. Company is now out of business as this family was researched by the secret service, arrested and sitting in jail on a million dollar bail…..they are currently in jail. Needless to say, the former staff of ASP was left high and dry, misled and owed weeks of payroll. Do the research….research the Wilms family and beware of this company.

  5. @Tanja:
    1- Never use your debit or credit with these companies. Use a gift card. If you cancel you simply stop putting money on the card.
    2-I’ve worked for places at the local mall that require that I buy their clothes to work there & sell them. The medical discounts, if legit, are good, so you shouldn’t lose money with the discount card.

  6. Eddy,

    You mention that work at home legitimate companies do not make you pay any fees, but Procard Int’l requires you to sign up to health benefits. I’ve read that some people who have signed up with them have had bad experiences and were being charged every month after trying to cancel. This makes me double think if I should pursue this opportunity.

    • Hi Tanja,

      Actually I said a work at home JOB shouldn’t charge you a fee. A home based business may do so or a company that is offering some type of business or career training will also do so. In either case these companies should always be researched. But there is a difference between a job and home business opportunity. Procard is a home based business. The fee that is being charged is for the health savings plan that they offer. That is actually the product you’ll be promoting as an associate. I think the logic is that if you plan on promoting the product you should actually be using it so you can effectively relay the benefits to people.

      Now with that said, I’ve used their saving card and it has helped me save on prescription glasses. So I know its worked. I’ve never canceled so I can’t confirm this being an issue. But in my experience, a phone call or email to Procard has always been promptly replied to. Furthermore the last I checked their company was still in good standing with the BBB if that type of stuff holds credibility in your mind.

      Every company will have their fair share of some complaints. It’s almost impossible to run a company without rubbing someone the wrong way or a few people falling through the cracks. However what I like to do when evaluating a company is keeping that fact in mind. I’m looking for overwhelming unresolved complaints against a company. I don’t pay attention to the fact that a company may have a few complaints. That’s normal. You just want to know most of them have been resolved or an attempt was made to resolve the issues. So that’s how I approach research objectively. If people never did business with a company because of a complaint here and there then nothing would ever get done.

      Now with that said, I’m not an active associate of Procard anymore. I found it hard to find an audience to sell the health savings benefits too. So I decided to focus on affiliate marketing instead:

      But from my experience Procard is a good company. Hope this helps.

  7. Hey Eddy,

    This comment is long overdue! Someone just emailed me and asked if Procard International is a scam. So, I was prompted to get my a@@ over here and comment … lol.

    I completely agree with Eddy by saying Procard is NOT a scam!As I say on my site, “I experienced a good working relationship with the company, and will continue to speak positively about them with the utmost respect”.

    So, I confidently included this review’s url in my email reply, and will do so likewise for future inquiries of this type.

    Two thumbs way up for Procard International!


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