Product Tube Smartphone App Earns You Up To $80

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what is product tubeAs many of you know I am addicted to my gadgets especially my iPhone. I love it because it serves multiple purposes in my life. Ironically most of which involve not talking to people and that's just the way I like it. LOL But what I really appreciate about having a smart phone is there are so many apps now that actually help pay for my addiction.

Just recently, I came across a new app that seems to be a great way to add a few more bucks to your monthly income. Let's have a look, shall we?

What Is Product Tube?

ProductTube is an app that rewards shoppers for making short videos about the products that they buy and consume. These videos are used for market research purposes to help these product manufacturers improve their products meet our consumer needs. The videos are never used to market the products and never shared with other websites.

How Does Product Tube Work?

Product Tube is open for anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone. When you become a member you will have the option to select tasks that usually involve buying a specific product and recording a video about your shopping experience, or doing a video review about the product. Either way you will get detailed instructions with particular requirements before you take on the task so you can decide if you want to take part.

There are two types of videos you will have to record:

1) In-Store Videos

  • Log into once you receive new project notifications in your email
  • Next time you're in the store make a short video showing how you shop in that category
  • Hold your phone and start recording
  • Record and narrate your decision making process
  • Log into to upload directly from phone.

This is all about your shopping habits, your preferences about the product, packaging details, price comparison, etc. You will be recording and narrating the video at the time, so study the instructions before you start your trip to the store. Take a look at a typical in-store video.

2) At-Home Product Review

  • Log into once you receive new project notifications in your email
  • Make short video using the product and tell Product Tube about your experience.
  • For certain projects you may be re-contacted to make future videos for additional incentive
  • Log into to upload directly from phone.

You won't have to record while buying the stuff, but doing a ‘selfie‘ (not the Kim Kardashian kind though. lol) while answering questions about your shopping experience as well as what you think about the particular product; i.e. if you like it or not, the pros & cons, if you would buy it again, and stuff like that.

what is product tube

Make sure that the video is of decent quality, with a clear audible to be accepted. By the way, video editing is not required.

Once you are finished recording your video, you can upload it directly from your smart phone or by logging on to the Product Tube website.

How Much Does Product Tube Pay?

You can make $50 to $80 for 1 hour of your effort per month, according to their website. You will get your reward 48 hours after you submit your video in form of a Amazon e-gift card.

How To Sign Up With Product Tube & Start Making Money

Four easy steps:

1)Register For Free with Product Tube.

Open your new account by clicking this link. Enter your name, email address and some basic info, then verify your email.

2) Log-In To your Product Tube Account

Access your Profile and fill out a short demographics form. This will help Product Tube to assign you projects to record videos.

3) Make A Video

Upon registering it may take a couple of days to get your first assignment. Check the requirements and instructions and if you feel you are up to the task, accept the offer and make your video.

4) Upload Your Video

Once you are done with the recording, upload it from your smart phone. Lean back, relax and 48 hours later you will find your Amazon e-card in your email.

What Are The Product Tube Complaints?

At the time of this review there are no complaints that we can find. People are making good money with relatively little effort. But there are a couple of concerns I want to bring to your attention:

Stores Don't Allow Recording!

Recording your activities in a store is a little bit like working for Field Agent and their mystery shoppers reported that certain stores actually don't allow taking pictures of their display shelfs and products. You may want to ask the Product Tube support desk about any experience they have, if any.

Not Enough Work!

Product Tube says you can earn up to $80 per month. This is pretty nice assuming you can make that much and since you're getting paid for something you would probably do anyway. But it would be better if you could make more and it was something consistent. Unfortunately that's not the case so you probably can't use this to supplement any major income and there is no guarantee you'll actually make up to $80 per month. So you would definitely need to couple this with multiple streams of income.

Only One Payment Option!

Getting paid with e-cards is ok, but there should be more options than just Amazon e-cards. Let's face it not everyone wants to shop at Amazon. Maybe you want to go shopping, pay gas or go out to eat with that money. So having other choices like Paypal, check or direct deposit would be a good thing. It's never a good idea to limit the reward options and I don't understand why companies do this.

Update: My research team located ONE forum comment where a Product Tube participant received a $25 Target gift card.

No Referral Program!

It's no secret that “Eddy with a Y” loves work at home opportunities with referral programs because its's a big way that I add to my multiple streams of income. At the time of this review there is no mention of a referral program on their site. So I emailed them directly and they confirmed that they don't have an official referral program at the moment. But according to my research team, at one point there was some type of referral program because they read about other members mentioning a referral code on other sites. So I'm not sure what happened. Either way it sucks because it can help their company grow and also provide an additional source of income for their members.

You Need A Smartphone, Doh!

Given the nature of this opportunity you need a smartphone to be able to record videos and get paid. To my astonishment there are still a lot of people that don't have a smartphone for whatever reason. Usually it's because of the initial and ongoing costs associated with owning one. But if you've read my blog long enough, you've probably noticed I'm covering way more smart phone apps that pay you. So these opportunities are actually helping you pay for your phone and more. But if you don't have or want one, then unfortunately you won't be able to take advantage of opportunities like this.

Is Product Tube Legit Or A Scam?

From what I see, Product Tube is 100% legitimate. It's a great opportunity to make some decent extra money for buying stuff you would probably purchase. But this opportunity isn't all good because it relies on the fact that you have to leave your home, you need to buy something and it's not consistent large amounts of money. So that may not sit well for your needs.

So if you want something that doesn't require a cellphone, leaving your house and can pay you some “real” money consistently over time, then you may want to check out My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. And if you really want to increase your income potential you should consider My Work At Home Courses as well. If you combine these two options this will give you a lot more potential long term.

Well I hope you enjoyed my Product Tube Review. I'd like to hear what you feel either way. So post a comment down below so we can discuss your thoughts. I appreciate you reading this. Feel free to share it with anyone else that you think will find value as well.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

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