Project Review – Scam or Not!

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For a few months now, I've seen a lot of Project ads all over the web and search results. (I make it a habit to do searches related to my industry just to see what's hot at the moment.) I have to admit – when I first stumbled across Project Payday I thought it looked a lot like so many other scam sites out there. I noticed that ads were being shown a lot on my other site Work At Home via adsense. But I never really took the time to look into it. I even received an email from one of my subscribers about it. So I referred her to my scam section so she could do the research.

Again, no interest on my end. A few weeks later I received an email from the owner asking me to promote the program. I get a lot of these offers because of my other site. And I have one major rule, the opportunity has to be free for me to heavily promote it on my site and it has to be legitimate. Usually the fact that it is free kills any chance of it turning out to be a scam. And if by some miracle it does end up being a scam. I rest easy knowing that none of my visitors or subscribers had lost any of their money.

So I asked the owner my usual questions:

* Is this opportunity free to my users? (Yes!)

* Is this a scam or get rich scheme? (No, but of course I didn't take his word for it.)

* How much can I earn and how much can my users earn? (Pretty decent money)

So I decided to learn more, I actually saw something that I don't think I've ever seen before …

They actually come right out and tell you that you will NOT get rich using this program. I thought that was interesting, so I keep reading and ultimately signed up to check out this program in detail.

I must say as soon as I was in the member section, I already knew that this had potential. But I'm a skeptic by nature because of this industry but I'm not a cynic so I read through the site with an open mind. is basically a website that gives you step by step directions on how to earn money doing get paid offers. Get paid offers are exactly what they sound like, you get paid to do offers. Usually how it works is that you join a site like for free, Log in, pick offers that are of interest to you, do the offers, and get paid. It's really that simple. The offers can range from trying out a subscription of for free, or filling out a survey form. Either case you get paid a certain amount of money for trying one or more of these offers. And trust me they have a lot to choose from! What you can earn can range from $.50 to $50.

So at first I really didn't understand what Project was bringing to the table. But apparently there are other techniques that can be used to make money with Get Paid offers that I wasn't aware of. So goes into 3 methods to really maximize the money you can make.

I won't really go into all the details of each because their free website and QuickStart tutorials does a better job of this. But I'll say this, they do provide a very concise step-by-step Training Guide, that covers the 3 different methods for making anywhere from $200 to $5,000+ a month working just a few hours a day.

… there is even a video done by 2 of their members where they tell you step-by-step exactly what they both did to average over $2000 in their first month, and how one is already making $5,000+ a month by month 3.

Overall The concepts revealed were eye opening … and the best part is that 2 of the 3 methods don't even require that you actually do any offers yourself.

I was very impressed with the information. I know for a fact you can make money with get paid progams because I've done many of them via and other sites. But shows you a way sustaining a long term living with these programs.

It's one of the only programs I know where you could actually earn money today! Not waiting for a check a month from now or waiting for a work at home employer to hopefully hire you. It's something that can be started right away.

I think the best thing of all is that in addition to the training guide they also provide over 15 different QuickStart videos that show you exactly what to do, step-by-step, so you literally can't fail.

There is even an entire section in the Training Guide that shows you exactly what to do in order to make money within hours of starting.

Project PayDay isn't the “sexiest” program out there, but when the dust settles all that matters is that it really does work. If you're still struggling to make money online, Project PayDay is THE program for you.

At the very least you should try the program because it's totally free. So you have nothing to lose in my humble opinion. But opinions are like ….holes, everyone has them.

I can totally see how Project may not be the best option for many. But I'm a firm believer in giving things a try and making your own decision.

So let me know what you think.

72 thoughts on “Project Review – Scam or Not!”

  1. Eddy:

    Your Project Payday post seems pretty dated, but I think it’s vital that viewers be properly advised to avoid casting your own website’s integrity into very serious question. is NOT a free work at home opportunity. In fact, I made the grave mistake of signing up with them 2 days ago (3/4/16) by completing a Trial Pay offer in lieu of their regular $34.95 USD signup fee. Yep, you guessed right. No promo code delivered via email “instantly” as promised nearly 48 hours prior to this message. Not to mention numerous discrepancies and blatant self-contradictions featured on Project itself. Much less daresay many negative reviews all over Cyberspace.

    Anyhoo, my independent investigation is not yet complete, so I’ll defer further comment and final judgment until a later date. Until then, PLEASE be careful what you publish and readers, be VERY cautious about who you do business with for a ‘risk-free’ work-at-home opportunity that never exists in any practical extent anyway!

    Respectfully and Best Regards,


    • Crissie,

      This post is many years old and I’m surprised you even found it.
      That said this isn’t one of my top recommended opportunities anyway. I’ve made it very clear what I personally recommend and most my visitors just stick with that stuff.

  2. I just saw an ad on Craigslist for PPD and wondering if you’re still recommending them? Anyone happy? Unhappy? What is your favorite FREE work from home op? Thanks for your efforts in educating us!

  3. So, the main thing is getting paid to try things out. Then, for a fee, you get 2 other ways to get paid (you or could be someone else) to try things out, right?

    The “catch” is ending the trial offers before you get charged. I tried something like this, but you didn’t get paid unless you actually finished the trial period and joined the service or subcription (or whatever) and got charged. So, it was more of a way to save money than to make money. It’s not like that, right?

    Making sure…

  4. Thank you Eddy for your details and information, whether offers would of work for me or not I will never find out. I was not talking about downloading anthing from these sites, even if you use a separate email account but you leave your computer without protection of firewall or antivirus while completing the job and having to keep it up for a minute or two after is completed, is what makes me very uncomfortable. By doing this I am giving anyone access to my computer in that period of time, no matter what email account I am using. I will check out your other link and again thank you for taking the time to write me back.

    • Nina,

      You’re welcome. Like many people, I just think you don’t understand how viruses and malware are spread which is by ACTIVELY downloading a malicious file to your computer. So unless doing an offer involves downloading a file, merely having your virus protection turned off as you do an offer won’t do any harm in that respect. What can do harm regardless if your protection is on or not is doing offers that have hidden forced continuity fees or maybe some cleverly hidden identity theft scam. But this again is usually mitigated by doing your research before even doing any offers.

      At the end of the day, all of this is a moot point anyway because no matter what you should never get involved in any money making opportunity that makes you feel uneasy. This is why it’s good you avoided this and should continue to do so based on your comfort level. But I just wanted to give you a technical lesson on how viruses are spread. They rarely just magically just appear on your computer because you happen to shut off your virus protection for a few moments. I’ve done it many times when i use to do offers with no issues but again I always did my research before doing any offers.

      Anyway, just focus on traditional work at home jobs. This type of opportunity isn’t a job. It’s a money making opportunity so keep that in mind as well. Online jobs work very much like offline jobs where you get paid a salary for certain type of work. This definitely seems to be a better fit for you. I’m confident you’ll find some great job leads here. So good luck.

  5. Antivirus, Spy ware, and firewalls PROTECT your identity!!!!!!!!

    Dear Eddy I read your blog about PP and I thought I would give it a try, I don’t know about other people but when I read: you will make money, it is free to you, or you have nothing to loose. I thought that is what they meant, so I went ahead and enrolled, there you have the first offer, which I am very aware of these offers because I have been burnt in the past.

    Then as I kept on reading their training guide I am becoming more concerned about something that no one in this blog has even mentioned in their concerns and that is that in the part of ‘TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES” they mentioned how important is that you turned off your antivirus protection, that you turn off your firewall and spy ware every before you complete an offer. They also ask you to make sure that you leave your screen up for at least 60 seconds or more…….anyone concerned yet????

    In this whole page of comments you mentioned this too once and still no one picked up on it or seemed concern about it. The heck with paying shipping costs or getting offers that I can cancel later, but the fact that they want to have access to my computer is what raised the big red flag to me.

    You seemed very comfortable with it, are all the jobs in your website also ask for this as a requirement so the person gets credit???

    Asking you for your expertise, I have to stay home to care for my elderly mother, and I would like to find a part time job online, are there truly “no pocket expense” that pay decent money? I would like to see what you can recommend.

    Thank you, and to all who wrote in this page, good luck. I know we all have a common hope and that is to find a way to make an honest pay for a job well done.


    • Venezia or Nina,

      Honestly this has never been a concern for me. One I always research any offer I do by following the steps in my scam video: If the company presenting the offer is legitimate then I’ll proceed to do the offer. If not, then I skip it all together. Next, I never download anything. So it’s highly unlikely to get anything malicious if you fail to download anything. So by combining those two activities, I never had problems doing offers. The real reason behind the request is because many of these programs may affect how your cookies on your computer behave and thus you won’t get credit for the offers you’ve done. It sounds like you’ve experienced this first hand. So it’s not some secret ploy to do anything malicious. Again I can’t speak for all the companies you would be doing offers for. Just like everything in life there are always a few bad apples in the bunch in any industry. But doing my research and avoiding downloading stuff has usually kept me safe.

      At the end of the day, doing offers isn’t for everyone. If any of this stuff concerns you, it’s easy to resolve. Don’t work with these companies. We list so many different ways to make money that are legitimate and varied. We have traditional work at home jobs where you’re hired by a company, work a set amount of hours and paid a salary accordingly. They’re found here: and are updated daily.

      We have non-traditional opportunities that don’t require any completion of offers and shutting off any software listed here:

      So you have plenty of options either way. It’s just a matter of reading the site. Everyone has different tolerance and expectations and this site does a great job of covering them all with the various options. So always just pick what’s best for you and ignore all others. That’s what I and most of the people that visit this site regularly do. You’re never forced or pressured to just pick one type of opportunity. You’re given choices so you can decide the best course of action for you, not one dictated by me.

      Hope this make sense. Personally I’ve done many paid offers and rarely had any problems. But again, I know to do my research and not download stuff and for further measure I’ve even signed up for identity protection so if anything pops up I know. I also don’t use my personal email address for this stuff. I have another “work” email I can access for stuff like this. So there are always measures in place if you’re knowledgeable and just seek them out.

      Good luck.

    • I use AVAST for antivirus and it catches EVERYTIME your computer is at risk of identity or viruses. So far using Project Payday and other sites they refer us to has not set off my alarm. Avast has an ALARM sound when your computer is at risk and it catches everything. Project Payday, so far is working as it should to make money. I just have been slacking in my surveys and know without a doubt you can earn $. The more time you do it the more $ is earned.

    • Uh get paid for trying offers does work. You may not like the idea of paying for offers which is fine. But it definitely does work because I’ve done something like it with Fusion Cash. Get paid to try offers isn’t for everyone. So that’s why we give you so many other choices. If something doesn’t appeal to you just move on. Let’s not make claims that aren’t try because you don’t like how an opportunity works.

  6. It still sound to good to be true. free. but then again l have been burnt so bad over the years.but that doesnot mean l donot feel temp to try not with this umemployment.Thanks for thr review.Have agood day.Br

  7. Eddy,
    I’m reading about Project Payday and found my way to your site and I must say you really are offering one heck of a service to people trying to find extra streams of income. Your advice, recommendations, keeping all posts visible and your feedback to each issue makes me feel confident that what you’re giving good reviews to is legit.

    Thanks for your honesty and hard work to maintain your posts.


  8. I can appreciate different points of view. But I just can’t think of this as a real job let alone something I could sustain for a long period of time. I was once part of a very similar program; I quickly went insane. To say you have to be organized is an understatement. You have to have near android-like efficiency in keeping track of all the trial periods, charges, etc. (That is of course if you want any real hope of making decent money. You’re gonna have to complete a lot of crappy offers…) There are companies that just won’t quick charging you either. I had to call one about seven times because they wouldn’t quit billing me $75 every freaking month, and even then it didn’t end! That is DEVASTATING when you’re already broke. In the end I had to cancel my card.

    Project Payday itself might have good intentions, but there’s so much other trouble you can run in to. The headaches never seem to end with these types of programs. It’s not worth it.

    • Hi Renee,

      Thanks for your honest opinion. As I said in my review I don’t think it’s very sustainable just doing the offers for other people. But this is why PPD teaches you other techniques. At the end of the day doing get paid for offers may not necessarily be worth it for you but it may be for many others assuming they stay organized and read those terms of conditions carefully. I’ve done get paid offers for Fusion Cash and done very well with it. But eventually I did move on because it does become a bit tedious. However when I did do it, the money came in handy and was pretty easy work. I guess like any opportunity some people will see the value in it and others won’t. That’s part of life. No opportunity pleases everyone. This is why we provide so many different options. I think the concepts PPD teaches are sound if you understand and accept the risks. However I think the company as a whole has other things they need to really address. So that’s my two cents. Either way, I appreciate the comments Renee.

      I’m happy you found this site because I know there are other options listed here that will better suit you so give them a shot when you can:

      By the way, don’t worry about the grammar. Mine pretty much sucks but people can understand what I’m expressing. lol

  9. @Liz:
    I have tried this. It’s been a while since I was there. Even if you paid $34.00 to join, you can easily double that within a couple of hrs. or less. You are not paid by them, you are paid by the members of project payday that you work for. Each one has a rating like the ratings on ebay and similar sites. For the project payday commentor above..I have never been re-imbursed for paying shipping fees. If that is true, you owe me money!! If you do decide to join, you must be very orginized!! Always read the terms of conditions(closely) of any offer, get their contact number, call first & ask any questions about their trial( don’t mention you are doing so through PPD.) That way you can get a feel if they intend to rip you off or not. I have never been ripped off by any company’s trial offers. Also, write down what trial offer you decided to do, write the date ( and time if you wish), write down how long the trial is,( the terms & conditions) always cancel 1 or 2 days before the offer is up. I worked this as a business, and made good money. Is it something to do if you’re lazy or unorganized? absolutely not!! My system was completing offers one night, making phone calls the next day to cancel other offers,…Sounds like alot?..I honestly made as much or more doing this, whenever I wanted, than I did working 40 hrs a week anywhere else!! I’m glad I found your site Eddy! Thanks so much for the great info!! The info here itself is worth $$$$$!!!! Thanks so much!!

    • Thanks for chiming in Jeff. I think you provided a fair assessment of how to work this program. I think you hit it on the head about being organized which is what we covered in the following article: The reason some folk label PPD a scam or any get paid to try offer site is because they don’t have a system in place. Everything you said is required to do otherwise you’ll end up losing money which is where folks make the assumption this stuff is a scam instead of realizing they failed to read the terms of conditions. I agree with nearly everything you said except I don’t neccessarily think you should be canceling the day after. When possible, you may want to give an offer a little more time and actually try the product or service. This is the reason they are providing you a trial period. That being said I acknowledge it’s not an option with some companies because they end up sending the service late to ensure they can charge you which is shady. So in which case canceling the day after seems just fine. lol

      In any event, thanks again for sharing. It’s always great to hear the various experiences from folks. Because sometimes things can be very one sided. At the end of the day no opportunity is perfect. But some folks can make things work and you’re a perfect example of this.

  10. @sandie:

    I’m having the exact same problem. They’ve asked for proof of my completed offer over and over. I send it and it’s the same BS. Losing faith in this fast.

  11. @eddysalomon:
    Hey Eddy,
    I just wanted to say that I had actually tried this website due to it being free etc. I was doing the “first fast 50” part with the free trials with Kelly. I did a few of the trials, (I had done this with Panda Research a few years ago) so I had no problem with paying shipping. All was good until I jumped back to verify cash on my card and discovered that within 2 or 3 minutes I had been charged $59.86 by a company called Thankfully I only put a few dollars at a time on the card I use for free trials so they didn’t get anything. I figure I will change my account # just to be sure they don’t try to take money again. I contacted projectpayday and told them what happened. All they cared about was whether I had went green at which point I told them I would not be doing any other offers on their website just for someone else to decide to take funds as well. Sorry this is so long, but I thought you would want to know Your site is awesome, thanks for all your knowledge

    • Mindy,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this company. Get paid offers can be tricky if you don’t read the terms and conditions. They often have surprise fees buried in that writing in all the offers. We actually wrote an article about this to help people avoid these issues: I wish you would have been able to read it before taking any of these offers. PPD wouldn’t be the one responsible for the charges, it’s the company you did the trial offer with that would need to be contacted. PPD is basically just a middle men teaching you how to make money with these offers which is why they were only concerned with you going green. I would just contact your credit card company directly to ensure that no other surprise charges come up.

      Apparently credit card companies may no longer work with companies that have these forced surprise hidden charges. So we may see the end of forced continuity (which is what this practice is called). The fact of the matter is most of us don’t read the terms of conditions and as a result a lot of issues arise which makes the credit card companies lose money in the long run. So time will tell.

  12. These guys are scammers, well their referral program at least. As soon as you start earning money, they will cancel your account and will refuse to give you your money. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

  13. Hey Eddy!

    I really appreciate what you do and the time you take to do it with, not to mention the commitment and dedication you instill in your website. definitely top notch man! We need more people like. I’ve been following your posts for a lil while now, started around your clixsense post, which was spot on.

    But I recommend people stay away from it unless they really can come up with a lot of referrals, cuz once you upgrade to a premium membership, even if you view all the available ads, You will definitely fall short of that 10$ minimum payout (and they take 3 bucks processing fee out too) so your pretty much left w/ having thrown 10$ out the window. (side note-maybe I should start a website cuz I saw one day you had like 70 referrals-wow!

    But it makes sense w/ your experience.) I’d recommend people w/o the resources to get mass people to join to just avoid this one. But other sites like fusion cash and what not rock!

    Anyways, sorry for that waaaay off topic tangent, but i did have a question pertaining to trial offers. How exactly do u go about completing and canceling these offers? Is there a specific time frame which u must “try” the product before you cancel? Do you cancel as soon as your account is credited on the site? I’m just looking for a lil insight into this aspect and would greatly appreciate your in depth guidance. I’d hate to miss something and wind up with a huge cc bill i cant pay off, yano? Anyway thanks again EddY, keep up the good work and best wishes to you and your family! 🙂

    • Hey Famous,

      You’re welcome. It’s always good to hear a thank you and people taking action on the recommendations.
      In terms of clixsense, I don’t know I would agree about recommending people stay away from it if you don’t have referrals. It will take much longer to earn the minimum payout without the referral but it is feasible to eventually cash out. Since most people aren’t making any money for their work at home search and effort, making some money even if it may take a while to cash out is better than what most are getting now.

      However you’ll always make more with these opportunities if you know how to get referrals and that’s boils down to get trained in affiliate / internet marketing:

      That’s basically the reason I’m able to do well with these programs and get the referrals I do. So if I can do it, then anyone can with the right training and guidance.

      In terms of your questions regarding get paid to try offers, please read the following article and watch the video where I pretty much walk you through some best practices to help you avoid losing money:

      But I’ll answer some of your questions here as well.

      In theory you should only cancel an offer after you’ve evaluated it. But that’s assuming you received it in the allocated amount of time. Sometimes that isn’t the case. When I did do trial offers, I always made sure I canceled 2-3 days before the end date just to give myself enough time to contact the appropriate people to cancel.

      You should also be sure to read all the terms of conditions before doing any offers this way you know when the trial period starts, if there are any other hidden fees, and to find the procedures on how to cancel. Most people lose money with offers because they fail to do this and be organized.
      But the video and article I provided above will help you.

      If you have more questions about this, be sure to post it on that article.

      Good luck.

  14. Hi again Eddy!

    Thank you for your quick and genuine response!

    We have decided to partner with you by trying the Fusion Cash program. We are really good at following directions and staying organized, so I expect it to go very well! As soon as we have made significant earnings we will share the report of our success with you, your other subscribers and everyone else we know. If that goes as well as expected, we will partner with you on one or more of your other programs as well.

    Keep up the great responses to your subscribers, with integrity and honesty, and you will surely continue to reap long-term benefits from it. Thank you so much! Marsha

  15. Hi Eddy,

    I send my highest compliments to you on your very informative and honest website. After seeing the picture of your gorgeous little girl, I can understand why she is one of your greatest motivations for working from home. For me, my family comes first also!

    I have two questions for you today having to do with Get Paid to Try Offers:

    1) Between Fusion Cash and Project Pay Day, which do you recommend the most and why?

    2) What areas do you feel Project Pay Day can improve on?

    I really appreciate your input. Thank you very much! Marsha

    • Hi Marsha,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      1. Fusion cash. I have personally made money with them and they recently added a feature where you can now get paid for clicking on links.
      So that’s another way to earn income without necessarily trying offers. They are apparently now listed with the BBB so that’s another good thing.

      2. I think what PPD teaches you is pretty good. But you could probably search google and get the same information. From what I’ve gathered they now
      charge for the information they provided for free so I’m not too keen on that. The methods taught do work though. But some methods are more sustainable than
      others long term.

      At the end of the day when doing get paid offers you need to be very organized otherwise you can end up losing money rather than making it. You should also
      have a separate valid “work email address” when doing these offers. A lot of the time these offers require that you receive email offers so you want to avoid flooding
      your own personal email with that stuff. So that’s some stuff to keep in mind. We actually discussed some of this stuff on the following page:

      Hope this helps.


  16. Hi, Eddy. I took your advice and signed up for PPD. The money I spent was worth the money I got. I’m really glad and thank you for enlightening me with this information. I was skeptical and had a lot of doubts but it’s really working for me. It’s not setting me up for life or anything but like others have said, I wasn’t expecting that. I just used the money that would pay (stay with me here, I know it sounds wrong) the interest only on a bill for PPD. The income I got for paying for an offer actually paid my bill in full for that month! I have done this four times and it’s a weight off my shoulders. Again thanks. Brandy

    • Hi Brandy,

      Thanks for letting me know your experience with PPD. I think it’s an opportunity that is right for people that understand what is expected going in.
      It takes a lot of organization. But can be profitable if you know what you’re doing. PPD does a good job of providing a comprehensive guide.
      Now with that said, they’re not perfect and there are some areas I feel they can improve on. But I’m glad it worked for you.


  17. well i was certainly scammed and i wish to be repaid . i know several others who were scammed also. i really wanted and neede a job but now i am afraid to try any other online job. i have been told all were scams. thanks evelyn

    • Evelyn,

      Good luck trying to get paid back from a scam artist. That’s rare. But if you paid via credit card you may be able to have your credit card company reverse the charges so that’s an option.
      Or do you part and report the company and how you were scammed in our scam section:

      Don’t listen to people that tell you ALL work at home is scam. Yes, most of the opportunities listed out there are scams or products misrepresenting themselves but people are making money at home.
      People make assumptions just because they failed at something, that means you will. So get that out of your mind.

      Go to our work at home guide:

      I am sure it will prove very helpful in helping your find legitimate work at home. It will also teach you how to avoid getting scammed again. There is a lot of good material in the guide. As long as you take
      the time to read it all, you’ll be in a better place with finding legit work at home.

      And just to give you some inspiration that people are making money at home, read the following article:

      Good luck either way.

  18. PPD can be free if you read the offers carefully. Try what you like, evaluate it and if you can’t use it/don’t like it, then feel no guilt about canceling. But at least be fair about it! If you don’t want to continue the trial or receive the product, you’ve met the terms if you cancel. Then, once you have your membership, try it out. Follow the first method, give a good faith effort and see what happens. Keep good records of what you do, in case you can’t make it work. If you can’t make money, check the $100 Guarantee-how much easier can you expect it to be? If you follow the steps carefully, put forth an honest effort, you can’t lose anything but time.
    I joined (for free and got the upgrades as well for free) and am currently making a few dollars. I’m not getting rich, I’m not replacing my job, but I didn’t plan to. For me, it’s good enough for now. As I get further into the program and understand it better, I expect to see and increase in revenue. But I don’t expect to be included in the Top Internet Millionaires list!