Project Payday Review: It’s Damn Near A Scam or Is It?

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Project PaydayHave you been reading a lot of hype about project payday? Are all the claims about making money easily really true? I was curious about this as well given the numerou Project Payday reviews out there. Some claim it's a scam while others say it's legit. So what's the real truth? It lies somewhere in between like a thong. Sorry for the visual. Read along to learn what I mean.

What is Project Payday?

Project Payday was started back in 2006. Good luck trying to find out who actually started this company. But the website does reference some Monika St. John as the Co-Founder of Project Payday. I'm not really sure if this person really exists or not. So that's one red flag.

Project Payday is essentially a middle man that pays you for doing online trial offers for various companies. The companies pay them for referring people and project payday share a portion of this money back with you. But we'll dive deeper into this below.

Now if this already gives you the heebie jeebies, I don't blame you. So you may want to look into
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What Are The Ways To Make Money With Project Payday?

There are basically two main ways to make money with project payday.

By Yourself!

If you don't like the idea of referring people, you can totally make money on your own. You just need to fill out the various trial offers presented by PPD. This is going to require you providing your personal information to companies such as your contact and/or credit card information. Depending on the type of offer and company, you'll receive a free sample or a limited trial of their product for a given number of days. PPD will pay you based on the company and offer. Let's see Netflix pays PPD $20 per trial referral. PPD may pay you $10. In general the more personal the information is, the more money you earn. That in itself makes me uncomfortable which is why I prefer My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation which requires none of that nonsense to make money.

With Referrals

So if the idea of giving up your personal information makes you uncomfortable, there is another option. Refer other people using the website link they provide you. If your referrals complete the offers you'll earn a commission as well. Granted it's going to be lower than what you earn from completing trial offers yourself. But at least you're not whoring out your personal information.

Project Payday Complaints

At this point, you can pretty much tell I'm not a big fan of this opportunity. You can definitely make money with completing offers. But it comes at a price. So let's discuss the project payday cons below.

You Better Be Organized.

With trial offers you can end up having your credit card charged more than what you earned for doing the offer. So let's say you were paid $2 for doing a Netflix trial that last for 7 days. If you don't cancel that trial before the 7th day, Netflix may be charging your credit card $7.99 for the first month. So you've actually lost money. I'm just using Netflix as an example here. But that's what many of the companies offering to pay for trials are hoping. You'll forget to cancel. They've already calculated that many of you will do that. So that's why they can afford to pay some of you for the trial. This brings me to my next point.

Be Ready To Jump Through Hoops To Cancel!

Some companies are very shady! They purposely make it impossible to cancel by failing to provide contact information or instructions on how to cancel. Reputable companies like Netflix don't do this. But you'll find there are far more less reputable companies to choose from if you want to increase your income.

You Can Only Complete Offers Once!

If you thought you were going to be slick and repeat the same offers over and over again to get paid. You can forget about it. The companies keep track of your information and won't pay for repeat leads. So you'll be forced to explore offers from new companies. As I mentioned above, many of them are shady.

I Hope You Like Spam!

If you thought that many of these companies were just collecting your name to send you your free sample or start your trial, then you're wrong. Some of the shadier companies will be selling your information to other shady marketers. So you can expect to receive a lot of spam. Telemarketers will begin to harass you. Your mailman will hate you because they'll be delivering more junk mail.

Is Project Payday Legitimate or A Scam?

If you read my Project Payday review above you can see why there is confusion about the legitimacy of this company. On one hand you can actually make money completing offers. It currently has a good rating with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) But on the other hand PPD can come with the side effects of losing money and being spammed.

Personally I don't think it's worth the harassment and the hoops you have to jump through to avoid the pitfalls. There is a better way and it's My Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. As long as you're willing to work and be patient you can actually make the type of money that Project Payday claims. But you'll be working with companies you already know and trust such as Amazon, Google, etc.

So if anything you read about Project Payday makes you feel uncomfortable, go with your gut. It's usually correct when dealing with work at home opportunities.

At least now you know what to expect. But more importantly you have a better option. So be sure to check it out!

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