Rebatest Review: How To Get Free Amazon Products!

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Back in the day, Black Friday was perhaps the only gateway to ridiculously discounted shopping. But thanks to the internet, shopping for free is now a mouse click away. You probably heard that you can get 100% cashback on shopping at, and that’s why you’re going through several Rebatest Reviews to determine whether there’s any truth in that. 

Well, we did the research and what we found out may shock you. So to be safe, you may want to read this Rebatest Review carefully. 

About Rebatest

Rebatest found online at is a cashback, product trial and rebates websites that gives shoppers up to 100% refunds on selected Amazon products associated with the Rebatest site. 

How Does Rebatest Work?

Rebatest partners with Amazon sellers who are willing to offer product trials to shoppers. They get customers like you and I to shop for these trial items through the site, submit a report of the product they bought and get a rebate once everything checks out. This process is helping retailers get useful and information on their products and how to improve them. And in turn you get heavily discounted items. 

What Products Are Available At Rebatest?

Products on fall within the $5-$30 range. They do have some high value products above $50 but they are too popular and only few people can apply in time. Anyway, you can get nail clippers and belly wraps for $10 on average, earphones and smartwatches for around $15, swimwear for under $10 and home decor items for up to $30. Offers are timed, and you’ll see for how long the offer is available in the product description area.

Rebatest Rebate Process

So here’s to get free Amazon products using Rebatest. 

Step 1 – Create an account – Go to and sign up with either your Google or Facebook account. Once you confirm your email you can start shopping. They sent my assistant 1000 points just for signing up. She also earned a couple more points for adding my phone number, subscribing to their newsletter and linking to her public Amazon profile, all adding up to 2300 points. These points may be required at times while shopping. 

Step 2 – Buy something – If you spot something you like, just click on it and send an application to the seller. The seller will approve the item in a couple of seconds confirming that the item is in stock. They update the status in real time on your profile area. Once the seller approves, you can now buy it. The “buy now” button will redirect you to Amazon, where you’ll buy the item as normal. My assistant bought a pair of blue light blocking glasses for around $17 and used Prime Delivery so she didn’t have to pay for shipping. 

Step 3 – Wait for verification – Once you’re through with Amazon, you’ll then need to add your order number to your Rebatest account. What you buy is placed under review by Rebatest, and they claimed it would take up to 4 days for the seller to confirm the purchase. The final step at this stage is to link your Amazon public profile to your Rebatest profile perhaps to confirm whether you’re actually a legit customer.

Step 3 –Write A Review – So once you get your item delivered, Rebatest will require you to go back to your account and write a short review about the product. The report basically details the product’s description, pros, cons and suggestions. Once my assistant gave them her two cents about her pair of shades they said they’d verify her review within 48 hours. They did so in around 36 hours. 

Step 4 – Claim Cashback – Your cashback should show up in your Rebatest account within 48 hours ready for cashout to your PayPal account. You can then cash it out after verifying your PayPal address. My assistant got her cashback to her PayPal account after 7 working days as advertised, after cashing out. 

The whole process takes around 12 days from purchase to cash back cashout. 

How Do I Make Money With Rebatest?

The whole point of Rebatest is to get free amazon products. So it’s not a money maker per se. But they do offer you some ways where you can make money with Rebatest. 

Rebatest Referral Program – You’ll both earn $5 when you share your referral sign up link with others and they finish at least one detected review for a rebate order. 

Campaigns – They claim you can earn up to $1000 based on your referral performance. You’ll get an extra $20 for 10 referrals, $50 for 20 referrals, $80 for 30 referrals, $150 for 50 referrals, $500 for 100 referrals and $1,000 for 200 referrals. However, this was a promotion that was running at the time of writing this review. It doesn’t seem to be an ongoing thing. 

How Do I Get Started With Rebatest?

Joining is free. All you need is an email account, a PayPal account and of course some money to shop with. So to sign up, go here and create your free account and start shopping or referring others or both.

What We Like About Rebatest

It Works – Rebatest may be fairly new but it works. Unlike the thousands of marketing gimmicks you see floating around the interweb, we tried and tested Rebatest and they do exactly what they claim.

Great Referral Program – So besides shopping for free you can also make some money if you can get your referral game on. We can’t say the same for all existing rebates websites. My assistant got her first $5 referral bonus a week into using Rebatest. 

Rebatest Complaints

I know this is the part of the review you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what you may not like about Rebatest. 

I didn’t get my cashback in full – Although Rebatest does send you the full amount you paid for the amazon product, they don’t cover the Paypal fee charged which can be up to 4.4%. PayPal took their $0.8 cut from the $17.41 refund the seller sent me. So evidently you won’t get back exactly what you spent initially.

The cashback process is long – The most common complaint about Rebatest is their cashback process. Some users found it hard getting it right the first time, while others feel it’s a bit confusing as there are a couple of verification and approval waiting periods to go over. So you may want to watch the demo videos and read the FAQs if you hit a snag. But once you get the hang of things, the process is quite simple and the waiting times do make sense for the good of everyone. 

No BBB Profile

At the time of this review, is not listed with the Better Business Bureau. So if you live and die by the BBB ratings, this may or may not be a turn off to you.

Who owns this thing anyway?

We couldn’t find ownership information anywhere on the website, which I know may be important to some of ya’ll. 

Is Rebatest Legit or A Scam?

Rebatest is not a scam. It’s a totally legit way to get rebates and try products for free all the while giving useful feedback. Their referral program is also great and there’s no limit to how many people you can refer. The whole process may be a little involved, but they will guide you every step of the way. I’ll be sure to go back and get more almost-free stuff, and so should you. 

Well, it’s a wrap folks! Have you shopped at If not, would you try it out? Let us know in the comments section below. If you still have questions about the site, you can visit their FAQs page for answers. 

Until next time

Eddy “with a Y” 

14 thoughts on “Rebatest Review: How To Get Free Amazon Products!”

  1. I’ve signed up with so many offer websites to audit their offers, to see if they’re violating various legal agreements… and to this day, I get so much spam from everywhere. I’m not sure if they’re selling my email address or what. It’s also hard to unsubscribe from some of them.

  2. It was fun while it lasted but unfortunately, Amazon blocked me from posting reviews on anything because they suspected I was being paid for good reviews. This did work for several months and I got a lot of cool stuff for free so it’s not a scam but be careful. All of my Amazon reviews were deleted from everything I’ve ever purchased. I can still get “report only” products but there’s not that many to choose from. You have to be able to leave a review on Amazon to get paid.

    • Total SCAM. Their process does not work and when you are unable to leave a review on amazon, they will refuse to pay you for the product and leave you holding the bag.

    • As long as you finish all the steps on Rebatest, you will get the rebate. Some items need to leave a review to cash out. So if you apply for a review-needed product, you need to finish the review so that you can get the rebate.

  3. I have also encountered the problem of not being able to upload photos, which can be solved by changing a browser or operating on the PC

  4. This is for sure a scam. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt if all of these “review for free Amazon products” are nothing but phishing scams to collect emails (i.e., emails associated with PayPal accounts) with the intention of either hacking your email accounts, or using your email as an alias “sent from” email. In fact, I know for sure someone from China (where all of these “review for free products sites are from) tried to hack into my email 8-12 times – unsuccessfully – in the past month because I was dumb enough to give them the email associated with my PayPal account for reimbursement. Rebatest is the only one that is not responding to anything, so I am 100% convinced that they are a phishing scam.

    • Your argument simply doesn’t hold water. They have a huge user base, and a large number of people still use Rebatest to get cash back today. They don’t need to scam as a profit model. The biggest source of revenue comes from collecting fees from each seller for testing products. Besides, you said that they hacked into your PayPal account and email. How did they do it? Did they cause any loss to you? Did you ever refund on amazon and then withdraw the money on this website, which caused a series of problems?

  5. I would never recommend anyone join Rebatest. After purchasing many orders, Rebatest doesn’t even allow you to upload your order photo for verification, making it impossible to get your rebate. Products almost always cost more on Amazon so you are not getting a 100% rebate and their website is misleading (this doesn’t even include PayPal fees). This interface is not user-friendly and the Help section is not helpful. Customer service is slow and it is very difficult to delete your account fully.

    • This is Rebatest customer service. I’m so sorry for your bad shopping experience. We will improve ourselves for the problems you reflect on. If you have any problem, plz contact us first and we’ll check the problem you meet during your application. We are now can get the cash reward when referring to your friends, if you’re still interested in it, I hope that you can continue to use it.
      Welcome to contact us via

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