Reward Shopping Review: Is It A Get Paid To Shop Scam?

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How To Get Paid Shopping Online With Reward ShoppingIf you've been searching online trying to read Reward Shopping reviews to determine if it's legit, then you're in the right place. Reward Shopping has an “assorted” past that impacted many members. But it looks like they've rebranded and have turned a new leaf. But there are still some concerns about this company that we have. So dive into our review for more details.

What is Reward Shopping?

Reward Shopping found at, is a website that provides the opportunity for its members to earn rewards for shopping online. Owned by Marvin Boyd, and operated from Colorado Springs, the business has been in operation for 6 years. At one point this company was known as before closing that site abruptly and rebranding itself to Reward Shopping. If that sudden closure makes you uneasy, I totally get it. You may want to look into Top Work At Home Recommendation which has been stable and around for over a decade.

How Does Reward Shopping Work?

As a member, you accumulate reward points for doing things like shopping, searching, sharing and playing games. It's somewhat similar to “get paid to” sites like InstaGc and FusionCash. Once you've accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for cash, gift cards, or even new cars!

How Do You Earn Reward Points?

Apart from completing the above activities, you can also earn points by completing your profile, completing offers, answering surveys, clicking the SuperLucky Button and opening your SuperLucky eMail. You can also earn reward points inviting others to join Reward Shopping. You get reward points when they join and you also get 10% of the reward points they earn from completing qualifying offers. In addition to this, there are also a number of other activities you can do to earn points.

How does Reward Shopping reward you?

Well, according to Reward Shopping, they've got “the best rewards on the planet.” You can earn rewards like “cash (via PayPal), sunglasses, Xbox One, Jeep Wrangler, or even a $2 million Dream Home!” Whoa, now that's interesting. However, you have to get to bronze membership level to redeem any points for rewards.

However, you have to get to Bronze membership level to redeem your points for rewards. Rewards work with a tier system and experience points (XP) level determines which rewards you can access. At any point you can check your XP level to see how many XPs you have and how many you need to get to the next level. Once you “level up” you get bonus reward points, access to coupons and deals and other great features.

As a Bronze member you can redeem one reward per unlocked Reward Tier. Once you accumulate the required points the treasure trove opens. From the rewards screen you can see what gift items are available for your level. Simply select your desired reward, then click on the “redeem” button.

How Do You Join Reward Shopping?

Reward Shopping is free and easy to join. Visit and sign up by entering your name, email address, and chosen password or you can sign up with your Facebook account. You get bonus points for signing up using your friends referral link.

Membership is limited to anyone in the U. S., Canada (except Quebec), Great Britain, and Australia and you must be 18 years and over. There are also different levels of membership that you can access, such as Basic, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. If you're feeling a bit excluded because you don't live where this opportunity is available, no need to be, because I've got you covered! Check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation.

What are the Reward Shopping Membership Levels?

Basic Member Status

Everyone starts here and at this level you cannot redeem rewards and you don't get any points from members in your network. Yikes!

Bronze Member Status

This happens once you complete the requirements which are as follows:

  • Validate your Email
  • Complete your profile
  • Reach XP level 3

As a Bronze member, you can redeem one reward per Tier and you receive points from new members in your network.

Gold Member Status

To reach Gold member status you need to do the following:

  • Reach XP Level 10
  • Recruit 5 new Bronze members using your referral link.

As a Gold member you also receive points from members in your network and you get additional SuperLucky Button clicks. However, you can only redeem one reward per Reward Tier.

Platinum Member Status

Platinum member status provides all the benefits of Diamond Status. You can work towards this status or you can pay an annual fee to upgrade and have all the work done for you. That means no recruiting on your part, as new members are automatically added to your network and you'll also get points from their activity.

So here's what you need to do to qualify for Platinum member status:

  • Reach XP Level 2
  • Validate your email
  • Complete your profile
  • Pay the annual fee of $14.95

In addition to the above benefits, you also get more SuperLucky Button clicks and you can redeem all rewards in each of your unlocked Tiers.

Diamond Member Status

To get to this level you must:

  • Reach XP Level 30
  • Recruit 50 new Bronze level members using your affiliate link

As a Diamond member, sponsored members are added to your network automatically and you can redeem all the rewards in each unlocked Reward Tier as well as get more SuperLucky Button clicks.

Reward Shopping Hacks or Tips

SuperLucky button (SLB)

One of the easiest ways to make extra points is to use the SuperLucky button. You can earn anywhere between 1 and 1,000 reward points, which can help you move to another membership level.


You can do surveys for extra points, but the thing with surveys is that they can often be frustrating simply trying to qualify for them. But there's good news. You don't necessarily have to do the surveys but you can do the easy stuff past the survey section to earn more points.

Referral program

A good way to increase your points is to use Reward Shopping's referral program. Now there are two ways in which you can do this. Upgrade to platinum membership and new recruits will automatically be added to your network.

Or you can share your unique referral link. Now doing this efficiently and effectively requires some know how. So if you're not sure about how to get this done in the best way to reap better rewards, then you definitely need to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

Reward Shopping Complaints and Concerns

Some people complain even when there isn't something to complain about. Valid or not, they just have to put stuff out there, know what I mean? For the six years Reward Shopping has been around, there has only been one complaint lodged with the Better Business Bureau. But that complaint isn't even a relevant complaint so I'm not even going to mention it here. Even so, there are a few things that you should definitely be mindful of, before you sign up to start collecting points for rewards.

Referral points

Reward points from referrals aren't generated for you until your referral reaches the Bronze membership level. Oops. Didn't see that coming now did you?

Suspended account

Depending on your level of membership, your account can be suspended for inactivity over a 30 day period. So you need to log in regularly.

Rewards are tied to membership levels

Yep. The higher you go in relation to membership the more benefits and rewards you have access to. For example, as a Basic member, you get 25 SuperLucky Buttton spins per day, as opposed to 250 for Diamond level membership. More spins means more points and more points mean more rewards.

Platinum membership level annul fee

While you can access more benefits upgrading to platinum membership level, this will cost you an annual fee of $14.95 USD per year.

Is Reward Shopping Legit or Scam?

Reward Shopping is definitely legit and they've got an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, it's definitely not a way to earn regular passive income. Now if that's something you might be interested in, then you definitely need to check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. With multiple streams of income, you can earn passive income for life.

That's it for my Reward Shopping review. As always, the decision is yours to make. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with me and my readers down below. If you enjoyed this article you can read more work at home reviews here.

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  1. I’ve redeemed points for a 25 or 50 dollar amazon gift card back in June 2021, and still haven’t received it. I think I lost all of my 57 thousand plus points too, because the site was frequently down for some months as well.


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