Rewardable Review: Legit Rewards Website or Scam?

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As you know, there are so many scams on the internet. So you can never be too sure with opportunities that claim to make you money online. That's probably why you're going through Rewardable reviews online to determine if the company is worth your time or not.

Well, we dug up both the good and the bad. So you may want read this Rewardable review carefully. You've been warned!

What Is Rewardable?

Rewardable found online at is a website that claims to pay people to complete short tasks like watching videos and completing tasks. The company was founded by Joe Sofio, John Boccuzzi and Peter Komassa in 2012 and they are currently headquartered in New York City, NY.

How Does Rewardable Work?

Once you get to the website all you have to do is login every time you want to earn money doing short tasks such as taking surveys, shopping, taking part in sweepstakes, etc. Rewardable will then pay you once you complete the task you choose.

Did you know that there are other companies that will pay you to complete similar tasks?,, and will pay you for online activities you do such as playing games, watching videos or downloading apps and many other things. A company like will also pay you to take surveys. So you have options either way.

How Much Money Can I Make With Rewardable?

At the time of this review, tasks pay anywhere between a few cents up to $3 depending on what you choose to spend your time on. So it's all up to you. That's actually what happens with most of these rewards sites. Anyway, Tasks that require you to move around pay a little more. But word on the street is you can earn anywhere between $5 and $15 on a good week.

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How Does Rewardable Pay You?

Rewardable pays via PayPal once you have at least $10 saved up. It's that simple folks.

How Do I Join Rewardable?

Rewardable is free to join. All you have to do is register with an email and a password. But you can also use your Facebook account if you have one. Once you're all signed up you can log in at any time and do these tasks.

This is all assuming that you live in the United States. If not this website is just not for you. But don't fret. We have your back and you can check out International Work At Home Jobs here and find what works for you!

Rewardable Complaints

If you're anything like me, you probably hate spending time on things that simply don't work. So check these complaints out and decide for yourself if this company is worth a second of your time or not.

They Change Policies on the Fly

Perhaps there are two sides to this story but according to customers, these guys change their payment policy whenever they feel like.

A good number of customers say they don't tell you early enough that they are changing their payment policy with regard to the minimum payment threshold. So you're never truly certain that they'll pay you once you bang out the tasks and reach the $10 minimum threshold.

Negative BBB Rating

Rewardable BBB rating is a D- at the time of this review, meaning they probably don't follow up on customer complaints. Fortunately there are other companies that have positive BBB ratings.

If you want to make money with companies that are trusted by the Better Business Bureau, you may want to look into,, and where you can also get paid for what you already do online like visit websites, read emails, watch videos and other tasks. But if you want a real work at home opportunity that will pay the bills, check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Is Rewardable Legit or A Scam?

I wouldn't call Rewardable a scam. Apparently some feel the tasks pay quite well compared to some other rewards companies. But the negative BBB rating may not sit well with you.

So with that said, it's always good to look at other options as well.

Just like Rewardable, you can make money doing what you already do online like watching videos, reading emails, playing games, visiting websites and much more at sites like,, and taking surveys at

But if that's not what you're looking for and would prefer earning a living online, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

We'd love to know what you think about this or any other work at home gig you may have had tried out. So feel free to chime in on the comments section below. If you still have questions about the company, you can read their FAQs page here.

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