Ruby Ribbon Review: Is This A Legit MLM or a Fashion Scam?

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Do you like fashion or shopping for clothes? Did you know you can also make money by selling clothing without being a famous fashion designer? Well you can. But chances are you probably already knew that which is why you are searching through Ruby Ribbon reviews online to see if they are legit. Well in our Ruby Ribbon review we will cover the good, bad and ugly as we determine if this is a legitimate opportunity to get into. We’re not a rep of this company so be prepared to learn the hard truth.

What Is Ruby Ribbon is a women's clothing MLM, founded by Anna Zornosa in 2011 and based in California. Their clothes have been reviewed by Women's Wear Daily, InStyle, and The Oprah Magazine. Their business model has been discussed in Women in the Gig Economy, and at

What Are The Ruby Ribbon Products?

Ruby Ribbon sells women's clothing for various body types. The interesting thing about their outerwear is that they offer sizes ranging from XS – XXXL for a single price, instead of separating plus-size items by category or price.

What is notable about Ruby Ribbon is their shapewear. Their shapewear is comfortable, slimming, size-inclusive, has moisture-wicking fabrics, and is built for a wide range of body types.

How Much Does it Cost to Become A Ruby Ribbon Independent Stylist?

Ruby Ribbon calls their distributors “stylists”. Stylists sell Ruby Ribbon products online and through in-person parties called “trunk shows”. Ruby Ribbon online shoppers are encouraged to purchase products through a stylist in order to ensure the correct fit.

To become a stylist, you need to choose from one of three packages.

  • The “Cami start” costs $249, and comes with a range of sample products, a personalized Ruby Ribbon website, a 40% product discount, marketing materials, and training and incentives.
  • The “Ultimate start” costs $399, and includes everything above along with a wider range of sample products.
  • The “Ultimate Plus start” costs $549 and includes everything in the other packages above and $300 in credit which you can use to buy more samples.

If the thought of hosting parties to earn commission or recruiting people doesn't appeal to you, there are other home-based businesses you may want to look at. If you want to earn a full-time or part-time income, you may want to check out Wealthy Affiliate which allows you to start your own business online. You can promote and sell well known fashion companies or get into a totally different business you choose.

But If you just want to make some extra income without starting a business, you can also try sites like,, and All these alternatives allow you to earn money online without having to recruit people or selling anything.

Ruby Ribbon Commission Plan

As stylists go up in levels, they are held to higher personal and team sales goals, and need to recruit active stylists. They can earn 40% commission on their own sales, and incentive bonuses for the performance of their teams.

At the lowest level as per the compensation plan, stylists must sell $300 minimum in a rolling 3-month period to remain active, and earn 20% commission on their sales. After $750 in sales, stylists earn 25% commission. If you recruit another stylist, and sell $300 per month, you can earn 3% commission on their sales.

If you don't want to sign up and be a stylist, you can still host a Ruby Ribbon trunk show. Hostesses earn rewards based on total sales at their party, and rewards include product discounts, free shipping on hostess orders, and incentives if any of their guests go on to host a Trunk Show of their own within the next 60 days.

How Much Money Can Ruby Ribbon Independent Stylists Make?

The reality is that average earnings for stylists are fairly low, and the bottom performers barely recover their initial investment. However, Ruby Ribbon makes that very clear in their earnings disclosure. According to Ruby Ribbon, the average stylist (81.1% of them) earned $1600 in 2018.

What We Like about Ruby Ribbon

Let’s have a look at some of the things we like about Ruby Ribbon.

Good products

The products are well-reviewed and have a good reputation, and are highly in demand which makes them much easier to sell. Their shapewear clothing is one of their best sellers and is marketed to women who want to appear thinner.

Legitimate company

Ruby Ribbon is a legitimate company, with transparent disclosures, a good reputation, and positive press coverage.

Ruby Ribbon Complaints

No company is perfect, so let’s check out some of the complaints we found against Ruby Ribbon.

Expensive Product Kits

The product kits can go up to over $500.00 at the time of writing this. I'm all for investing in a business, but the startup costs may turn people off.

Fortunately, there are other options available which don't require you to invest large amounts. My Best Work At Home Recommendation can teach you how to start an online business for free as a starter member. Other alternatives which also don't require you to invest any money at all are sites like,, and

Poor Customer Service

There are many customer service complaints on their social media profiles. People have issues with returning products or getting a refund. Their calls and emails are just ignored. This makes it difficult to sell products because if your customer has an issue, they going to have a hard time returning it.

Low Pay

The average annual earnings for 2018 was $1600.00. You can make back your initial investment for the product kits but that doesn’t leave much over and it certainly doesn’t allow you to quit your day job. You won’t be able to make a living with that kind of money. It might be good for some side income and that’s about it.

The numbers suggest that this business opportunity isn't a great one and you may be better off with my My Best Work At Home Recommendation instead.

Is Ruby Ribbon Just Another Scam?

Ruby Ribbon is definitely not a scam, and for many people, it's a good business opportunity. Because the products aren't especially difficult to sell, It may even be a good option for someone who doesn't have a lot of sales experience, but who is outgoing and has a wide social circle.

The flattering, size-inclusive, affordable shapewear of Ruby Ribbon is the kind of product many women want, but may hesitate to buy online out of concerns over feel and fit. An in-home party is the ideal venue to make those customers feel comfortable, cared for, and ready to purchase the product.

However, like most MLMs, you going to need to recruit a lot of people in your downline if you want to make decent money. So, there is a big emphasis on recruiting and direct selling.

Fortunately, there are other options out there where you can get started for free before making any investment. My Best Work At Home Recommendation can teach you how to get started for free. There is also no recruiting involved so you don't have the pressure of trying to recruit people in your team.

So there you have my opinion on Ruby Ribbon. If you have any specific questions, you can also check out their FAQs. If you have any experience using Ruby Ribbon or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

6 thoughts on “Ruby Ribbon Review: Is This A Legit MLM or a Fashion Scam?”

  1. I think a lot may have changed in the last couple years. I have had several interactions with Ruby Ribbon customer service and they have been great! Hassle free returns and 24 hour or less response to my emails. In my return I accidentally included 2 items I meant to keep (ya – distracted much?), their service team located the items and are returning to me without shipping charges.

  2. I was going to become a stylist, but then decided 2 days after receiving my “Cami start” kit, that I was too busy with my main business to make this a side job, so I sent it back. They advertise the kit as $250, but it comes to $300 by the time you pay. The return process was very time consuming. They don’t want you to return it even though they advertise it as, “Send it back in 6 months for a complete refund if you don’t like it.” To make a long story short, I returned their bras and they said that they never received the package. I had to pay for shipping and a different box than the one I received the bras in because the post office said it will would cost $20 more to return it in the original box. I was moving the week I returned it and misplaced the tracking number receipt, so when I called them about my refund, they said there is nothing they could do because I didn’t have the tracking number anymore. I’m now out $300 and I don’t even have their stupid bras! Biggest mistake I made was to give one of these scam companies a try. I eventually decided that it’s not worth my time and energy to try to get my money back. When you call them, you have to leave a voicemail and then they call you back when it’s convenient for them. I may make a YouTube video about this review. I haven’t decided if I’ll do that yet because again, not sure if I want to put my time into a lost cause, but I do want to warn people to not go with this company if they think they might have to return something. I even required that there be a signature when the package was returned and they supposedly still didn’t get it. In terms of the actual product, it was very well made and fit my body perfectly, but it all depends on the type of boobs you have. If you have big boobs, it’s nice, but if you don’t, you honestly won’t need to wear it. It’s kind of like wearing a bathing suit all the time. I’m a yoga teacher and I love workout clothing, so it’s not like I’m never going to buy cute yoga clothes again. They like to make it seem like you’ll never buy another bra again, but the thing is, you probably will. Also, I don’t know why they call it “going braless”. I mean, you still have support. This day in age, I don’t know anyone who wears wire bras anyways. It’s nice, but I wasn’t about to get rid of everything else I own and only wear this thing for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t mind owning one because they are nice, but after this situation, I doubt I ever will.

    • Hey Sarah, I am so sorry you gave up on your return. I am sure RR or at the very least, your sponsor would have worked with you. Regarding the return, If you purchased the signature required option, then you should have been able to see that they received it. Again you might want to reach out to your stylist to see if she can help you. I realize this was over a year ago but you never know. Did you contact the post office at all? They might have been able to help you.
      Ruby Ribbon is not a scam. I have been in direct sales since `93 and with RR for 2.25 years. While things are not perfect, I have been able to make some extra cash at this business but I started more because I hated bras and these are NOT bras, it is a different “support system”. They are nothing like any bra I have ever worn.
      I wanted to be able to share it with my friends and family. I LOVE the support and comfort of RR.

  3. Unfortunately, Ruby Ribbon DID NOT live up to their promises…

    On their CONTACT US page, they PROMISE to get back to you in 24 hours!
    IF they had kept their promise, we could have resolved the sizing issue (because their sizing guide is no good) BEFORE they shipped….but beings as they FAILED to keep their promise, we ended up with the wrong size, so now WE have to pay shipping to send back for refund ($15), or pay shipping BOTH ways ($30) for an exchange, on an already almost $100 item!

    • I am a stylist of 2 years and just putting this out there that shipping is $7.95 IF you use the RR return label. If I package myself, I can get it under $5. So the $30 for both ways of shipping is incorrect. And you are never charged shipping on an exchange.

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