What Is Send Earnings? Is it Legit or a Scam?

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You want your opinion heard and get paid for it? Just google for ‘paid surveys‘ and you will find a plethora of sites goading you to join with the promise of ‘Up to $90 per survey“. is send earnings a scamThat sounds really good, but don't get too excited just yet. I am not very big on paid online surveys, as you may know (Panda Research Review), for a variety of reasons.

But just in case you don't here's why. You will rarely see a survey that pays $10, $50 or $90 bucks and you won't make a consistent income that will pay your rent or mortgage. But if you pick the right companies you can make a little extra to supplement your income. This is where SendEarnings.com comes in and I can give you a look on the inside from a member's viewpoint.

What is Send Earnings?

Send Earnings is a subsidiary of CotterWeb Enterprise, Inc., located in Mendota Heights, MN. They happen to own InboxDollars.com as well. It is a FREE membership website where people can earn money online in various ways.

How to become a FREE Member with Send Earnings?

  • You fill out a form with your general information; i.e. Full Name, Address, Phone#, email address, create User Account with User Name and Password, etc.
  • Confirm your e-mail through link that is sent to you
  • Access member area and complete about 5 demographic surveys

That's it, pretty simple and straight forward and you are now ready to take surveys and make money

How much money can you make?

Send Earnings is NOT a ‘Survey Only Site‘ but it can also be viewed as a pay to click (PTC) site, meaning you can earn money by clicking on links provided. But let's start with surveys

Making Money with Surveys

Log on to your Send Earnings account page and you will see what surveys are available. Clicking on ‘Take Survey” takes you to the survey site where you answer a few profile questions and when you fit the demographics, you start the survey.

After completion, your account will be credited with the amount the company will pay. You always are informed before you start the survey how much you will get paid. Most surveys pay anywhere from $.050 to $1.00.

Making Money Reading Emails

You will receive several emails per day from Send Earnings and receive TWO CENTS for just clicking on the “confirm paid email” link. Many times there is an additional payout if you complete an offer contained in the mailing.

The example below would pay you an additional $0.75 if you sign up with this particular survey site and complete the first survey.

send earnings review

Get Paid For Searching

When you're logged into your account, you click on the SEARCH tab and use their preferred search engine and receive ONE CENT per search, maximum 5 searches per day.

Completing Paid or Free Offers

Like most reward websites you'll make larger sums of money doing trial offers. We're not talking BIG like in hundreds of bucks a shot, but big compared to the ‘under a buck' stuff. Most of the Paid Emails are offers from advertisers and when you buy their product or use their service you will receive a ‘kick-back', so to speak.

For example, you agree to receive 4 magazines of our choice for FREE, and do NOT cancel the subscription within 2 weeks or so, they will credit your account with $12 AFTER you received, and paid for, the magazines for 6 consecutive months.

Of course, there a many different offers, but you get the drift.

Making Money by referring New Members

Send Earnings will reward you with $5 for every new member you refer, payable AFTER they received their first paycheck. You then will get 10% commission from every recurring payment to the member.

What are the Send Earnings Complaints?

Every company, even the best ones, has to deal with complaints. Send Earnings is no exception, but that does not automatically mean that SendEarnings.com is a scam because there are a lot of folks that piss and moan about just everything.Let me show you the results of my Send Earnings Research and I leave it up to you to validate these complaints.

There Are Not Enough Surveys!

This is the main issue and reason of hundreds of complaints. Send Earnings, like most of these survey sites, acts just as the middleman between the company that conducts the survey and the PEOPLE. And there are simply not enough surveys available to keep an army of literally millions of survey takers busy. Surveys are based on supply and demand. If your profile doesn't meet what companies are looking for, you won't get a survey. That's just the nature of the industry but a lot of people don't understand that.

It's Hard Qualifying For A Survey!

This is Number 2 in the list of complaints and you have to live with it. Companies are looking for a specific group of folks, and when you are not in the exact demographic you do not qualify.

I qualify for a survey and get ‘bumped-out' half ways through

This is a serious problem I have experienced myself many times. You answered questions for over 20 minutes, are half ways, or even three quarters through the survey, and get disqualified that late in the game and don't get no credit at all for the time you spent. That pretty much sucks. You should be credited some cash for the time you spent going through the screener questions and it shouldn't take 20 minutes to figure that out.

I am close to Payout Threshold and SE stopped sending emails

There are numerous complaints about this and some even report that their account balance has been reduced for unknown reasons. Take a look at two similar complaints:


I don't get paid for Offers Completed

Let's assume the people have indeed completed the offer AND complied with all the ‘small print in Terms and Limitation', Send Earnings could and should be in serious trouble with the FTC. However, I take these kinds of complaints with a grain of salt, because many folks are NOT reading the terms and may have NOT complied with all the legalese. Furthermore depending on how your browser is set up or the type of anti-virus software you use, it may block the tracking that is needed so SendEarnings.com can be paid by advertisers. If they're not credited they can't pay you.

Nevertheless, here are a couple for your convenience.

is send earnings a scam

Can't make decent money consistently!

Taking low paying surveys for less than a buck, clicking on emails for a couple of cents each, and even completing an offer now and then for a $10 or $20 dollar bill will not make you enough money to pay rent or mortgage, buy a new car or take your kids to a ball game every once in a blue moon.

If that's your goal, you won't reach it with Send Earnings or any other of these sites and you have to start looking some other place. You might want to look at My #1 Free Recommendation which can help you achieve your goal in time.

Is SendEarnings.com legitimate or a big Scam?

Most people think of online scams in the term of ‘losing money‘ by buying into useless programs or systems. This is not the case with Send Earnings and cannot looked upon as a scam. However, considering the complaints I have listed above, I'm not sure if I would spend a lot of time trying to make money with SendEarnings.com. People are making money and such but I feel for the amount of time spent there I could make more doing other things or with other companies. But that's your call.

What's an alternative to Send Earnings?

Well, as I said earlier on, if you want to make real money online without worrying about getting ‘disqualified' for no reason, are patient enough to learn new stuff and willing to work, it's absolutely worth to look at My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. I am sure you will understand why I recommend it to anyone looking to make real money from home.

That's all for today, folks. I would love to hear your opinion about Send Earnings, so please chime in below and let us know your thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “What Is Send Earnings? Is it Legit or a Scam?”

    • Hey Sandra,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I think if you’re open to doing offers it can pay more faster. But ultimately it does pay like you said and that’s always a good thing. So thanks for confirming that.

  1. i Eddy,

    I have tried the inbox dollar one and it is the same as you stated about the send earnings. You have to click on the paid to confirm and it isn’t worth it and i don’t think that they pay you the full $30.00 that they claim. I don’t do all these sites b/c like you said you get halfway through it and it states that you don’t qualify which is crazy. So I won’t even attempt to do the send earnings one.

  2. There are very limited surveys that I have been able to sign up for due to living in Canada specially in Quebec as most Canadian ones offer anywhere in Canada except Quebec, most of them are for the U.S.

  3. I had them before and many more I got rid of them and some more a lot of these survey sites are not what they claim and to waste my time is very important.. I only have Pinecone Research and she always send me surveys and products to test and pay the next day.. A company called Bzzzagent which is really not a pay but do campiagns and get free products, they don’t come often and they don’t send surveys & Earning station which takes a lot of points to get something so about to let them go.. that’s about it.. Is Quick Rewards good? I heard it is but I didn’t jin it.

    • Hey Debra,

      I totally agree with you. Like I was telling Angel there are only a few I spend my precious time on. Pinecone is definitely a good one. I was signed up with Bzzzagent but haven’t done anything with them. I should probably review them too. Thanks for the reminder. lol Quick Rewards I didn’t like but heard good things about. I’ve also never heard of Earning Station so I’ll look into that one as well. Thanks for sharing your experience and these companies. I appreciate it.

  4. I have signed up for all sorts of surveys and I am yet to earn a single penny on any of them. They have this gimmick once you completed the whole survey they come up with “your profile does not meet the requirements for this survey” bs. It is a waste of time which could be used elsewhere.

    • Sorry to hear that Angel. I agree that most of them do work like that. But I guess you’ve never read my articles on PaidViewPoint or ICS which always pay you for polls and surveys you take. So you may want to check them out. That said no survey company is something you can depend on for large sums of money consistently. But there are only a hand few that I feel are worth my time because I know they always pay!

      Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate it.

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