ShareMagnet Review: Is It A Scam?

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is share magnet a scamI'll be the first to admit I do a lot of “trolling” on social media platforms. It's my guilty pleasure like watching reality TV. I really enjoy reading the funny posts or the informative articles that my friends and other folks I follow share. And some of my friends might as well live on social media because they share so much content on there for better or worst. It made me think, imagine if you could get paid for doing this? Well today I am going to show you how you could get paid to share articles and links on social media sites. Cool right? Well maybe not. You be the judge after reading my ShareMagnet review.

What Is ShareMagnet?

ShareMagnet is a company that pairs advertisers that want to reach more people with people that have a social media account and a following. In a nutshell, ShareMagnet pays you (the publisher) for sharing text and links on social networks. These links that you are paid to share are known as magnets which is how the company came up with its name if you haven't guessed.

How Does Share Magnet Work?

So anyone with a social media account and following can sign up as a publisher. Once you sign up, you must select your interests. This ensures you only get magnets that fit your sensibilities and match up with the advertisers. For instance maybe you're a dude and just don't feel comfortable sharing a pink panty sale on your Facebook wall. So it's very important to select your interests to avoid any uncomfortable questions from your family and friends. Fortunately there are many interest which can be computers and office, fashion, health, beauty, food, home entertainment, pets, hobbies, etc…you get the picture. You are required to pick at least 10 categories.

Once you've selected your interest you will have the opportunity to pick a magnet to share. Magnets are basically a couple of sentences and a link about certain product or company that you share on your social media account. An example of a share magnet might be: Health and beauty products are half off today only. Need to spend $15 or more. Visit x Or perhaps, Computers and office supplies on sale between such and such a date. Doors open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

You will be promoting these links on social media sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You can also share these links via email and on your website.

How Do You Get Paid With Share Magnet?

ShareMagnet pays their publishers (people like you) anywhere from $.02 to $.15 per click on the link you share.

You can also earn money via their referral program. You can withdraw the money you earn from sharing this links into your Paypal account once you've made at least $1.

How Do You Sign Up?

To sign up for ShareMagnet you basically need internet access, various social media accounts and a valid email address. Only people that are age 13 or older may sign up for an account.

It's totally free to join and you can sign up here. But before you do you may want to read my next section.

ShareMagnet Complaints

If you've been on this site long enough, you know I don't pull any punches. Every company will have some good and bad points. My job is to make you aware of these things so you can make an informed decision. However please understand that just because a company does have some complaints doesn't mean it's a scam. But you should be aware of the issues so you can decide if it's a good fit for you. So with that said, let's jump into them.

Quiet as a mouse.

With a lot of the bigger legitimate make money opportunities, they often are very active on social media which is a good sign. However the last entry on the Share Magnet Facebook page was October 9, 2015. If the company was active and thriving, they would have current entries. So this may signal they won't have a lot of paying magnets that you can earn from.

Earnings Delay

Through my research, I have found the normal wait period for earnings to show up is approximately 24 hours. However, earnings have known to be delayed. For example, some members have been unhappy due to earnings not showing up instantly on their stats page. A few have stated that it was 36 hours or more before they were able to actually see their earnings.

Where's the love?

My research team was only able to find dated reviews and information from 2010-2014. That raises red flags with me. If a company is thriving and doing well you would find more members talking about it in blog posts and all over the web. My team wasn't able to really find any info at all for 2015. So that seems weird.

Where's My Money B…?

Apparently there have been some complaints from various folks about their earnings disappearing from Share Magnet accounts page. That's never a good thing when you've done your part and posted the link as requested. But this could be because people are breaking the rules. But you be the judge, you can read more about these complaints here.

Lack Of Customer Service

It's bad enough to have your earnings disappear, but it's even worst when you reach out to the company and you hear crickets from their customer support team. It's unprofessional and a bad sign for the company's legitimacy.

Show Me The Real Money

Let's face it you're probably not going to make a lot of money with the rates that share magnet pays. Furthermore you need to have a decent following that will actually click on the magnets you share. And finally this model is based on supply and demand. If they don't have enough advertisers you won't have magnets to share and thus limit how much money you can make.

Is ShareMagnet Legitimate?

You know me, I don't sugar coat anything when doing these reviews. I don't like leading people down the wrong path. If I don't like a certain company or I don't like their business model, I tell it like it is. Given what my research team has been able to dig up, I don't feel very confident recommending this opportunity. There are too many signs that are telling me this company is on the decline or can't get enough advertisers to pay folks like us.

So I would stay away from it. That said even if it was still thriving, I just don't feel you can make a lot of money with this company. It's definitely not something you can support yourself or family on. If that is your ultimate goal then I would recommend that you look into My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation. It's definitely not as easy as what ShareMagnet is offering but it's far more rewarding if you have patience and willing to work hard!

But if that doesn't appeal to you and you're looking for other ways to increase your income online, you can also look in to My Popular Work At Home Courses.

I would love to hear what your thoughts are or any experiences you've personally had with this company. Chime in below and let's discuss.
Until next time,

Eddy with a (y) 🙂

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  1. Complete waste of time. Plus the website is down and has been down for quite a long time. Find a better way to spend your time and dont support Share Magnet!


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