Simple Income Strategies Review: Is It Another Link Posting Scam?

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Make Money Posting Links With Simple Income StrategiesMan wouldn't it be easy to make money online just by sharing links? After all, you probably share posts and links on social media all the time. Chances are you've run into Simple Income Strategies reviews on the internet claiming you can get paid for doing that. Well, don't believe the hype. We are going to give you all the dirt on this company so you know what to look for when trying to spot scummy work from home opportunities.

What Is Simple Income Strategies? is an alleged work from home opportunity system created by Kelly Simmons in 2016. At least, that is the information given about the founder. The true identity of the company's creator is yet to be known as you will see later on in this review. The system promises to teach people how to make money from home through affiliate marketing by posting links on various products and services across the web.

How Does Simple Income Strategies Work?

In a nutshell, this alleged work from home opportunity is about making money by posting links on the Internet. You start by watching some introductory videos on ad placement and traffic techniques. Then, you place links online for ads from various companies. It sounds simple enough “but you going to learn today” as Kevin Hart would say.

How Much Does Simple Income Strategies Cost?

Well, looking at their site you wouldn't know there is any cost involved. It's only after you fill in your name, email address, and phone number through a form on the website is when you get the upsell. At the time of this review, customers have reported the price as a one time payment of $97. That's pretty damn expensive for something that has been allusive about what you'll be doing and learning. This is totally the opposite of my Best Work At Home Recommendation which lets you know up front what you'll be doing and doesn't charge you to get started.

Simple Income Strategies Complaints

If you can't tell, I'm not a big fan of this company and its shady tactics. But let me elaborate on why you should probably avoid this so called opportunity.

Fake Founder: The company admits on a disclaimer on its website that the founder's name and images are fake. It says she is using a pen name to protect her family's privacy and any images of her are stock photos. No legitimate business owner would have to hide their identity for any reason.

Fake News: Visiting their website, you will see various seals of prominent news sites they claim to be featured on. However, none of this is real. There is no outside evidence of them ever being on any of the news sites they claim. It's just plain stealing of logos to make you think they are legit.

More Complaints Against Simple Income Strategies

Who's The Real Company? If you look at the company's Income and Earnings Disclaimer, you will notice that the company is referred to as 37 Clicks. Everywhere else on its website you see the company as Simple Income Strategies. It looks like the company changed its name and forgot to update the information. What is disturbing is that 37 Clicks has a reputation as a scam. This name change may be a way to hide this scammy association.

Gives Affiliate Marketing a Bad Rep: The link posting nonsense is basically just a shady way of doing affiliate marketing. Just randomly slapping links across the web isn't the proper way to do affiliate marketing. My Best Work At Home Recommendation teaches you how to do it the right way where people are coming to you.

So Much Spam: Remember when you filled in your contact information on their homepage? Guess what they're doing with it? Apparently the company floods your inbox with various shady work from home offers and other products and services. According to the company's Privacy Policy, your information is sold to third party marketers and you agree to be contacted by phone even if you are on a do-not-call registry.

This is the remix: This link posting scam has been around the block with several other companies. Paydays At Home, Work At Home Institute, and Excel Cash Flow have all profited off of people with claims of making easy cash splashing links everywhere. There is more to affiliate marketing than just that. If you want to make real money working from home, you need to promote products the right way.

Simple Income Strategies Alternatives

With all the negatives about the company, it is understandable that you would want to look for an alternative program. Therefore, if you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way at no cost, then I highly suggest you check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. I have been an affiliate with them for years and can attest to their successful reputation at truly helping people make money from working at home.

Is Simple Income Strategies A Scam?

All evidence online leads to Simple Income Strategies being a scam. The company founder's name and image isn't real. It also hides its own name change identity from being 37 Clicks, which many consider to be a scam. The company's program also costs a lot more than other affiliate marketing education programs with no guarantee of income. You will not learn how to run an affiliate marketing business properly. You should steer clear of anything they have to offer.

Now, after reading other Simple Income Strategy reviews, plus mine, you should completely understand what it offers. This program is definitely not recommended as part of your portfolio of multiple streams of income. If you are serious about making money through a reputable affiliate marketing source, then I recommend checking out my Best Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the company. Please feel free to post your comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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