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Is A Scam?

So last summer I reviewed a company called here.

In an nutshell is basically a company that pays you for listening to music. But be sure to read the review if you need more details. In any event, they recently made some changes that make it easier to make money with this opportunity.


They've de-cluttered the site so it's a lot more intuitive when you sign in. Before you were sort of jumping through hoops that didn't really make sense. Now it's very clear what you need to do once you sign in which is a welcome change.

Mainstream Artist & Music!

The premise of this company is to feature new artists so they can fine tune their art. But to my surprise there has been a few times I was getting paid to listen to mainstream, established artists like Lady Gaga! That's a nice bonus because sometimes it's artists and songs that I actually enjoy listening to in my car. So it's like a double reward.

Sharing is caring….

My other complaint was that there wasn't a referral program. As a trained affiliate marketer this policy sucked for me because I have a large audience of people that are happy to sign up for anything new and legitimate I find. Now with their referral program I can get paid for sharing the love.

Even if you're not a trained affiliate marketer, the referral program works to your benefit because who doesn't listen to music? You could easily refer family members and friends and make some money off their efforts. By the way your earnings are 10% of whatever they earn!

I've whipped up a quick 5 minute video walking you through the site and changes. So take a look and feel free to sign up if you want. Just keep in mind that this is a supplemental income opportunity. It's not meant to replace a salary from a traditional job like the ones we list daily at our work at home jobs page.

If you don't believe in the philosophy that every bit counts than this isn't for you. But if you're like me and buy into the multiple streams income approach then you'll want to add this one to your arsenal of money making opportunities and SIGN UP!

Let me know what you think either way.

24 thoughts on “Work At Home Update – Slice the Pie”

  1. I seem to keep coming back to your website when I’m looking for WAH paid activities. I’ve been trying out Slice a bit. I already like it, but we’ll see how it pays as I continue. I’ve had a strong musical background and I do give out quality feedback. My first few times gave me over 10 cents. I think they seem to judge it based on key words and the length of my feedback.

    • Hey Cassie, I’m glad you keep coming back! Yes with slice the pie, if you put good effort in your reviews you’ll earn more than someone that doesn’t. So your music background should be a nice benefit in this opportunity!

  2. Hi I am new to slicethepie.. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.. but i watched your video on how you did it, and honestly I am not getting anywhere=/.. If you could shed some light for me and give me some advice that would be great thank you for your time!

    • Hi,

      I don’t really know what to tell you. I walked through exactly what you need to do in the video. There isn’t really much more to it. Listen to the song, write a review, rate it from 1-10 using the slider and that’s pretty much it.

  3. I stayed on this website almost all day yesterday, and this is about the best website I have been to that gives such great information. I hope to be as successful as you are one day! You truly are an inspiration.  

    • Well thank you Brittany! I appreciate that you’re actually taking the time to read this site because that’s definitely how you will become successful. A lot of folks won’t take the time to read or take action and thus their results are reflective of this. But you’re obviously different and thus will see results! Keep me posted and thanks again for the kind words!

    • There is somewhat of a limit thing per day. It’s referred to as energy. Each review you submit uses ‘Energy’ and when your energy runs out you can’t submit any more reviews. You earn extra ‘Energy’ every 3 minutes. There isn’t a limit on pay out from what I can tell. The best thing to do is dive in and give it a shot. It’s free and you really have nothing to lose but a little time and possibly listening to some bad songs. lol

  4. Lili,
    You’re very welcome! Thanks for just taking time out your day to say that. I really appreciate when folks do that. It’s always great to hear when you’ve provided people with options and thus hope!

    Now you’re equipped to make changes in your life. You now know you have choices and don’t have to wait for anyone else to help you get back to where you want to be.

    So I’m happy I could help you towards that. Keep taking action and God bless you as well!

  5. Thanks EDDY for all the info you give us. Thanks to you I’m clicking away at home making some extra cash on the side. I have been unemployed for many years and am not getting any benefits. Things are tough and I struggle as a single mom. Thanks to you, I have a chance to do something that brings some kind of cash instead of just sitting around crying and wishing things would get better. Take care and God bless you.

  6. Dear Eddy,  
    Ok I signed up and right away I got a song to listen to.   I got 7 cents and was told it was a good review.   I was a music major in voice so this relates.   I like it!   I pushed the sign up button on your page so make sure you get the credit for my referral.   It looks like a good site.  

    May you and your families dreams come true.

    • Hey Rachashael,

      This opportunity sounds perfect considering your experience. I’m glad you decided to take action and are already making money. Good job.

      And thanks for wanting to make sure I get credit. Any time you use a link within my article and I’m an affiliate I do get credit. So thanks!

      Thanks again for the kind words and wishes. I appreciate it!

  7. When you first mentioned this opportunity last summer, I told my son about it. After reviewing the site’s terms, I saw that anyone over 13 could make money off of it, and I figured as a high school senior, he could make a few bucks since we all know how expensive senior year can be with dances, sports, prom, and grad night. I don’t know how much he got into it, but now that he’s nearing graduation with hopes of going to college, I’m going to remind him about it again and let him know of the new changes. Thanks again for all of your recommendations. I personally have already made money off of MTurk and ChaCha.

  8. Kim, it’s great to hear you’re embracing my multiple streams of income approach. As you can see, it does pay. Unfortunately some folks don’t see the value in getting paid for things they already do or how everything adds up.

    Either way, I’m happy for you. Thanks for sharing this, it may inspire others to take action. By the way I always think it’s a good idea to evaluate all your activities and determine which makes you more money for your time. Sometimes things change and you find you’re making better income doing something else. So you should definitely adjust accordingly. But isn’t nice to have so many legitimate options?

  9. SlicethePie is a great website. Hey Eddy, I just wanted to check in and let you know that these online small jobs are really working for me and my fiance. together we’ve made a total of $120 in the past week/week and a half.
    He’s mainly using Mturk and Swagbucks.
    I’m using Mturk, Swagbucks, postloop, and slice the pie. Swag bucks is great because I get points for doing things I was already doing through google, and slice the pie is just my new pandora. I think i might end up giving up postloop though for the simple fact that it’s a bit complicated and for the amount of time and thought i put in my posts it seems like I earn more money and enjoy Slice the Pie more.  

    Thanks for pointing us in the right direction, keep up the great work!

  10. Thanks for this review, Eddy. I like to listen to music and I like to express my opinion. Slice the Pie will be a good change from just answering surveys.


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