Smart Panel: Is it Legit or Not?

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Is the smart panel app a scam or legitimate?Let's face it, smartphones are a gift and curse depending on how you look at them. On one hand you have access to an abundance of information and functionality in your pocket. Woa, that sounded weird. But you get the picture, that's the good part. But the flip side is that convenience comes at a high price to purchase one and the ongoing cost of a data plan. Well, today I'm going to discuss a possible way to put your smartphone at work so it can pay for itself off. Yes, I know this is starting to sound a little weird. But hear me out as we go through my Smart Panel Review down below.

What is Smart Panel?

Verto Analytics is a New York based data gathering and research company. They created a program called Smart Panel to help businesses improve their web sites, mobile apps, media, and technology. They achieve this by using leverage our devices and rewarding us for it. They also happen to be listed with the BBB and have a decent rating at the time of this review. By the way, another BBB listed companies worth looking into is, &

So How Does The Smart Panel App Work?

Basically, you're pretty much getting paid to be stalked online anonymously. But let me break down the process in more details.

  • You need to register free by taking a very brief Smart Panel survey to see if you qualify for the program.
  • Once qualified, you will be required to install/download the “Smart App” to your smartphone, tablet, and/or PC. More than one device per participant is allowed. Once installed, you just use your device(s) and/or PC like you normally would from day to day. The Smart App will run in the background collecting device data reports and service usage anonymously.
  • You'll be rewarded for qualification, app installation, and keeping it installed for a length of time.

If you don't like the idea of being stalked to make money, you can earn money from home with, and

How Much Money Can You Make With the Smart Panel App?

  • You'll get $5 for qualifying for the program.
  • They'll pay you $5 more for each month the app is kept installed.
  • Cash rewards are paid to you by PayPal or you may get Amazon gift cards.

Will my data and information be safe?

Naturally, you're probably feeling a little uncomfortable having software monitoring your smartphone, tablet or computer usage. I know it's not because you're surfing anything inappropriate or saying anything crazy online. (WINK, WINK) But according to the company, you are only asked for personal info (name, email) to receive reward payments. The data that is collected from your device is anonymous, encrypted, secured and protected.

Smart Panel App Complaints

Well, I'm sure by reading what this is about, you can guess what some of the concerns or complaints may be against this Smart Panel Program. But humor me as I break them down for you anyway.[sociallocker]

In the beginning there was…

Looking at their website, I have no idea how long company has been in existence or when it started. That's important to know given how many fly by night companies pop up online.

Houston, we have a problem!

Apparently there are some reports that the “Smart Panel Survey App” seems to cause devices and PCs to run slow. And there are many other glitches and bugs that have been reported by participants.

Can a brother get some help over here?

It's bad enough having to endure technical issues, but it's worse when your support emails are being ignored. And it seems that some folks have reported that has happened one too many times.

What are you looking at it?

Although this isn't spyware because you don't have any software that was secretly installed on your machine watching what you do without your knowledge. In this case you have actively decided to install the application knowing its purpose. But some of us don't like the idea of being monitored even if it's anonymous. That said, you're being watched all the time by public camera's and when you visit websites. Do you think that ad that keeps following you around online is a coincidence? At least you're getting paid for the stalking with this program.

Where's the cash?

Unfortunately, you're not paying $5 per device which would be sweet. It's just a flat rate of $5 regardless of the number of devices they're monitoring. And apparently some people aren't always getting their cash credited to their PayPal accounts. Ultimately, I don't know if the $5 is worth it when you consider options that can make you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars like I teach here.

Share the love…

Unlike most market research company Smart Panel Survey doesn't seem to offer a referral program. I'm a little bitter about this. Just because you or I may not necessarily like this opportunity we may know someone that may. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be rewarded for the introduction. So that sucks.[/sociallocker]

Smart Panel App Alternatives

Just in case this app gives you the willies, but you do like the idea of getting paid to use your smart phone, I would recommend checking out the following alternatives:

I'm confident you'll find them to be less invasive and can probably earn you more in the long run.

So Is Smart Panel A Scam?

Ultimately, this company does actually pay. There are people that are reporting happy results. But the complaints and the whole collecting my data anonymously just doesn't sit right with me. It might if you were paying me $50- $100 per month. A guaranteed $5 per month for doing nothing is pretty cool, but I'm not sure if it's worth the trade off. That's really up for you to decide. Let me know your thoughts either way by posting a comment down below.

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