Is Solavei a Scam or Can A Cellphone Bill Really Make You Money?

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Is Solavei A Scam or Legit?UPDATE: Solavei is no longer in business.

I remember back in the day when only business men, drug dealers or folks with a lot of money had cell phones. Back then cellphones were truly a status symbol but they were also as big as my size 12 shoes. Yes I'm that old.

Fortunately those days are gone and damn near everyone has a cell phone. But imagine if you were able to profit from the fact that most people have, need or want a cell phone. You'd be rolling in the dough, right? Well allegedly with Solavei you can make this a reality!

In this Solavei Review you'll discover why everyone's cell phone bill is potential money maker for you and how you may be able to have your own cell phone bill paid every month without having a sugar daddy or mommy. LOL

What is Solavei? is basically a website that helps their members save on their cell phone plan and pays you for helping others do the same. The cell phone plans are run on T-Mobile's network. So it's using a real network and company to offer cell phone service at a discounted price. Solavei has been around since 2012, so they are fairly a new company.

However despite being the new kid on the block they have managed to raise $5 million in investments into the company. They also have some impressive financial backers which include Jonathan Miller of News Corp and David Limp of Furthermore they've received a lot of positive press from news agencies like Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Cnet, Huffington Post, Engadget and others.

Solavei's Cell Phone Plan & Service

They offer various cellphone plans which includes “unlimited” Voice, Text, and Data on T-Mobile's nationwide 4G network. The starting prices for the plans are as low at $29/month. Some other features include:

  • No Contracts
  • No Activation Fees

Outside of cellphones and the service, they have recently added a loyalty card or savings programs for their members.

The Solavei Compensation Plan

Watch the following short video to see how this opportunity works:

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Unlike your normal cellphone carrier that will spend millions on advertising on TV, radio, print and online, Solavei uses their members to spread the word online. This includes social media and other web advertising. Initially they were set up more like an MLM but they moved away from that model late in 2013 to a simple referral model like an affiliate program.

As of December 2013 you will earn a recurring $5 per month for each individual member you bring to Solavei. Depending on how many people you can recruit, you can end up having your cellphone bill totally paid and earn additional income in the process.

How do I Get Paid?

Solavei provides members with a debit card where their commissions are loaded.

How Much Is It To Join Solavei?

When you order the cell phone service which is as low as $29.99 per month, you become a “social member” which gives you the ability to promote Solavei with your own website and marketing material. Apparently you can also join and promote Solavei without actually buying the cell phone service but you have to pay $149 every year for that option.

Solavei Complaints

Expensive Phones

Unless you already have a compatible cell phone you may need to buy a new cellphone or get your cellphone unlocked. Buying a new phone may be significantly more expensive than cellphones that are usually subsidized by your current carrier which makes them a lot more affordable INITIALLY. But at the end of the day, even your current carrier gets their money's worth because you're stuck to a 2 year contract. That's not the case with Solavei. So the math may end up being the same or in favor of Solavei in the long run because of their referral program and potential income you'll earn. Click here to see if your current phone is compatible or to check what phones are available and their costs.

You're not a Priority

Because Solavei is a Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), they don't really have their own cell phone towers. They actually piggy back off T-Mobile's network and service for a fee. So who do you think gets priority in terms of service? Is it T-Mobile's direct customers or the MVNOs that use T-Mobile's network? Well in some cases T-Mobile's direct customers can take priority! This can adversely affect Solavei's customer reception and service. And let's face it, T-Mobile isn't really known for being the top service provider as it is. So you have to keep this in mind and should probably check if they already have great coverage in the areas you use your cell phone the most. If so, then this is probably less of an issue.

Is it Unlimited Data or Not?

Solavei claims to provide “unlimited data”. But in reality you are given a 4GB cap on the speedy 4G service. After you've hit that 4GB of data, you're brought down to 2G speeds which is like being on dial-up internet. Remember how slow that was? So it's not really unlimited high-speed data you're getting. That said most people won't use up 4GB so you may not feel the difference but it's a bit deceptive on Solavei's part and should be noted. However other cell phone service providers engage in some of this as well. So it's not limited to Solavei.

It's an MLM

Solavei originally had an MLM compensation structure. People tend to run for the hills when you mention MLMs. Most associate them with pyramid schemes or annoying reps. Either way, It probably made pushing this as a way to make money more difficult because of the negative perception people have of MLMs. Fortunately they switched models and now have a straightforward referral program. This is the model that I continue to make money with because of My #1 Free Recommendation. It probably would work well with this business as well.

Customer Service Issues

It seems like Solavei relied heavily on foreign (outside the U.S.) customer service reps. I don't mean any disrespect to my international brothers and sisters but this can be a very frustrating experience for customers. There is often language barriers and customer service reps are usually just following scripts. So this can make solving a simple issue very difficult. Needless to say it's been a sore point for customers and reps alike. I'm not sure if this has changed in the last year or so. But it was definitely a concern in the past.

So Is Solavei Legitimate?

Despite some of the complaints, I definitely think it's a legitimate way to make money especially now that they have moved away from that annoying MLM model. It's an opportunity that I've considered and would actually compliment My Top Free Recommendation. I rarely say this in my reviews, but I think Solavei may be worth a shot as a way to make money or even a way to save on your cell phone plan. So you should definitely consider it as an option.

Well I hope this article has proven more useful than some of the other Solavei Reviews you may have read online. Many of the ones I've read have come off too gimmicky for my liking. But taking that aside, I can see why so many people were excited about this opportunity.

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Folks, I'm done babbling for the day. Now it's your chance to chime in down below in the comment section. Let me know your thoughts or experiences with this opportunity. Does it sound good? Are there other concerns you have? Have you been working with this company? Get your “verbal diarrhea” on and post your comments below. (Sorry for the bad visual. lol)

Thanks for reading!

Eddy with a Y!

P.S. Sorry for the delay with this article. April has been crazy because of my kid's birthdays. You can check them out here if you want.

12 thoughts on “Is Solavei a Scam or Can A Cellphone Bill Really Make You Money?”

  1. Hi Eddy! Great and honest review. I joined Solavei back in “pre launch” and they have worked out a lot of kinks since then. At first, it was frustrating that they moved away from the MLM payout, but in the long run, it’s been easier to work with a referral system rather than the MLM structure. I have a primary biz, and really just joined this for a) affordable, no contract service and b) the “potential” to get my bill covered. It’s worked on both parts 🙂 However, I wouldn’t recommend considering this as a primary source of income, at least not for some time, as $5/person takes a 100 people to even be making $500/month. Yes, the cell phone industry is a no brainer, but unless you already have 200 people to count on signing up, then it could take you some time to build a “part time” income.

    Thanks for the honest review Eddy! As you said, many of the reviews are so filled with hype, and you give the bottom line. Love reading your articles 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Hey Samantha,

      Thanks for sharing your real experience and feedback. That was very useful. You made some good points for people to consider.

      Thanks for the kind words and continued support. I appreciate it!

    • Not a problem. I did forget to mention, I do have excellent reception, but I live very close to a T Mobile tower, so as you suggested, definitely check the service in your area. One can check the service strength on the website (I believe Eddy gave a link above?) and it seems to be a fairly accurate map.

      Last but not least Eddy, I send many prospects to your site when they don’t understand home based job vs business vs freelance etc. When they seem unlcear on what they want, I send them here first before I even discuss my opportunity. You were a huge help to me when I began looking for work at home, so paying it forward 🙂 Thanks!

    • Yeah reception is a huge deal before considering making any move with this opportunity. I also like my ability to surf the web and make calls. I still don’t understand why AT&T is the one that offers this. Otherwise I would have jumped ship a long time ago. Sigh…

      Thanks for the referrals. I really appreciate it. People are definitely unclear about various aspects of this industry. But I blame the other sites for not doing a better job of explaining things. Instead these sites just make blanket comments which misinforms people.

      Again, I appreciate the support!

  2. Hello Eddy (with a y) :)!

    Have you ever heard of a similar company called Lightyear Wireless? I’m asking because about two years ago I saw an ad for them and it sounds like Solavei is very similar, but newer. I believe Lightyear Wireless (if they are still around) still uses the MLM model.

    If you or anyone else on this post knows anything about that company, could you please let me know the pros and cons? With either Solavei or Lightyear Wireless, the cellphone business sounds like a good opportunity.

    Tell your babies happy birthday for me! God bless you and your family…

    • Hi Sharon,

      I think I have heard of Lightyear Wireless.
      It will have to be something to review down the line.
      But in the mean time try the steps in my scam video: to research this company.

      That’s pretty much how I research these companies.

      But I agree the cellphone business seems like a no brainer and easier sell!

      I’ll let the kids know you said happy birthday. Today we have their party. So it should be fun. God bless you and your family as well!

    • I had a few people ask about Lightyear when I talked about Solavei. Never checked it out personally so if either of you get any info, please do share!

      Hope the kids’ parties went well 🙂

  3. Interesting concept for sure. I do have a question that I would like your feedback on which you have probably covered before I found you. Other than the usual sites to join along with hundreds of others in competition, I am interested in finding people that hire on a per-assignment basis a person to do research. Other than doing customer service or answering phones is there an extended market for virtual assistants you can recommend. Thanks much.


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