Speak Up Surveys Review: Does It Pay Or Is It A Scam?

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Do you remember back then when companies would call asking you if you would spare some time to answer questions about the products you use every day? Of course back then they wouldn't pay you a cent for your opinion. Well, the internet, through companies like Speak Up Surveys, came up with ways of rewarding you for your valued opinion. You have probably gone through some Speak Up Surveys reviews but yet to get the nitty gritty about if they are a scam or not.

Well, after reading this survey, you will know where you stand, so without further ado…

What is Speak Up Surveys?

Speak Up Surveys will pay you to take surveys. The website appears to have been around since 2006, although little is known of its owner. However, according to their terms of service they appear to be headquartered in Colorado.

How Does Speak Up Surveys Work?

When brands need information about their products or services from the public, Speak Up Surveys engage people like you and me to share an opinion. They will in turn pay those who are willing and able to do that.

How Do I Earn with Speak Up Surveys?

It's pretty basic actually. Once you create an account, you will then get survey invites through the mail or from your user dashboard. When you select a survey to complete the first few questions will determine whether you qualify for the survey. If you qualify, you will be credited with the attached reward once you complete the survey.

You can also choose to earn incentives through their trial program where they give you actual products to try out whenever available. They will then credit your account once the trial period ends.

You are allowed to refer a maximum 10 people; each of whom will earn you 50 cents.

If you prefer more ways of earning online apart from just surveys, check out Swagbucks.com or Fusioncash.com.

How Do I Join Speak Up Surveys?

All you need is an active email account and be 13 and above. Once you create a free account they will require some basic information about you including age, location, address, household income and so forth. Then, you can complete your profile and start keeping tabs on available surveys daily. You can join from anywhere in the world.

How Much Money Can I Make with Speak Up Surveys?

As far as an exact value is concerned, there's no way of telling. However, most of these companies that engage survey websites are from the US. That means location will determine how much you earn.

How often you compete surveys and how many you actually qualify will also come to play. In this case, a survey will typically pay you $0.5 up to $2 based on the length of the survey.

If you didn't like the idea of earning a few cents, then you may want to look at My Top Work At Home Recommendation which allows you to earn a full time or part time income.

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How Does Speak Up Surveys Pay You?

Once you reach the minimum threshold for cash out which is $10, you can request for payment through either

  • $10 Amazon gift certificate
  • $25 Dining Dough Restaurant gift certificate
  • Payoneer Mastercard

What We Like About Speak Up Surveys

Free sign up

Unlike a lot of work at home options, this doesn't require any financial investment on your part to get started.

Available worldwide

You can join from literally anywhere in the world. You would need to be able to cash out through either of the options I mentioned earlier.

Speak Up Surveys Complaints

Well, this is probably the part of the review you have been waiting for. You've read all the good, now let's discuss some of the bad points of this company.

Surveys? What surveys?

Apparently most people will barely qualify for surveys, and the crappy pay does little to encourage us to go back for more. In fact, they will screen you out more often than not.

They are not listed with the BBB

For those of you who believe the Better Business Bureau is the final word in determining legitimacy, Speak Up Surveys is not listed with them. So that may be a deal breaker for you.

They don't have PayPal

In this day and age, it just seems crazy when a work at home website doesn't offer PayPal as a way to get paid. Most people already have accounts to this platform, so why limit them to gift cards or signing up for a debit card.

You're limited to Surveys Only

There are a lot of reward sites that allow you to earn money multiple ways outside of just surveys such as Swagbucks.com and Fusioncash.com. But with Speak Up Surveys you're limited to surveys which can be a curse considering surveys are dependent on fitting demographics at a certain time. If you don't like being limited by your demographics you may want to consider My Top Work At Home Recommendation for earning a full time or part time income.

Limited referral program

I love when work at home opportunities have a referral program because you can make money off of the work of others. But Speak Up Surveys limits your referrals to 10 people. Obviously that limits all the money you can make which is a no no in my opinion.

Is Speak Up Surveys a Scam?

Speak Up Surveys is not a scam per se. However, it doesn't seem like it may be worth your effort or time. I'm not a fan of the limited ways you can earn money or how you can cash what you earn with their company. I also dislike that they limit your referrals as well. With all these limitations this site should be called Limited Surveys. lol

If you want more options that aren't as limited, You may want to consider Swagbucks.com or Fusioncash.com for more options. I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income, so you may also want to consider My Top Work At Home Recommendation as well.

Well, that's enough yapping from me. I would love to know what you think about this site. So feel free to chime in below.

Until next time,

Eddy With a Y

1 thought on “Speak Up Surveys Review: Does It Pay Or Is It A Scam?”

  1. Thanks for the truthful info .

    Not sure why , but I’ve been registered on Speak Up for while . It seems there’s no way to contact the site , moreover , I remember completing something out there through the site , but my account reads my earnings are equal to zero .

    What can be said about it considering I’m from Brazil ?


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