Springboard America Review: Is it Legit?

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Springboard America ReviewI guess market research is a big business because I'm always stumbling on new companies that will pay you to take surveys online and give your opinion on stuff. It seems to be the only online opportunity that is available in great demand. But is it actually worth your time? Well that's what we're going to find out in my Springboard America Review today. So if you're considering this company or were looking to make some money online, then sit back and let me breakdown the good, bad and ugly.

What is Springboard America?

Springboard America is an online market research company that was launched in 2009 by Vision Critical. According to www.springboardamerica.com they are one of the leading market research companies out there. As I alluded above they conduct surveys to determine trends in society and influence various brands currently on the market.

How To Make Money With Springboard America?

Well with this particular company you can only really make money by doing surveys. They don't really provide various options like an InboxDollars.com, Fusion Cash or Instagc.

How Do You Join Springboard America?

It is FREE to join Springboard America. You must be at least 14 years of age to join. To become a member you have to be willing to reveal a lot of information about yourself in the initial profile survey. So if you're paranoid about privacy, that part may freak you out. But it's standard requirement for most survey websites. The questions cover a range of things from your age, gender to attitudes and habits. Once you become a member you are eligible to receive invitations to complete surveys if you're lucky enough to fit the criteria they're searching for.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Springboard America?

That is a tough question. The money that can be made really depends on a number of factors. The payment for surveys ranges depending on what the survey is requiring. The more complex the survey, the more likely it is to have a higher payout. The reported earnings are from .50 up to $5 for each survey completed. Springboard America will reward each member with Survey Dollars according to the amount associated with the survey. Survey Dollars are not points, they are simply the term used for your funds while they are in your member account.

When Does SpringBoard America Pay?

You have to accumulate 50 Survey Dollars in your account in order to redeem them for full value as an Amazon gift card or through a “Paylution” account that you can link to your personal bank account or a virtual prepaid card. After you complete a survey, Survey Dollars are deposited into your member account within 30 days of completing the survey.
Once that minimum balance is finally reached then you can actually redeem them into something real like the amazon gift card or cash via Paylution. Unfortunately they do not just automatically send you your money. That said it can take up to 2 months for you to receive the actual payment. So that is a total of nearly 3 months to get paid for your accumulated surveys. Yikes!

Complaints Against Springboard America

Well boys and girls if you've been carefully reading my review above there are probably things that have turned you off already. But just in case you missed them, I'm going to list some of the SpringBoard America Complaints and concerns.

Where is my money?

At the time of this review Springboard America is not an accredited on the Better Business Bureau and gave them an F grade. There were 13 reported complaints listed against them on the BBB. Some of the complaints were answered and some still have yet to be addressed. The complaints that were found seemed to have been resolved in the last year and the company appears to be making efforts to improve the issues that were mentioned by previous community members.

Why is this taking so long?

Maybe you noticed in my review when I said it can take damn near 3 months to redeem your money and that's not including the time it will take to accumulate $50 to make a withdrawal. Now with that said the bulk of the complaints we found have to do with the time that it takes to get paid. I can't say that I'm surprised considering the hoops they make you jump. But apparently there were some members that reported that they received their payment six weeks or longer after they submit their payment request. Clearly this isn't a company you can depend on to get monthly payments to pay your bills!

You better be active.

Assuming you've accumulated survey dollars in your springboard account if you decide not to complete surveys for 3 consecutive months, you risks losing all of your accumulated earnings. That's right. I'm not sure if they send out a warning email before they do this. But it's something to be aware of. You can avoid this by taking at least 1 survey every 3 months.

Your income potential is hit or miss.

I sound like a broken record when I'm discussing survey sites but I'll say it again if you're new to my blog. Surveys are based on supply and demand. The reason most sites have you fill out a long ass demographic profile is they use this to decide who gets surveys. The companies that hire SpringBoard America may only want feedback from a certain demographic. If you don't fit that demographic you're not getting surveys. The fact of the matter is some demographics are in more demand than others. So regardless of what survey company you join, you may not get surveys. Unfortunately people that join these sites aren't aware of this and take it personal. But it's just the nature of the business. So companies like Springboard America are not required to provide members with a particular amount of surveys. This is another reason why you can't depend on opportunities like this to pay your bills or make real money!

Why are you being rude?

Although Springboard America has an email and their physical address listed on the website they don't seem to be very responsive to members. Many members have claimed to be ignored and have resorted to getting SpringBoard America's attention by contacting third party sources such as the BBB. Now ain't that a b.?

So Is Springboard America Reputable or A Scam?

People are actually getting paid although it can take an eternity to get your money or you'll have to jump through some hoops like filing a complaint on the BBB. But they do pay… eventually. However there are several things that would give me pause such as the high minimum payout rate you have to reach and the fact that this income isn't consistent or predictable. I don't know about you, but I've never heard of Paylution. It appears to be the only cash pay out option they offer. I find that annoying and would prefer they offered a PayPal, direct deposit or check option. So that's a big no no to me.

With all that said, I personally wouldn't waste my time with this company. It's definitely not designed to help you make real money that is scale-able. You definitely won't be able to supplement or replace your income with this. If you are looking to do that then I would highly recommend you check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation and My Popular Work At Home Courses.

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