Is A Scam?

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Start Up Lift

I don't know about you but one of the things I love about this industry is there are always new ways to make money provided you don't step in one of those nasty smelly scams. But if you've been on this blog long enough, you're able to avoid a lot of that nonsense because you know how to do your research.

With that in mind I would like to introduce you to a new company called that you may want to add to one of your multiple streams of income.

What is

It's basically a website that serves two purposes. It provides brand new startup companies some much needed visibility and exposure to possible prospects, clients and users. Anyone that has ever started a new company will tell you getting exposure is one of the hardest things. The second function of is to give these startup companies valuable feedback from real users. This is really the part we're interested in today because it's our money maker as I will detail later in this review.
Just in case my attempt at paraphrasing the companies about page failed to make any sense to you feel free to read how they describe their company by clicking here.

How to make money with

Well it's really simple. Just follow the steps below.
1. Register for a free account by clicking here.
3. Pick a post/start up company that resonates with you and that you know you can provide some decent feedback on.
4. Provide the company with useful feedback based on the questions they've asked you. Don't half ass it!
5. The Startup companies review the responses and pick the ones they think are the best.
6. If your response is selected as being useful, you'll get a cash reward sent to your PayPal address.
Watch the following video to see how it works if the 5 simple steps I described above are still losing you. lol
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How much money can you make?

It all depends on you and how many cash award posts they have. The awards are $5 for each cash award post. If there happens to be 5 cash awards posts to respond to, you could earn $25 in one sitting. But that's assuming that each company has selected to award you the $5. You're not guaranteed to earn the $5 just because you submitted feedback. It's quality feedback that they're looking for.
With that in mind, please note you may not provide more than 5 feedback submissions in a day. Apparently, they do this to maintain the quality of submissions received for their customers. Otherwise you'll have people abusing the system and providing garbage feedback just to make 5 bucks. (You know who you are.)
These earnings might not seem impressive so that is why I suggest having multiple income streams when you are looking to get extra money online.,,, and are some websites that you can join to make some more cash. Additionally, if you want to learn about an online job that can earn you thousands per year then…

When are you paid and how?

Cash awards are transferred to the PayPal account you registered with every week on a Monday for the awards given away in the last seven days. So basically it's a week wait. As long as your country or area accepts paypal then you qualify to provide paid feedback. However, there are times when Startups mention a specific demographics (eg. U.S. residents only). So in those cases you may not qualify for the cash reward. Either way, you will be notified beforehand of such specific requirements.

Does it work?

Well if you watched my my video above, you should know the answer to this. If not, let me see yes it does work. I have done it and gotten paid.

More questions?

I'm sure you probably have additional questions. If so head directly to the source so you can read and ask your questions directly. Click here for more information and answers to your question.


– There are no minimum payouts. So you're not waiting 30 days to get your money which is a great thing if you're looking for some quick money.
– In essence this is very much like a survey site but you're getting paid more and don't have to jump through as many hoops assuming you pick a good post.
– There is no waiting on checks. If you have a Paypal account you'll get your money usually within a week or so.
– It's easy money and straight forward. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to share one's opinion on a site.
– It costs you nothing!!!


As much as I like this company it has some flaws. Although there is nothing that I find to be a deal breaker but they need to be mentioned so you have my usual balanced review. Keep in mind every company has flaws. But knowing them helps you make a better decision. Some flaws aren't a big deal to people once they know them upfront. So let's describe the few I have found.
– Unproven History.
This is fairly a new company. I really prefer working with companies like my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation that have been around for a while because usually they've worked out the kinks. When working with a new company there are bound to be changes that may be good or bad. There is also no guarantee the company will be around for the long haul so you're taking a risk that they may stop paying. But the risk is minimal since all you're providing is your “two cents” (feedback). If you want to see some of my favorite online platforms that have a more reputable history,,, and are four websites that you may want to look at.
– Limited number of cash reward posts.
Don't look to this as a career that makes you consistent money. The number of cash award posts that has varies from month to month. According to the owners they receive 1-2 /day, so 30-60 a month. But that's pretty much how the ball bounces. Survey sites work the same way where you may not neccessarily fit all demographics which means in frequent surveys.
– Limited payment options.
Let's face it some people hate PayPal or can't get an account because of where they live. So that pretty much leaves these folks out of this opportunity.
– No referral program.
You know I'm always one to preach to get involved in any referral program that a legit money making opportunity may have to increase your income. Unfortunately because this company is fairly new they don't have one as of yet. That sucks for people like me who is introducing this company to thousands of people but won't be getting paid for it. Boo Hoo for me. lol But seriously it would be nice to provide incentives to their users for spreading the word about this company. It's the reason most companies have affiliate or referral programs in the first place. It leads to their companies going viral very quickly. So that's a big opportunity missed.


Ultimately given the fact they are actually paying and the work involved in minimal, I definitely think it's worth a shot. It's not something you can live off or make consistent money with. If that is what you are looking for then you would be better off checking out my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation.
But just like,,, and this is a nice opportunity to make use of and can add some occasional dollars to your pocket for minimal work. If the company is around for a long period of time, I'll probably add it to my other personal favorite recommendations. But right now it's definitely starting off on the right foot. Only time will tell how this pans out.
That's pretty much it folks. Let me know what you think about this company. By the way if this isn't appealing you can always focus on a traditional job to make “real money” as some of you like to call it. lol Fortunately we list them daily on our work at home jobs page. So we have something for you as well. Good luck either way. Now you have yet another option in your multiple streams of income. It all adds up folks. If you can't see that then you're not making “cents”!

33 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. Eddy:

    I wrote an extensive review for one site listed on Start Up Lift that sold project planning apps a few years back. They chose my entry and paid on time, exactly as promised. But the big drawback is that 5 bucks just can’t justify time and effort required to do this job right. It seems like new startup site operators on tight budgets can’t pay expert consultant fees. Or, prefer feedback from a broad cross-section of viewers representative of actual site visitors. In any case, my input was worth at least 100 X $5, given long experience and special expertise in relevant skill sets. A small sum deducted from that $5 for Paypal fees didn’t help things a bit, either!

    Overall, though, StartUpLift is legit and okay for those looking for extra ‘mad money’ here and there or holiday cash.

    • Hey Crissie,

      I don’t think their model is based on looking for expert feedback. It’s more about using crowd sourced feedback from various people that fit their audience. It’s a lot more cost effective for them then paying an actual expert. And for people looking to make a little pocket change, this is pretty easy money. I don’t imagine any real expert in their field would spend their precious time on something like this. So that’s probably why this model works for them.

  2. Oh yeah,one other thing I did want to throw out there for people new to Startuplift. The submissions do not get picked right away,it takes quite a while. Once again,I don’t know the reason for this,but if I had to guess I’d say that they have to reach a certain number of total submitted reviews. Anyway I just thought I’d throw that in there in case anyone new to them got worried that the award number on the site they chose wasn’t changing. Good practice in delayed gratification although I have to say.The suspense at waiting to see if you were chosen,could kill a man lol

  3. Dustin!

    Thanks for chiming in with some updates. I was waiting to add this opportunity to my recommendation page but I think I feel pretty safe in doing that now. I’m so happy this company found me to review them. I get so many crappy solicitations a day, it’s refreshing when one is a legit free one that is actually good. I really wish they had a referral program too. I’d be killing it. lol

    In any event, glad to hear you still love the company and are doing well with it! You’re definitely one of my shining students of taking action!

  4. Figured I’d come on over and throw up an update to how this site is forming up,since as I’m sure Eddy can tell,I’m one of its biggest fans here lol.

    So,I went on a rant a few weeks back about the quality of some of the reviews. I was kinda peeved at the fact that the site was getting so many make money for doing squat people. I’m very happy to say,the way Startuplift is set up,namely the fact that if you don’t do a good job on your review your going to get exactly what you gave,squat,has almost completely purged these kind of people from the site. The downside that some people might see to this is that,the competition has actually gotten quite intense. It’s awesome (In my weird opinion lol) I like it because the competition that you’re faced with is helping me improve in so many ways that I can use in all sorts of my online ventures. My typing and grammar have even gotten better,lol (No teasing the freezing redneck for his bad grammar and punctuation lol) Also,now I haven’t talked to the people behind Startuplift,but they must be pretty darn good at what they do because even though it’s a new company,there almost always is at least one new site per day to review,sometimes there’s even more,I think I’ve seen up to four in a day,so they seem to be progressing very well for being this early in the game.If they keep progressing like this (and if they take off the five review a day cap,which I’m hoping they might eventually do for people that consistently provide valuable feedback) I would have to say that it could very well turn into a nice bright jem in a persons non-traditional money making arsenal. Oh and it’s a lot more fun than surveys 😛 Lol

    Dustin the freezing redneck signing off lol

    PS. Eddy’s right,an affiliate program from them would be cool,then I can sound like a broken record and get paid lol

    • You’re welcome. Like I said if you provide some useful feedback that adds value you’ll probably earn the cash. I think the recent comments by others proves this. But it’s not a traditional job where you’re guaranteed pay. I personally think a few minutes of one’s time to give this a shot is worth it, considering most of us spend that amount of time socializing on FB, playing games, surfing the web, etc.

      But to each their own.

    • I don’t understand what you mean? When I reviewed the site I didn’t have to sign up for the site. The only thing I had to sign up for was an account with and that only makes sense so they know who to pay?

    • In order to do a thorough review of some of the sites,you need to sign up for the site you are testing. I have test accounts set up for stuff like this though so it doesn’t bother me. 😀

    • Dustin,
      Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I purposely just picked the sites where I didn’t need to do that. But it’s good to know because it might be a barrier for some people. Well worth noting. Thanks again.

    • If the site doesn’t tell you to make an account, you may not necessarily have to make one. I made a review for a site and one of the things they told me to check out required me to log in. I mentioned in my review that it needed me to log in and I told them how that particular process asked for it but I didn’t particularly thing it needed it and they were fine with that.

    • Danny,
      Thanks for chiming in. I think it varies depending on the company you’re reviewing. Either way, let’s not focus too much on this. The fact of the matter is people are making money and it is legitimate.

    • I don’t understand what you mean? When I reviewed the site I didn’t have to sign up for the site. The only thing I had to sign up for was an account with and that only makes sense so they know who to pay?

  5. Very nice! I sent in a lengthy and apparently helpful review because I just was awarded $5! I feel like I’m actually helping out with this too! Glad I jumped on the bandwagon once again!

    • Congrats Danny. As an update,I also received $5. One thing I have to add on top of what I said yesterday. This isn’t one of those things where you can just go in and half-ass it. This thought came to me as I was reading some of the other reviews,some were very good and some were a complete waste of time. Since this opportunity is based off a set amount of awards (eg. The site I tested only offered 3 awards,by the time the awards were granted out there were over 20 submissions.Another one offers 10 rewards,3 have been given out and there are already over 30 submissions) Because of this I have to say this opportunity isn’t for everyone. Who it’s for–People that don’t mind spending a little time to provide a good quality and in depth review,and don’t mind the fact that sometimes,even if you did do a good review,you might now be chosen for a reward.The site is based off of the quality of the review,and even if you do a good job,there very well might be people that did it better,or mabey not even better,but covered topics more of interest to the client. Who it’s not for–People that don’t want to put very much effort in. Yes,you can still use Startuplift,and who knows you might even get lucky and get awarded on a low competition review (Judging by how fast the word is spreading and how fast their popularity is growing,I doubt this will happen) But you will pretty much be wasting your time and won’t make any money off of this opportunity. I hate to reiterate what Eddy preaches, but based on some of the site reviews I saw,it still needs to be said again and again and again. Working at home is,yes i’m going to say it,it’s work. The majority of things you do online are going to quality based,just like working at a normal job. If your just going to half-ass whatever you choose to do online,the outcome will be the same as offline,you will not succeed (unless you have lady luck in your pocket lol).If you are willing to work at it,then success will eventually follow. Sorry for writing this novel on here Eddy, but seeing some of the site reviews hit it home that the make money with no work is still very prevalent and spurned me to write this lol. To everyone that is using Startuplift already.Have fun,do good work,and make some money! 😀

      Dustin the freezing redneck signing out. LOL

    • Dustin,
      You’ve hit it on the head. I’m not mad at ya for repeating my mantra. I know I sound like a broken record on many of my articles. But it’s because of exactly what you noticed on this opportunity. Some people half ass it and then expect to be rewarded. It’s an epidemic in our country right now.

      You’re absolutely right that too often people assume working at home is a joke or isn’t work. Then they wonder why they haven’t been successful. Busting your ass and putting in solid effort is still required. Just because you’re doing the work from home isn’t a green light for just getting by,

      So thanks for reiterating that. Sometimes people need to hear it from others to sink in.
      Thanks again for chiming in Dustin. I really appreciate it.

      P.S. I totally feel you about the cold of late. LOL

    • Great Job Danny!
      I love hearing when my users are taking action and making that money. Keep at it!
      I feel the same way about this opportunity it’s financially rewarding and emotionally because you’re helping people improve their company. I wish all companies participated in this. We could all make some easy money and improve the companies we all patron.

      Thanks again for coming back and sharing. It’s always important to share these successes because it inspires others.

  6. Nice Eddy. I heard about this from another WaH blog I’m involved in and just signed up and did my first review. One thing I really liked is that there is not a formal application process. A lot of website testing companies require a resume and all that other happy stuff,this leaves someone like me,who loves website testing out in the cold. Although there might be other website testing companies that are like this,this is the first and easiest I have found.I’m personally going to work for this company in part to build up a testing portfolio. Another thing that a lot of people don’t often think about with testing start-ups,is that,you are being introduced to sometimes new concepts and ideas,some of them being very good. Some of these you can use in your own home business.This happened to me today,I reviewed a site that I will be using for my blog when I get it up and running. That’s all I have to say for now. Thanks once again Eddy 😀

    • Hey Dustin!
      Good to hear from you buddy. I guess I was a bit late on this company. I swore I would be the first reporting on it. Oh well, better late than never. lol In any event, I agree with you about the whole registration process. It’s a snap. I should have added that as a con. You’re right the other companies make it a huge ordeal.

      You’re also right about the discovery factor of working with this company. You get to find out about new companies that you might want to work with in some capacity or for inspiration as you suggested. Great points Dustin. I like how you think buddy!

      Well take action and let me know if you make money with this. Seems like someone else has already. Thanks again for chiming in.

    • Haha,Eddy. Don’t worry you were first,at least among the sites I use :D. I just saw it as their FB update and flew with it lol 😀

  7. Eddy,

    Thanks for another great tip. I provided feedback yesterday and I already got $5 (in my StartUpLift account). The feedback took me about 15 minutes to generate. This is yet another great source of revenue stream even if it is only a small amount at a time. I look forward to “providing” more often.

    Thanks again for everything you do.

    Take care,


    • Great job Kerry!
      I love to hear people taking action and making that money. Wasn’t it easy and fun to do? It’s just another drop in the bucket. Keep at it.
      You’re welcome. People like you make my job great. You read, take action and appreciate every dime. So thank you for being you!

  8. I was just going to post that I see the “Get Paid to Provide Feedback” link but it looks like the site itself already did so. That’s great! Thanks for sharing another opportunity, Eddy!

  9. Thanks Eddy for featuring us.

    We accidentally removed the “Get Paid to Provide Feedback” link from the homepage, but have it back up now. Thanks for pointing that out.

    We are trying very hard to reach out to as many startups as possible to get “Paying” opportunities on our site. I would like to thank your readers for participation.


    • Pete,
      You’re welcome. I’m glad you got it back up. I was wondering why it was removed in the first place. In any event, it would be great if you get more start ups to participate in the cash posts. I know my users would love that. Keep up the good work.

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