Stash App Review: Is This Investment App Safe or A Scam?

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Anyone that is wealthy will tell you, that the best way to make money is not a work at home job. It's to have your money work for you. But let's face it, most of us are terrified of the stock market, which would help you achieve this. Apparently that has changed because of investment apps like the Stash app. But is it really any good? You may have already read other Stash reviews to get the details on what the app has to offer, but need some more information to help you decide if it is right for you. Let's get into all the details on this investment app, including all the complaints.

What is the Stash App?

Stash is an investment smartphone app from that features a brokerage account and a selection of approximately 30 various exchange traded funds. (ETFs). Stash was founded in 2015. The company's headquarters is located in New York, New York. Did you know you can get paid for downloading apps like this on, and

How Does The Stash App Work?

The Stash investing app allows you to choose from 30 different exchange traded funds based on the risk assessment questionnaire you fill out when you sign up. The app will label you as either a Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive Investor. You place an initial investment deposit and can add more by fractional share ownership. All Stash investments are covered by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.

Stash simplifies investing by offering value-based categories of investments. You can select a customized portfolio based on your financial, political, or environmental interests and more. Stash also employs a different approach in presenting their investment portfolios by giving them interesting names such as “Roll With Buffet” and “Park My Cash” rather than the intimidating stock ticker symbols used by other apps. The investments are designed on a buy and hold basis.

How Much Does Stash Cost?

New investors can start an account with a $5 investment. New investors get the first month free of any fees and then are charged a $1 per month for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25 percent per year for balances over $5,000. There are no commission fees for stock trades and no bank transfer fees on deposits and withdrawals.

How Do I Start With The Stash App?

You can download the smartphone app for Apple devices on iTunes and Android devices in the Google Play Store at no cost. You will need to provide your personal information and complete a short-risk questionnaire that will help you select an appropriate investment when you sign up. Fund your chosen investment with any bank account. You will need to verify your bank account with either 2 small test deposits or linking your login credentials. Linking your bank account can take up to 6 business days.

You must be 18 years old to open an account. Stash tries to make investing less scary for new investors. If you want an alternative option to create more income, then check out work at home jobs here or my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Stash Complaints

So on the surface, this sounds all good. It would seem like the stash app would make investing simple for anyone that wants to give this a shot. But like any app, it does have some flaws that you should be aware of to make the right decision for you.

Account Choice Limitations: Unlike other investment apps like Betterment and Wealthfront, Stash only provides taxable brokerage accounts. Investors won't be able to take advantage of investing and maximizing contributions to individual retirement or 401k accounts.

Not BBB Accredited: At the time of this review, Stash has a A rating. However they do not have an accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. The average rating of the customer reviews left on the BBB is 2 stars out of 5 at the moment. According to some of the complaints, the company failed to respond to a billing complaint.,, & are companies that make you money with positive BBB ratings.

Expensive Account Subscription Fees: Stash charges fees which are taken from your bank account rather than your investment portfolio. The company charges $1 per month for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25% per year for accounts over $5,000 after the first month.

Not For Experienced Investors: Those who are knowledgeable about investments may not find the app suitable for them. The company does not offer advice from brokers and does not allow investing in individual stocks. Dividends are not automatically reinvested. These things tend to be turnoffs from many investors with larger accounts.

No Website Availability: Some users complain that the only way that they can access their investments is through the app. Certain investors would like to track their portfolios online on their desktop computer or laptop.

No Financial Education Resources: The company does not provide information for new investors on the different types of investments and how to invest properly for their financial goals.

Stash App Alternatives

Stash App is a good tool for beginning investors but it does have its flaws. There are several financial investment apps online available for you to consider. Two popular choices out there you might want to consider are Acorns and Digit. Both of these smartphone apps have more investment features than Stash and can help you with your spending and savings goals.

So Is Stash Legit or a Scam?

The stash app is a legitimate investment app for those who are new to the world of investing. New investors with under $5,000 can start a new account with only a $5 deposit. The first month is free with a $1 per month subscription fee thereafter. The app makes investing easier to understand, but experienced investors will find many features lacking for their individual financial needs.

Now that you have read all the other Stash reviews as well as mine, you should have a complete understanding now of the app and its offerings. The Stash app can be a useful tool to use with your multiple streams of income. However, its fees are pretty expensive for investors with larger accounts. If you want other ways to make passive income, I would invite you to check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation,,,, and If you have any experiences with this app, I'd love to hear your comments so please feel free to post them below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

69 thoughts on “Stash App Review: Is This Investment App Safe or A Scam?”

  1. Hey Eddy with a Y, thanks for the very fair review of Stash. I was thinking of doing some investing on a small scale. I think I will give the app a try so I can start following the Icahn holdings portfolio. The only concern I have is the low BBB rating. Hopefully, that will improve as more people put their reviews. Thank you

  2. I never opened a account with Stash. Somehow they got my savings account number and just withdrew money, I never authorized the withdrawals. When I did find this happened I went to my bank to close this savings account and open a new savings account. I did report this to the FTC and my bank fraud department. Hopefully someone will answer for sealing my money.

    • The same thing happened to me, I just clicked on to look, once it asked for CC I closed it out and was done. A week or so later found my checking account was hacked not by Stash but Acorns which is the same company. Bunch of THEIVES but I busted you before they got a penny.

  3. Stash is a rip-off IMHO.
    They have charged me hundreds in ‘fees’ and are totally unresponsive to inquiries. STAY AWAY

  4. Overall I find the comments quite disturbing and I’ll be taking my meager amount of money out. I guess I’ll be making some calls and hoping for the best!

    • Be careful with Stash App to me is a total scam for their bad business practices.. Once they got your info they subscribed you to the deals they want and also the amounts they want. They blocked your screen in a way that you can not defend yourself to tell them No I do not want that subscription and No I can not afford that amount. Do not fall for their trap..Then, they put you in a loop where you can cancel but it is only a loop that you can never get out and when you call it is not the right time.

  5. Like others have stated, I have been unable to close my Stash account. I was able to stop automatic investments, and was able to pull all my money out (except for $.01). But in trying to completely close the account all I get is the message: “I have tried numerous times to completely close my account, and have ask support for help to do so. Each time I am told that the account closure has been started and will be closed in a few days. 
    When I log in, I see the statement: “Your Account is Being Closed. This process will take 5-7 business days. If you would like to stop the closing process and re-open your account, please contact us.”

    It has been in this state for over a year and a half, and I continue to receive account statements to this day. When I am in contact with customer service that always tell me the same thing – that they have initiated the account closure and it will take a few days…

    Horrible customer service experience.

  6. July 13 2020
    Money disappeared out of my stash card! And stocks I invested in show a -minus on thier market value when the STOCK EXCHANGE SHOW + !! U absolutely cannot see where money goes in those little hidden areas called auto stash and weekly stash ! Its horrible NON TRANSPARENT app! It is not user friendly because u cannot see a accounting of EVERY DOLLAR including 5 here 5 there u have engaged as auto. U deposit money on your stash card and it disappears with no accounting as to where it went!! U cant stop any auto stash u create only pause. Its a horrible app! I just sold my imvestments but im still out on the investments they keep saying are at a minus when they’re at a plus on the stock exchange. And I’m probably out the $20 that disappeared out of my stash card. I’m pretty sure the bullshit I’m going to hear is that green dot handles the Stash card so they have nothing to do with the $20 disappearing. The moral of the story is The moral of the story isSTASH SUCKS BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID !
    They are not in good standing with the Better Business Bureau nor is your money protected!

  7. Hi, i found Stash through survayjunkies, like two days ago, and i was impress that it doesn’t take much to start, also i’m new to investment. However, after reading some of the reviews now, it makes me want to cancel my account with them.
    I’m not sure if i should cancel since i’m only two days in or try it out for some time. I’m a moderate investor, but the reviews causing me to be thinking differently now.

    • I cancelled my subscription and having difficulties transferring money back to checking a stash tool a request must be made too support the response is lousy im contcacting firna not the same company shorter hrs extra holiday time off I cancelled my subscription $3.00 the sell all my stocks getting my money that’s a problem contact firna they help.

  8. My stash account was hacked and used it to drain my bank account. If you look on reddit you will see that others are having this problem also.

    • EXACTLY I JUST LOST MONEY !! And I have no idea where it went it just says debit they debited my account it’s just gone and I’m sure Stache will tell me it’s not their problem because that stash card is run by green dot!!
      Those funky cards that the homeless carry around all the time. Yes I know that first hand. I know some homeless people they make a big deal out of a green dot card. I was hesitant to sign up for the Stash card because of that but now my intuition served me in a way because I already lost money it’s gone and I’m canceling my account with Stash.

  9. STASH – is indeed a rip-off, scammers do not invest in them. They have been taking out money to invest from my account over the past 12 months without any issues, just as I decided to change the bank account. They are making me jump thru hoops. Asking for all types of verification. When they took the money out there was no issues. Now that i want to make a change there are issues. Very hard to work with their customer service. No support what so ever. I spent an entire day providing them with supporting docs, at the end they still wanted more information from me. ENOUGH was ENOUGH – I demanded to speak to a supervisor- All I said to her is if you dont want my business just let me know. I have been with Stash over one year. All that I am trying to accomplish here is to change my account. The supervisor looks at my account and stated they still need more verification. I ask her another question “if they want my business” all she stated was sorry to see you go…. Dont waste your time with this company… total BS….. Glad to leave – will advise any friends or family members to close their accounts as well…..

  10. I have not been able to close my account. STASH invest makes it impossible, keeps changing the directions for me to follow and creates one delay after another. It’s only $560, but it should be MINE. I filed complaints with NY Attorney General and FTC.

    • Have you had any response from them? And are you still having withdrawals from them? It sounds sketchy to me.

    • Hey did they every give you your money back? This seems to be universal with alot of people unable to cash out, or receive the money they initially invested. Can some one clarify why this is?

  11. I have had stash for over a year and I love it . My return at the moment is +4.57% the majority of my stock is mutual fund “delicious dividends” the upkeep is very very cheap and the dividend is high. I do also own 5-6 individual stocks but those are more aggressive. I am looking for long term and that is what stash suggest is long term low risk. I have two accounts plus the new debit account by green dot. I have a retirement account which I can put in 5k a year with out having to pay taxes on it. So I pay 2 $ a month . One for the regular stash account and one for the retirement (ROTH IRA) no complaints from me. Takes 2-4 days to get your cash after you sell a stock, but like I said I’m in it for long term if you want a short term high volume trading then it might not be the right one for you.

    • Thanks for sharing this useful insight. I am sure it will help people decide if this is right for them or not. It’s great to hear about your positive returns thus far.

  12. Stash’s fee structure is basically identical to Acorns, and similar to Wealthfront and Betterment’s: What you pay is determined by how much money you have “under management.”

    For Wealthfront, the fee is 0.25%.

    Betterment charges .25 percent for all accounts up to $2 million. Fees are then capped at $5,000 annually for balances over $2 million.

    Stash gives you a free month, then charges you $1 a month until you hit $5,000, after which they charge you 0.25 percent per year of all assets under management (and .25 percent of $5,000 is $12.50).

    Stash also only has a minimum of $5 to open an account. (For the time being, Stash is also offering Money Under 30 readers $5 to invest just for signing up.)

    These fees aren’t terrible, but they also aren’t amazing. And they don’t take into account the underlying costs of the fund themselves, many of which are much more expensive than the offerings at Betterment, Wealthfront, or Acorns.

  13. Your review on Stash needs updating. They do now offer individual stocks. They have lots of learning articles for education. I’ve been investing for about 6 months now and up over 5%. I am mostly invested in individual stocks and almost all are on the + side and the ones that aren’t is less than $1 negative.

    • I agree. Thanks for updating the writer and letting him and others know the truth.

      i have been a stash user for 1 yr now in counting and looking good on my side of things. you actually become a share holder of that individual stock in any company , no “funny” situation. i get shareholder notifications from Boeing direct whenever they push out any.

    • All the problems mentioned above were addressed by stash Invest apart from the situation of Limited individual Stocks and ETF’s they offer from the stock exchange.

      And i know the reason as to why they take there time to put more individual stocks and ETF’s on stash invest app, my guess is the due Diligence time they take to investigate a Stock performance and history before giving it an okay for Stash Invest app.

      which i think is a very okay and good thing to first time investors. why ? cause someone else is already doing a checkup on situational ‘F-kup’s’ involved by many companies trying to make a quick back off un-knowledgeable people of the public.

      The securities exchange investigates the practices of all investments firms, organisations and companies in any state. so if something rises red flags its always kicked out of the system very fast.

      The other thing is , stock trading has levels that many people don’t know, they are called ‘Tiers’, just because you know of someone who made 10grand in a week selling stock and buying stock doesn’t mean it will apply to you too, just because you have stock with whatever firm. please ask them what kind of trading they do first.

      They are so many apps that offer stock trading but Stash and acorns are standard good. And very user friendly to someone learning how to buy, sell and invest in stock. The problem with many Americans is they never want to read/ research on things, they prefer being spoon feed at most.

      Many trading apps out there are for people who already know what they are doing on the stock exchange. if you know you ain’t among those people, Acorns or stash are a good idea to start with.

      Invest wisely and you need to invest to grow your income.


  14. I have been using stash for a month now. I am a very aggressive investor for a guy in his 20s. My results so far is I’m up 5.28%. I am pleased and have already received my first dividend this month. My results are not typical in the market. Stocks can be very volatile. However I have been fortunate so far. Hope this helps let others make a more informed decision.

  15. Hey eddy I just ran across your comments and insight on stash. I have been doing it now for several months I invest 100 a week one in a conservative account and the other half in a aggressive account I have not made a lot of money but I feel in the long run I will. But now reading the reviews I am concerned about getting any of my money back in let’s say 15 years which was my goal. You know have something to retire on. I will keep up what I am doing with them for one year and will see what happens. And let you know

  16. Please don’t trust this app!!!! I signed up, invested $130. It said that I had gained $1.70 not much I know but certainly no loss. When I tried to transfer my funds to my bank account because of a financial emergency it would only transfer 70 some dollars… after all withholdings and everything. So stash stole about $60 from me straight up. I emailed customer service about 3 weeks ago, and have followed up twice since. No reply, of coarse. Another fucked up ponze scheme with no warning so anyone reading HERES YOUR WARNING I NEVER GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. They make it impossible to close the account, and keep charging $1 a month. I have read about so many people who want to close the account but are not able to, and they are just stuck paying that monthly $1. I am afraid of this. I do not recommend stash at all.

    • Eddy, why should anyone have to put a stop payment on their account? Stash should just honor the persons request and stop the debit from that persons account. Also stop payments cost money soooooo….. Bad business. And are you the owner of stash cause you are a pretty strong defender of it.

    • Woa woa, settle down there. I was just trying to help you if they weren’t be responsive. I don’t own the company and aren’t affiliated with them. I could care less about them. Yes companies should do right by their customers. But if they don’t then go around them which is why I made the suggestion. Jeez


  19. I just visited the BBB site and this company now has a B+ rating, not a D+ rating. I, however, will NOT being giving them any business. The reason I am here is because I was looking them up. I got a text from a random number advertising this app. What a great way to NOT get my business, lol.

  20. I’ve been using Stash for about a year now and I’ve seen about a 10% return. I’m definitely a casual investor, but that seems pretty reasonable to me.

    • I have invested $280 and currently have $399 but I can only withdraw $98…. which I don’t plan on withdrawing but I’m trying to figure out when and how I would get the full value of my portfolio. THe app seems easy but don’t exactly understand how I get the money that I earn. Do I have to retire or does it have to sit there for a certain amount of time? I’m inexperienced and confused. Please explain if you know the answer because these are just inaccessible numbers on a screen and the app doesn’t really tell you how to cash completely out.

  21. I can’t honestly say that I am excited about the Stash App. With no real help or guidance it seems like you are all on your own. Since the app is supposed to build confidence in those who are skeptical and intimidated by trading, I feel there should be some resources available through the app that in a way guide you in the right direction. I do think that this app can serve a valued position in one’s arsenal. But it can’t be the sole tool in the bag. I do like the valued-based categories, the questionnaire, and the customized portfolio so you are not entirely on your own. I believe this app has a ways to go, but might still be worth considering. Great article Eddy!

  22. I can’t honestly say that i am excited about the Stash App. With no real help or guidance it seems like you are all on your own. Since app seeks to simply and build confidence in those who are skeptical and intimidated by trading i feel there should be some resources available through the app that in a way guide you in the right direction. I do think that this app can serve a valued position in ones arsenal but it can’t be the sole tool in the bag. I do like the valued-based categories, the questionnaire, and the customized portfolio so you are not entirely on your own. I believe this app has a ways to go but still is worth the consideration. Great article Eddy!

  23. I have not seen this, but have seen Acorns advertised and then downloaded the app. Only to find that I never have yet taken the time to open it up and use it, even though it sounds interesting. The BBB rating is very important so this is way too scammy for the average investor I would say, hopefully not too many have lost their savings.

  24. I actually got Acorns first. I liked the simplicity, and not being confused with all the extra stock market mumbo jumbo. My job was offering a deal to start an initial $5 investment with Stash and receive a $10 credit to the stash. This is only short term for me, since I am new to the game. I like both apps. But i like the fact that Stash lets me know what type of stocks I am investing in. Overall, I don’t think rewards programs to, earn money, can even touch investing. Even if it is a measly app, for me, its a great way to get into the game without wasting hours of my life earning rewards points with other companies. When someone invests in the stock market, they are really making the money work, while they literally don’t have to lift a finger in the process.

    • I’ve actually reviewed the Acorns app so I’m familiar  with it as well. I agree in general that investing your money is the best way to make money since it’s totally passive. But that’s assuming you pick the proper investments and you have the delayed gratification to wait for it to grow. Reward sites are good for short term cash. It pays you for things you’re already doing. So I don’t think you need to pick between the two. I’m all about multiple streams of income. So make investments through apps like this and working on reward sites can be a great combination. You never just want to have all your eggs in one basket.

  25. Honestly, the $1 a month fee seems reasonable. I certainly would not feel too bad about starting Stash if I knew this was the worst that could be charged. The only concern is, can I back out of the monthly fee at any time? If not, then this could be dangerous as other up selling or fees might come into play. Either way, great review, you have peaked my interest and I look forward to researching this a little more.

    • You can cancel your account at any point. So if you don’t think the app is making you money and the $1 monthly fee is losing you money, then you can cancel.

  26. Thank you.  This is a great review of the Stash app. Stash and other similar apps are going to be the new norm for investing, especially for long term, buy and hold investors. I’ve been saying this for years… you don’t need a financial adviser anymore. Why would I pay someone ridiculous fees and commissions for a simple 60/40 stock, bond portfolio I can build myself.

    • I guess it all depends on how comfortable you are investing on your own. I know it’s always been an unknown to me. But I think apps like this will help educate newbies like myself to feel more confident. Thanks for chiming in.

  27. Hey Eddy with a Y, thanks for the very fair review of Stash. I was thinking of doing some investing on a small scale. I think I will give the app a try so I can start following the Icahn holdings portfolio. The only concern I have is the low BBB rating. Hopefully, that will improve as more people put their reviews.

    • Hey Dennis,
      You’re very welcome. Take the BBB reviews with a grain of salt. I know a lot of people want to live and die by them. But I tend to just use them as one of many points of research. I wouldn’t let it stop you from giving the app a try and making your own decision. Hey, I checked out your site. It’s very informative. What’s the best way to reach you? I have a question about it.

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