Why Stay At Home Dads Get No Respect…

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From other men? Women seem to really appreciate the idea of a Stay At Home Dad (SAHD). But when I told some of my male ex-coworkers and family members I was quitting my corporate job to be a SAHD and live out my dream of working at home full time, I was often given these peculiar looks that only another man can recognize. It's that "Damn your wife got you whipped!" or "What A Bitch?" look. Sadly, I often found myself trying to explain that this was my idea and something I dreamt about doing all my life. And the stay at home dad part was more of an added benefit that was apparent when I learned that I "knocked up" my wife. (lol).

Honestly my retirement just happen to align with the new addition of our family purely by coincidence. I wish I could take credit and said I planned it like this. And it definitely had less to do with the fact that my wife pimp smacked me into being a stay at home dad. I'll be the first to admit, She does have some freaky jeidi mind influence on other aspects of my life like the fact I find myself loathing things I once loved before meeting her. Damn her and her mind tricks! lol However this was really my decision that obviously she supported fully!

But all men hear is that you're quitting your great paying job to be "Mr. Mom." Needless to say it doesn't really bother me. At the end of the day I have achieved a financial freedom that most 9-5'ers won't reach until their retirement ages. No disrespect to you 9-5ers, but I never want to go back. When I really think about what my life has become, I'm more of a WAHD, Work At Home Dad than a SAHD.
Think about it, I'm going to be busy raising and caring for my new baby girl while juggling my 3 websites and a fledgling Internet marketing consulting business, (Shameless plugs.) all at the same time. I dare to say that most of my male counter-parts in the corporate world will only scratch the surface of that type of work load and responsibility. Furthermore I'm sure I'll have way more fulfillment and joy in my life pursuing this dream.

So in the great words of Riley from the BoonDocks, I say to all ye caveman counter-parts, "Stop the hate crimes!" Don't hate, participate or congratulate. LMAO.

What do you guys think? Why are men viewed differently if they decide to stay at home with the kids? Share your comments below.

9 thoughts on “Why Stay At Home Dads Get No Respect…”

  1. My brother is a stay at home dad. He needs to get a job. His wife is hot and I’m sure her male counterparts are whispering in her ear.

  2. Applaud you Theo. That may be the case. I think it’s because there is this big stigma about a man staying home. It’s perfectly fine for a woman to do it but with a man it’s a big no no which I would agree if they were being a bum. But if they’re like you and I who are running our businesses and raising our kids, then shouldn’t we be applauded?

    Fortunately I don’t really care of people’s perception of me in that respect. As long as my family and I are happy, then that’s what matters. I gather you feel the same. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Iv’e been staying at home looking after my daughter for 2 years now while working on my internet marketing business and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I think a lot of guys would like to be a WAHD but maybe they don’t have the confidence to actually make it happen!

  4. Isn’t the internet fun. It’s amazing how much work goes into scripting and editing code to make things come out right. A home job isn’t as lazy as some people think it is good post.

  5. My husband was a fut sahd wahd and whenever other men found out all they had to say about that .. “must be nice” .. I wish I could just get up late and blah blah and watch tv and blah blah

  6. As the jeidi mind tricking wife, I just want to say I am very proud of my husband. It takes a real man to go against the “norm” and proudly announce it to the world. He’s leaving one job to take one three or more LOL. If more men took this responsibility (and risk) we’d probably have happier marriages. You Go Boy!

  7. Thanks for the comments Work At Home Scam Free.
    That may be true. I guess it throws me back because I would always be happy for someone in that situation. But at the same time we as guys crack a lot of jokes on each other so it really could be harmless. But thanks for your thoughts.

  8. If you ask me, jealousy is fueling those hateful looks. also i’m sure many assumptions are made that you are staying home and your wife is supporting you. it is truly hard for any “9-5″er to realize the ability of a WORK FROM HOME DAD to generate an income.


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