“Help” Kids With Their Homework & Get Paid!

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As a new parent I've pretty much adjusted to all the changes to my life. Things that terrified me prior to having my little baby girl is literally child's play for me now. Stinky diapers are now cute little poopies to me instead of human land minds. A loud fart in my house now is called tooting and receives a "awww how cute". Whereas when I do it I'm yelled at and kicked out the bedroom for being disgusting (My Wife's words). Having someone spit on me is reason for a fight where I come from. But now it's just too cute when my little princess does it. Vomiting in my house was usually because of a great night of drinking. Now it's my princess's cute way of freeing up some room for the next bottle feeding. Okay I'm lying. I hate it when my little girl thinks its entertaining to vomit on me. Staying clean in my house is nearly impossible around her. But the point is I love being a new parent and embrace my current role or rather roles.

Many of you who read this blog are "professional" parents meaning you're experts at it because of your years of experience. All the new stuff I'm going through is like breathing to you at this point. As parents we wear many hats without missing a beat. Parents are counselors, chefs, doctors, drivers, janitors, tutors and much more packed into one tired body. The only reward we receive is seeing the smile on our children's faces and maybe a thank you if you're lucky. But we don't do it for the fame or glory. Our ultimate goal is to raise happy and successful adults that will do better in life than we did.

Parents Wear Many Hats Without The Pay!

Despite the fact that we wear many hats and do more work than any corporate executive can even fathom, we don't get paid the salaries that those folks get. Society just doesn't seem to place the same type of value or prestige on a stay at home or working parent as it does for other careers. Otherwise full paid maternity leave wouldn't be a privilege it would be a right extended to mothers and fathers a like. But I digress.

I may not be able to change society's perception of us but I can provide you with a way to make some money at home for one of the roles you take on as a parent. Many of you with older children have probably picked up the tutoring hat on many occasions. After all we all had our strengths in school. So I'm pretty sure you've helped your kids with their homework or various school assignments. On some occasions other fellow parents may have even turned to you and asked if you would help their kids with certain subjects because you seemed to have a knack for it.

Well how would you like to get paid for answering homework questions that you choose? You might as well since you don't get paid for it now right? If so, you may want to check out StudentofFortune.com.

Student Of Fortune

It's a new website I stumbled upon while doing research to find you available non-traditional work at home jobs.

How Does StudentOfFortune.com Help You Work At Home?

Well here's how it works straight from the horse's mouth:

"Student of Fortune is a site designed for students and working people, allowing everyone to ask and answer questions on nearly every topic. Have a homework problem you can't figure out? Post it on Student of Fortune and pick among solutions written by your peers. By answering the questions posted by other users you can earn real money, simply for helping other people out in areas you're good at. In short: By helping your fellow classmates/colleagues you earn money. It's pretty simple. And we've tried to make this whole process fun, too. After all, we're just college students ourselves."

Personally it sounds like a great way to make money at home especially if you're a parent that has helped your kids or other kids with their homework. And even if you're not a parent it's still something that you may want to look into. We all answer questions everyday but how many of us actually get paid for doing it? Now I haven't personally tried this opportunity yet. Obviously I am too busy here and being an affiliate. But based on what I can tell, it seems legitimate and doesn't involve any fees to answer homework questions. What more can you ask for? So if you're looking for another non-traditional AVAILABLE work at home opportunity to add to the mix of things you should be doing such as surveys, focus groups, get paid offers, etc, then StudentofFortune.com maybe yet another source of income for you.

They have a lot of subjects and questions to choose from and the amount you earn for various questions varies so it's a great way to make some easy money. I saw some questions where folks where paying anywhere from $100 – $150 to get answers for math questions. Damn I wish I was good at math! lol

The Ethics of Student of Fortune

Now I haven't read anything about student of fortune being a scam but I know that some parents may have an issue with the ethics behind the site. After all students can buy answers to homework questions that they should be trying to figure out on their own. It's a very slippery slope between tutoring and cheating depending on your point of view. I'm not really hear to judge the site's merits. I'm just reporting another way for you to make money at home. You have to determine for yourself if it goes against your value system.

So assuming you don't have any ethical problems with this site, you may want to give it a shot. If you don't know it by now, but non-traditional work at home opportunities are the fastest way for you to make money at home. Or you can ice skate up hills and chase after jobs that aren't available like typing and data entry and risk getting scammed. Obviously the choice is yours. But my long time subscribers that follow my advice have seen success when they have followed my advice and you can too if you're willing to think outside the box!

Good luck either way! By the way if you have any questions about this opportunity please click here to read the question section. Cheers!

26 thoughts on ““Help” Kids With Their Homework & Get Paid!”

  1. I know student of fortune charges you a fee when you sale an assignment, they also charge you a fee when you transfer funds to your paypal account. They fee you to death. I sold several assignments and transfered the funds to paypal and I ended up with about half of what I sold the assignments for. That is BULL!!! Not to mention, I transfered the funds over 4 weeks ago but still have not received my money. Whats up???Can you spell fraud? Can you say scam?

    • Unfortunately companies are always charging some annoying fees. If that’s the case, your bank is the biggest scam. I think it sucks too so no arguments here. I know some companies require that you wait 30-60 Days to receive a payment. So you might want to actually check with them to find out how long it takes them to process payments. I know you don’t like their policies but that doesn’t make a company a scam. It means they have some annoying cons. I don’t like that my favorite airline charges me fees for food and is late for my flights, but I’m not running around calling it a scam. But to each their own.

  2. @SoF ex-tutors:
    Yeah, I’m experiencing some of that fraudulent crap right now on SOF. They let some tutors get away with stealing others work and selling it as their own! JAVSTUDENT is a tutor who has been caught at this more than a handful and is allowed to continue the deviant behaviors. I’m starting to suspect he is an internal part of SOF or pays SOF off to allow him/her to stay on the site.
    Another thing that has come to my attention about this user is you can’t access his/her “tutorials posted” link that is beside JS profile as it freezes up the computer. I don’t have a problem accessing anyone’s tutorials but JS so that tells me they have somehow blocked the link intentionally. I am working on some ideas right now but if anyone has suggestions please feel free to leave a comment, thanks

  3. hi.. im currently doing my BSc in Accounting and Finance and i want to help out children with their work.. plz do contact me

  4. I am a member of studentoffortune.com.. I make about 300$ in my first month..damn that was high for me here in our country..These is for real. And its for free of registration..You just have to have a paypal account and a VISA to claim your money..hehe..I already read their policies. I also chechked if this is a scam but ITS NOT..ok? hehe..

  5. Soon, everyone will know about StudentofFortune fraud system and how they’ve illegaly earned money from their members.
    Be ready to be amazed!

  6. Thanks Susan!
    Be sure to become a subscribe:
    and to visit the following pages and read them in great detail:


    You’ll gain a lot if you take the time to go through all the material. It’s long but there is such a wealth of knowledge in those areas that will help you tremendously.

    Good luck.


  7. Hi my name is Angelo.I am very intrested in helping anyone in need of school work.I am a straight A senior in high school so please feel free to contact me.

  8. Hi Pulkit,

    You have great qualifications. Just read the article above and follow the link to the site that pays people like you. Somehow I think you missed that.

    Take care.


  9. hi,
    I am a junior in high school and would like to help out. I have 3.9GPA right now with honors and AP classes. So, its obvious that i have the capability to teach the kids. Thanks for your time and email me…

  10. Thanks Evelyn,

    I really appreciate the kind words. I am happy you can appreciate what we’re trying to do here. I’ve very happy to hear that you’ve invested in yourself by taking a medical transcription course. You’re going to find that there are many available opportunities to you when you graduate.

    So honestly I don’t think finding mt work is going to be a problem for you. If you just visit http://www.workathomecareers.com/workathomejobs and do a search for medical transcription you’ll see we list tons of jobs there.

    In terms of a generic typing business, I’m not really sure how viable this is anymore. Most people know how to do generic typing. It’s the reason why I stress that people focus on specialized typing like medical transcription. I think for now it’s just better to focus on that career because you’ll quickly see there are a boat load of available opportunities that should keep you busy enough.

    Now with that said, if you really want to start your own type of business, I think a virtual assistant business may be another option for you to explore. Read the following article:

    I did an interview with a successful virtual assistant who has a great book on setting that type of business up, how to price, advertising, etc. Virtual assistants offer typing services but other services that are in demand. So that business may be the way to go,

    I hope this helps.


  11. Eddy,

    First of all let me tell you, I just LOVE your newsletter! It is very helpful.
    I am interested in working from home, but I am more geared towards starting my own business by way of typing documents. I am currently taking a medical transcription course and I will be doing that also.
    My question is:
    Can you give me any pointers on advertising, what to charge, and where can I find a contract to market my services?


  12. Hi Charles,

    I’m glad you can see the opportunity this can be for you. I hope you do well with it. When I took a quick look at the site there appears to be a lot of students in need of help so there should be a lot of work available.

    Good luck.


  13. I am thinking of a stay at home job because of my age it is challanging to find work in my feild. I think helping children with their homework would be a good way to have a business and encourage the youth to continue receiving their education

  14. I am ready to help your children in their hmework. I am also currently going to school, and am in the 8th grade. Please reply back to me if you need help.


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