Make Money Stuffing Envelopes At Home: Legit or Scam?

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If you’ve tried to make money online, you’ve probably heard that you can allegedly make money stuffing envelopes.

If you’re skeptical about this sounds too good to be true opportunity, you should be. Since we’re all about helping you avoid scams, here’s everything you need to know about the so called opportunity of working at home stuffing envelopes. 

What Is Stuffing Envelopes?

Allegedly this envelope stuffing job is exactly what it sounds like. You’re basically getting paid to fold and place a document in an envelope for mailing, applying an appropriate postage and addressing each envelope based on a list of recipients. 

How Do Stuffing Envelopes Opportunities Work?

So to start working at home stuffing envelopes, you’ll typically find an ad in the mail, through a friend or on the internet claiming you can make money just by stuffing envelopes at home. 

This then involves signing up with a company requiring you to pay a start-up fee, usually in the $10-$50 region in order to receive some sort of “starter kit”. The starter kit ends up being nothing more than instructions for you to post the same ad you fell for. But now your envelope stuffing job is to mislead others and have them send you money for an alleged starter kit. In which case you will get paid to stuff an envelope sending people the same instructions to perpetuate the same scheme on some other victim.

A variation of this envelope stuffing scam is when the alleged envelope stuffing employer will require you to make an initial investment in order to make money stuffing envelopes. They’ll have a list of requirements you’ll need to meet in order to get paid. What you won’t realize is, these requirements will have hidden clauses, conditions or standards that you’ll have to meet to qualify for payment. 

You’ll of course for one reason or another fail to meet the standards or requirements, and hence never qualify for pay. Eventually you realize that the company only needed your sign up fee. There was no real opportunity in the first place. You were just part of a huge pyramid network. 

How Much Can I Make Stuffing Envelopes?

These companies claim you can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars stuffing envelopes at home. But stuffing envelopes is a known scam, and you’ll probably not make a dime off such opportunities. Unless you end up scamming others into believing these opportunities exist, then you can make money like this. But the reality is why would a legit company pay you to stuff envelopes where there are machines that can do it for a fraction of the cost? It just doesn’t make sense.

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How To Avoid Scams Online

To determine whether a company is legit, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Do your homework – Research a company’s legitimacy first, especially if there’s an initial investment required to join. There are tons of online resources and websites you can use to judge the legitimacy of a company. If there’s a pattern of complaints suggesting someone lost money with the same opportunity, chances are you will too. 
  • If it’s too good to be true, it probably is – While there a few easy and legit ways of making money online, the reality is you won’t make a lot of money with these opportunities. So if someone is promising you ridiculous amounts of money without doing a lot of work, then it’s probably a scam. 
  • Be smart – If you can’t find information whether it’s good or bad, it’s better to wait and see. Let someone else go through the process and learn from them. Don’t be a statistic!

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So, Can You Make Money Stuffing Envelopes At Home?

Making money stuffing envelopes is a documented scam to avoid. Think about it; an opportunity that requires no prior experience, qualifications, skills and close to zero effort and a sign up fee to start is probably a scam. Stuffing envelopes is a tedious job, and that’s why there are folding machines designed to do the job. So I wouldn’t recommend you to follow through with these opportunities. 

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Well, that’s about it! Have you ever fallen for an online scam? Feel free to tell us about more scams to avoid in the comments section below!

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