The Super Affiliate Network Review: Legit Course or A Scam?

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We have internet marketing courses popping up all the time that promise you quick and easy cash while you’re sleeping. If this was truly the case, I guess we wouldn't have so many people stuck in jobs they don't like. You probably thought the same thing which is why you are looking at different Super Affiliate Network reviews to find out if you can really make money with this course. This Super Affiliate Network review will determine if this is a scam or a legitimate way to make money online. Don’t dare join until you have read this review. You have been warned!

What is The Super Affiliate Network? was founded by Misha Wilson in 2015. Their headquarters is currently in Kihei, Hawaii. They provide a series of online video lessons, webinars, and one-on-one coaching and mentoring designed to help affiliate marketers start and grow their online business. While the initial course offerings include lessons on Mindset and Psychology, among other things, the primary sales tools covered by The Super Affiliate Network include email marketing and solo ads.

How Does The Super Affiliate Network work?

The Super Affiliate Network has several membership levels at the time of this review:

  • Basic membership:

◦ A 21-module, 3 phase “bootcamp” that includes lessons on Mindset, Psychology, Email Marketing, List Building, Selling, Automation, and Follow-up.

◦ One-on-one coaching with a dedicated coach each week

◦ Online group coaching each week

  • Premium membership: Access to the Solo Ad Success Formula course
  • Super Affiliate Monthly: A monthly video newsletter from Misha Wilson
  • Pro Membership:

◦ This includes everything in the basic membership, plus the solo ad success formula and:

◦ Advanced training on special topics like Authority Hacking, Systematic Profits, Magnetic Selling Machine, and more

◦ Monthly Immersion Coaching

◦ Weekly PRO Coaching with advice and critiques on your materials

◦ You get access to a private Facebook group

◦ Access to additional ongoing products

  • Maui Intensive Mentoring:

◦ An exclusive 4 day mastermind event in Maui, Hawaii, only available to 20 participants per quarter. Includes marketing training on funnels, webinars, sales machines, email marketing, etc.

◦ Also includes a fun Hawaii excursion like snorkeling, whale watching, etc.

  • All-In Mentorship Program: This program includes three trips to the Maui Mastermind sessions, not just one.

How Much Does The Super Affiliate Network Cost?

The Super Affiliate Network offers various levels of memberships with varying costs for each one. Here is a closer look at what it would cost to join each membership:

  • Basic membership: $37 – $47 per month (if you skip the $1.00, 30 day trial, you get if for $37 a month. If you decide to do the $1.00, 30 day trial, you pay $47 per month after that)
  • Premium membership: $97 one-time fee
  • Super Affiliate Monthly: $47 one time fee
  • Pro Membership: $2497 one time fee
  • Maui Intensive Mentoring: $12,497 one time fee
  • All-In Mentorship Program: The cost is not listed, but you can expect it to be well over $15,000 since it is their highest level membership on offer which includes everything that you get in the other membership levels.

If you like the idea of being able to try an internet marketing course without the risk of losing money, you might want to look into Wealthy Affiliate. The training and tools are similar, but you can try it out for FREE without worrying about your credit card being charged. So, comparing both these courses is an option because you have nothing to lose either way.

If you don’t want to invest in a business at this time, there are other sites you might want to try like and which are also free to try so there is no risk on your part.

How Much Money Can You Make With The Super Affiliate Network?

While The Super Affiliate Network does have positive reviews and testimonials from people who claim to have made money with the program, their income disclosure statement tells a different story. According to their income statement, the Super Affiliate Network has 2 members making more than six figures, 10 members making an average of $45k/year, 50 members earning less than $10k/year, and 40,000 members earning less than $500/year. It's clear that the vast majority of members are earning much less than the cost of the membership itself. They are losing money.

There is a big emphasis on promoting their memberships. If you want a business opportunity where you want to have a greater chance of increasing your earning potential by not being limited to promoting just one company, then you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation.

But if you don’t like the idea of spending money to make money, you might want to consider other alternatives like & which allow you to make money online without spending a dime.

What We Like About The Super Affiliate Network

Let’s get into some of the things we like about them.

Misha Wilson is A Real Person

A lot of times you find that you can’t verify the founders but in this case, Misha Wilson is legit and all his information can be verified. So that’s good to know that you are dealing with a real person and not a fake persona.

Good BBB Rating

If you like to look at these types of rating, you will be happy to know that they have a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau at the time of writing this review.

The Super Affiliate Network Complaints

No business is perfect, so let’s dive into some of these complaints and you can decide for yourself if these are deal breakers or not.

Tiered Training System

The modules are tiered, meaning you can't advance through the training modules without passing a quiz and checking in with your coach. While this might be a good way to mentor beginners, it can frustrate people who want to get through the material more quickly. It also gives your coach many opportunities to push up-sells.

Limited Earning Opportunities

For those who are considering joining The Super Affiliate Network not just as a student, but as an affiliate partner, the commission rates may look good at first glance. But the reality is that only 2 members are making more than 6 figures with this system. And the overwhelming majority of affiliates do not earn more than the program costs, so they lose money on The Super Affiliate Network every month since most members are only earning an average of $103 per annum.

If you're searching for a free option to learn how to start an internet marketing business, you may want to try Wealthy Affiliate which might increase your chances of making money online. For other free options to make money online you can try sites like and .

Limited Scope Of Training

The Super Affiliate Network has a very narrow focus on email marketing and solo ads. While those are effective marketing tools, they are a small subset of a huge range of digital marketing techniques, and may not be the right techniques for every business. It doesn't cover other aspects of an online business, like SEO or social media marketing, and doesn't cover material for newcomers like choosing a niche or keyword research.

Fortunately, My Best Work At Home Recommendation focuses on how to get free traffic and covers other important aspects like SEO and keyword research.

Is The Super Affiliate Network Legit or A Scam?

It isn’t a scam since they legitimately offer training and the training has value. But is it still a good opportunity for a beginning online entrepreneur to learn everything they need to know to be successful. And is it a good opportunity for an affiliate marketer to earn good commissions? The short answer is maybe.

The training only focuses on a small subset of affiliate marketing which is ads and email marketing. There are other important aspects such as SEO and getting Free traffic to your site which they don’t cover.

As an affiliate, it seems the odds are against you given their income disclaimer where most people aren't making enough to recover their initial investment. But that can vary depending on how you apply what they teach you although limited to certain marketing principals.

Either way, you can decide for yourself. But if you want another option to learn about affiliate marketing, you may want to check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation which is an online business opportunity that can be tried for FREE.

So, there you have my opinion on The Super Affiliate Network. If you have any experience using The Super Affiliate Network or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

3 thoughts on “The Super Affiliate Network Review: Legit Course or A Scam?”

  1. Good Read. I personally have been a member of SAN and I have to say there is good and bad on the platform. In one hand you have some really good teachings on Misha Wilsons part.

    However the thing that overshadows the good lessons is the constant pressure to upgrade and buy one of their course upsells. It would be one thing if they were just maybe $100 bucks but most of them are in the thousands.

    Anyways, I do have to admit that I still use what Misha teaches in this network with my own business. So, there really is value in the course.

    Again, Very Good Read.

  2. Thank you for explaining this Super Affiliate Network. I think twice before I step into this. It is a lot of money and I do not really see an equivalent. I found a button under this story to the review about Wealthy Affiliate. I must say, that looks a whole bit more attractive. I have learned that earning online does not happen overnight, that you have to work for it. Very nice that Wealthy Affiliate gives a free trial period and a free start account. Worth trying.


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