SurveySpot Review: Is It The Real Deal or Time Wasting Scam?

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Well if you're reading this article, you were probably searching for SurveySpot reviews to discover if this company is worth your time or not. In my opinion (pun intended) it may not be. But I value my time a little differently. After reading my the review you may feel it's worth a shot. Either way I'm going to give you the good and bad so you can make the best decision for you. So read on, I promise to give you my two cents on this!

What is SurveySpot?

SurveySpot located at is an online community that offers you the opportunity to get paid for your opinion. Owned and operated by Survey Sampling international, Survey Spot was launched in 2000. The aim is to help major corporations create new products and that's where you come in. Because these corporations use your opinions to brainstorm and create new products, you get rewarded for sharing your thoughts on the matter. To facilitate that, SurveySpot will help find and match you with the perfect surveys, so that you can get rewards. Sounds interesting, so let's get to the nitty-gritty before you jump into it.

How to Make Money with SurveySpot?

You can earn money with SurveySpot by completing online surveys, engaging in product testing, as well as being a part of their online focus group. Simple activities from which you can earn a couple extra bucks.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Survey Spot?

You earn points once you complete a survey. 100 points equals $1.00 and you can earn between 50 to 100 points for surveys, depending on the length and complexity. That's just with the surveys alone. Added to that, you can also earn rewards, even if you don't qualify for a survey and each survey you take, earns you an entry into their $10,000 quarterly prize draw. So of course, the more surveys you take, the more chances you have of winning. As a new member, you are automatically entered into the $10,000 quarterly cash sweepstakes draw, so that's something.

When do I get paid and how am I paid?

Points earned can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, cash via PayPal, iTunes gift cards, and even airline miles. What? Dream vacation, here I am come or maybe not. You'll see what I mean later. In any event once you've earned 500 points you can redeem your $5 for a gift card or you can let it ride, earn 1000 points, and redeem your points for a $10 cash payment from PayPal. Requests for PayPal payments are processed within two days, while physical items requested via gift cards are shipped within 10 working days.

How Do You Join SurveySpot?

You just need to visit and sign up there. It is free and relatively easy to join. You simply fill in your details on the website's sign-up page; select your gender, enter your first and last name, your email address, confirm your email address, agree to the policy and terms and conditions, then click Join for free. Wow, that was a mouthful! But it really is a simple process. You'll then receive a link to confirm your email. But it does not end there.

You also have to validate your membership by providing additional information such as your address, date of birth, and level of education. This is standard information that all survey type sites request. Once you're okay parting with that information, then you're good to go. Unfortunately, membership is restricted to U.S. residents only who are 18 years and over. But that's okay, because if you are looking for a better opportunity, you might want to consider my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation.

SurveySpot Complaints

The thing about surveys is that they all sound good in theory, but in practice it's a totally different thing altogether. While you just might be providing companies with insightful information, the rewards for doing that, aren't often on par. Check out the complaint section and you'll see what I mean.

But you said this survey was 10 minutes!

What the hell! Twenty minutes have gone and I'm not even half way through this dumb survey! It seems that surveys are much longer than the suggested time of ten to fifteen minutes. So be prepared to invest much more of your time on this.

Hello? …. Can you hear me?

It's been three emails ago and I'm still waiting patiently. There have been numerous complaints about SurveySpot's lack of response to queries, timely or otherwise, and when there is a response, it's not very helpful at all. So some people just give up eventually when trying to resolve issues and cut their losses.


What's with the five to nine surveys daily? I know I signed up to complete some surveys and make a little extra cash, but this is way too much! You're taking over my email! If this is something you don't mind, and you have the time, then you can get your survey groove on. It just might get you to your 1000 points quicker. But for some people, this can be frustrating.

More Complaints Against SurveySpot

Making money takes too long!

You just might be tempted to think that the more surveys you get, the quicker you might get to making some extra cash. Nuh uh. Keep in mind that even when a survey is sent your way, you can still be disqualified ten minutes into the survey. Added to that, when you consider the ratio of points to cash, it just isn't worth it, especially when it takes more than 15 minutes to complete a survey.

Account deactivated

What? But I did nothing wrong! I did what you told me to. Jeez! There have been complaints about accounts being frozen or deactivated for no reason at all and even when individuals update their personal information, as they are requested to do.

But I still have points to redeem

Once your account is deactivated, whatever points you earned and could have redeemed, are lost. You can kiss your gift cards and any other reward you were hoping for, goodbye.

Is SurveySpot Legitimate or Scam?

SurveySpot is legitimate but is this how you really want to use your time? For one thing, it's definitely not the opportunity that would get you that dream vacation. While I understand that all you want to do is make a little extra money, why not take a better approach? Take an approach that allows you to be in control over your income. Check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. Both of these options provide you with the opportunity to earn multiple streams of income, which in my experience has been the key to becoming successful online.

Well, I've said what I set out to tell you about SurveySpot now it's up to you to make your decision. As always, thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Until next time,

Eddy with a y

15 thoughts on “SurveySpot Review: Is It The Real Deal or Time Wasting Scam?”

  1. Hi All

    Surveyspot is a pain in the ass, especially when it comes to cashing out. Constantly does not want to recognize your email & password, no matter what browser you use. Customer service is just a voice mail and messages are never answered. I have never had any problems with other survey sites like Opinion Outpost, Survey Club, IPOLL, Surveysavvy, Springfield America and others. I have been taking on line surveys since about 2002 and have worked up to making over $2500/yr. Most pay within 1-5 days which to me is a reasonable amount of time.

  2. I’ve tried a few survey sites and had similar experiences. They are annoying and never seem to deliver what they promise. To make matters worse if you’re in a lower populated country like Australia your options for available surveys is severely limited. Also you need to be careful because some of these survey sites make you buy products to review. I don’t know if that is the case here but I think that kind of practice is verging on scam. Thanks for your well written entertaining post.

  3. It annoys me to think that you can only earn a dollar per Survey. Considering the fact that it takes ten to fifteen minutes means that you’ll only do 4 an hour max, which is only 4 buck an hour (I think) and that just seems ridiculous. If people’s opinions mattered so much then they’d surely make the effort more rewarding, don’t you think?

    • Yeah when you do the math it just doesn’t seem worth it in the long run. But for some people they don’t mind it.

  4. Hi Eddy,

    I agree with you that most online survey sites such as Survey spot are not worth your time. The pre-qualifacation or screening questions alone can take way to much time before you even have a chance to take the survey.

    The only reason I can see anyone taking surveys, and just the cash ones, is to learn a little more about key word research and demographics. Sometimes with these surveys you can get a glimpse of what kind of people are buying certain products.

    • I’ve never thought of taking surveys for keyword resesrch. I mean I’ve used them to survey my own audience . Thanks for chiming in

  5. Hey Eddy,

    I have heard of SurveySpot before but haven’t joined. I have, on the other hand, joined CashCrate and they seem to be about the same. I have come to the same conclusion you have – doing surveys is not really worth your time. Unless, of course, you live in a country where a dollar goes a lot further! I have spent 10+ minutes going through the ‘qualifying’ questions only to be turned down after spending so much time. In all honesty, IMHO, I think that the qualifying questions ARE the survey and they get their answers without paying you!

    • Hey Nancy, I totally agree with you about the qualification surveys are still being used but we aren’t being paid for it. I rarely do surveys at all. The only companies I do surveys with because they’re quick and always pay is paidviewpoint and pollbuzzer. Other than that I don’t waste my time so I’m glad we agree on that.

  6. Hello and thank you for this review. I heard about SurveySpot from a friend who thinks this could be a good way to get some money if you’re bored. I guess he is right, because if you get into this just for the money, it clearly is not worth it (not worth the time). I guess one can spend 3-4 hours a day and earn approxametly $2 ? That is clearly not a good income. If you’re bored and you like to answer surveys, than by all means, go ahead! 🙂

    • Hey Bob, I agree with you. Surveys are good for people that don’t mind the time spent and the little money earned. Some people do really just enjoy them. So more power to them. Thanks for chiming in!

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