SurveySay Review: A Time Wasting Scam or A Legit Survey Site?

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As long as the internet is around, there will always be an opportunity to make money from it. One proven way of making money online is taking surveys. But, of course you already know this. Chances are you have browsed the web for SurveySay reviews, but you probably have not your mind about joining the website. Well, if you want to know the real deal about this company, including the complaints, then read on my friend.

What Is SurveySay? is basically a middleman site that connects you to other sites that pay you to take online surveys. Survey Say was started in 2008 and is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, but information about its founder(s) remains unknown.

How Does SurveySay Work?

As I mentioned above, Survey Say is not by any means your typical survey website. The website does not conduct its own surveys nor pay you for them. Once you are logged in, you will see links to its survey websites that they probably have a business relationship with. You can go ahead and create an account with either or all of the sites they list. The website encourages you to join as many as you can, to improve your chances of earning.

Some of the third party survey websites that are included are:

  • Toluna
  • GlobalTestMarket
  • MySurvey
  • OpinionOutpost
  • I-Say

How Do I Join SurveySay?

It's totally free to join. You just need to visit and provide your email address, date of birth, gender and country of origin. In fact, no password is required.

If you want to skip the middleman, you can join sites that pay directly such as and You can also check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation, if you are looking to make real cash from home.

How Much Can I Make With SurveySay?

How much you earn with SurveySay depends on the availability of the surveys and how many of its affiliate websites you sign up for. Once you reach the payout threshold for the specific affiliate websites you signed up for and worked on, you can request for payout through them. But most won't pay much, but I can teach you how to make a $100-$200 per day with a different type of survey:

How Does SurveySay Pay You?

Again, SurveySay doesn't actually pay you. Each of the third party survey site they link you to will pay you in different ways. We've listed the ways they pay below.

  • Toluna – Gift cards and check
  • GlobalTestMarket – check, PayPal
  • MySurvey – PayPal, bank transfer, gift cards
  • Opinion Outpost – PayPal, Gift cards
  • I-Say – Bank deposit, gift cards

What We Like About SurveySay

The only one thing we like about Survey Say is that you don't need to pay anything to use the website.

SurveySay Complaints

It might be free to join, but that's as far as that train goes. The following complaints will determine if it's a scam or not, so ease up on your skimming. You're going to want to read the following:

It is not listed with the BBB

Nope, nothing there. At the time of writing this review, the website is not listed with the BBB. In fact, people out there actually want the website to be reported to the BBB, following several scam claims by its previous users.

Don't quit your day job

For up to 50 cents a survey, don't expect to replace your income with SurveySay. However, if you want to make decent cash taking surveys online and other ways, you should check out and Alternatively, you can check out My Best Work At Home Recommendation. You may also want to check out my youtube video on how to make $100 – $200 a day with a different type of survey.

They may sell your information

If you don't know the value of your personal email, well know this. It's valuable enough to be sold to third party websites, without your consent. The website claims it doesn't do this, but you will definitely receive emails from services and offers you could give a rat's ass about.

No worldwide love

You remember the third party websites, we mentioned earlier? Well, not all of them are available worldwide. Wait, it gets worse. For instance, one will sign you up, but you will never receive a survey to fill out simply because ”the survey does not apply to your geographical location”.

Hate spam?

Did you find it interesting that you were never required to create a password when you signed up? Remember all they wanted is your email. It's because your email will end up being on the receiving end of ballistic spams and junk email. Some users complained of being rerouted to known spam websites once they follow up on some of the emails.

You might encounter payout trouble

Imagine having to labor through endless surveys for months only for your payday request to be declined. Well, it happens at SurveySay. In fact, we came across a good number of users who had reached the payout amount only to discover they ”violated the terms”.

Is SurveySay A Scam or Legit?

Based on how the website works and the complaints out there, is something I would probably avoid. All in all, it's a just a middleman to other survey sites that you can join directly. Unfortunately, some of the sites they're recommending are suspect. The company has no BBB accreditation and the website's owners remain unknown. So with that all said I would avoid Survey Say.

If you are serious about making money online, go to and You can also check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation if you are looking to work part time or full time from home.

Well, that's enough from me. I'd love to hear your opinions about SurveySay, pun intended. Share your experience with us down below! As always, feel free to chime in below with questions or comments about this or any other scam you know of.

Until next time,

Eddy with a Y

15 thoughts on “SurveySay Review: A Time Wasting Scam or A Legit Survey Site?”

  1. Yet another paid survey site. Thanks for this review. Most of these sites are just scams. Even if it’s not, it’s still not worth your time doing it. Taking up a part-time job is even better. LOL

    • I agree that survey sites aren’t usually worth most people’s time. But some people seem to like these type of sites. I found my time was better spent running my own business. But everyone is different. Just because I don’t think something is worth my time doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else.

  2. Hey Eddy,

    At my early stages of trying to find a way to make online, I tried many surveys. I never really got one penny from them. I think there are some people really making money from the online survey but very limited income.

    One thing I agree with you. Sometimes you just register your email on certain websites, you suddenly receive a lot of spam ads. We are lucky now because most of the free email platform coming with the anti-spam filter.

    What I am looking for is to make genuine money online. The Wealthy Affiliate you recommend seems good platform to sign-up. 

  3. Hi Eddy with the ” y”, I found your post quite interesting. To think that people need middlemen like SurveySay to get surveys makes me wonder. Why can’t they find surveys on their own or do a research before starting anything, that is what the internet is for.
    I am glad you did this review, I do hope more people will read it and understand what they are getting into. Thank you for this information.

    • Agreed Stella. Sometimes people are new to the internet and the work at home world. So they don’t know any better.

  4. Yes Eddy. As I’m sitting down here this morning drinking my coffee, I know that wouldn’t want to be wasting time doing surveys LOL! But the information is seen as viable option I suppose, although you have recommended some good ones there. I appreciate you laying out all the other options for us. 

    • You’re welcome. Surveys are good for some people. I just think there are better ways I’d use my time or better survey companies.

  5. Hello Eddy with a Y, just got finished reading your blog, and it is very informative. 2 years ago, I have came across this middleman website called “takesurveysforcash”, where they give you a list of all of these survey websites, and promised you a full time income by taking surveys for $50. Unfortunately, it is just like surveysay and I recommend for people to avoid it. I have completely gave up on taking surveys and making chump change and decided to give WA a chance. I love it!!! The certification courses are great, and I have learned the simple 4 steps to building a successful business online. Sooner or later, I hope that this online business opportunity will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thanks again, and continue to do what you do as you are very great at it!!!

    • Hey Ahmad, there are definitely a lot of middleman sites that pull this stuff. So I’m glad you learned your lesson and have invested your time in something that can build you a real business and income.

  6. Hi, Eddy!

    Thanks for the great review. Surveys are a good way to get some supplementary cash, provided that you live in a country that is open.

    Having a “mediator” site for surveys, such as SurveySay would be great, as far as I am concerned, since the users don’t have to make the research themselves.
    However, after reading your review I’d really think twice before joining. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure if you need a middle man to figure out what is legitimate, especially if you do your research and read blogs like this.

  7. Hi, Eddy!

    Any person who is at all savvy about the Internet should be aware by now that becoming a member of survey panels can’t even be considered as the only source of income. Despite the lie told by fraudulent sites in the past, a person is not going to make 50K per year solely accomplished through completing questions asked in a large number of surveys.

    It is a positive sign that this Survey Say site does not charge people money to join – particularly as the site is nothing but a “middleman”, connecting a person to other survey sites as you indicated in your review. I have been aware of similar sites in the past that did charge $$, their price for recommending actual survey sites to individuals. In truth, they were nothing but devious scams.

    The main function of Survey Say amounts to the site saving time for individuals who otherwise, on their own, would have to conduct research online to find actual survey panels that do pay money for a person’s participation.

    Money aside, probably the only other worthwhile aspect of being a panel member is that in a small way answering questions posed in these surveys would allow a person’s opinions to be heard concerning consumer products, political issues, and etc.


  8. Wow ! I am so glad I found your Review site to save myself from providing my email address and who knows what, in an attempt to make some “easy” money through these survey sites. I was about to join a few and then quickly decided, maybe I should check with some Review sites on this and there you were, Eddy ! I am so glad I took the time to read your evaluation from top to bottom – saved me a lot of grief ! Much appreciated !


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