Can I Have Your Junk? I’ll Pay You For It!

Well that's pretty much what happens everyday on Have you ever heard the expression one man's garbage is another man's gold! You don't how true that statement is unless you visit ebay and look through the categories. Every once in a while the stuff that is being sold is so ridiculous that it ends up on the news. I saw where a piece of old stale, nasty toast was being sold on ebay for some crazy dollar figure because it apparently had the image of the Virgin Mary on it. Nuts right?

Well what's really crazy is that you're not taking advantage of this opportunity. I'm pretty sure you have a closet, garage or attic stuffed with crap… I mean gold that can be placed on ebay today. Let's be real that stuff has been sitting in your house since the day you've moved in and you've probably just used it once. Chances are it's taking up valuable space that can be used for the kids toys, your books or the big load of groceries you bought from Costco.

I know you cringe at the thought of actually going through all that stuff.

Questions Your Asking Yourself
You're probably wondering;

Will it be worth it?

Are you guaranteed that someone will buy that stuff and help you make money from home?

Is it as easy as it sounds?

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