Can I Have Your Junk? I’ll Pay You For It!

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Well that's pretty much what happens everyday on Have you ever heard the expression one man's garbage is another man's gold! You don't how true that statement is unless you visit ebay and look through the categories. Every once in a while the stuff that is being sold is so ridiculous that it ends up on the news. I saw where a piece of old stale, nasty toast was being sold on ebay for some crazy dollar figure because it apparently had the image of the Virgin Mary on it. Nuts right?

Well what's really crazy is that you're not taking advantage of this opportunity. I'm pretty sure you have a closet, garage or attic stuffed with crap… I mean gold that can be placed on ebay today. Let's be real that stuff has been sitting in your house since the day you've moved in and you've probably just used it once. Chances are it's taking up valuable space that can be used for the kids toys, your books or the big load of groceries you bought from Costco.

I know you cringe at the thought of actually going through all that stuff.

Questions Your Asking Yourself
You're probably wondering;

Will it be worth it?

Are you guaranteed that someone will buy that stuff and help you make money from home?

Is it as easy as it sounds?

Look, I didn't know this was going to be a pop quiz. I'm not Ms. Cleo the psychic so I can't be sure that you will make money putting your stuff on ebay.
What I do know is that what you're currently doing with with your unwanted stuff is not magically going to produce money in your pocket. Putting it on ebay is 100% more likely to give you the opportunity to make money with your old junk than it will sitting in your home. So what do you have to lose? I'll tell you what, Old crap that's collecting dust and taking up your valuable space.

Hey, I could be wrong but seems to me with millions of people coming to everyday so you have a good chance of making some money. Lord knows my little sister and my computer illiterate mom have.
There must be something to it. People have literally quit their full-time jobs to run a ebay work at home business. And God bless them for it because they won't ever have to worry about trying to find a work at home job again.

I'm Not A Sales Person!
Is that so? Have you ever convinced your kids, husband, wife, friends, co-workers, boss or family into doing something that they didn't want to? I can't tell you how many times my lovely wife has convinced me to do things I would never imagine doing. She's had me jump into an ocean and try snorkeling. Big deal Eddy! Folks, I can't swim and literally almost drowned in 3 feet of water and I'm 6'4! Need I say more? The fact of the matter is you sell everyday. But you just don't think of it as such.

Selling on eBay is far more easier because you're not convincing someone to do something that they didn't want to, which we've established that you're an expert at already. People coming to ebay are looking for something. So you make money on ebay because you're literally helping people by giving them the junk they're looking for. That's just a great proposition to me. But maybe I'm looking at this in the wrong way?

Honestly I'm not arguing ebay selling is always going to be easy but you really don't know unless you try. This shouldn't necessarily stop you from looking for work at home jobs. But why not make some money on ebay while waiting to hear back from those darn employers?

Seems like a no brainer to me. You'd really have to be foolish to sit on unwanted junk when it could be making you some money. But I know my readers aren't fools! So go and give a try. Who knows? In addition to making yourself some money you may find a great deal on something you've been looking for! It's my favorite place to shop. I rarely pay full price for anything and contrary to popular believe you don't have to bid to buy stuff from ebay. Most people that sell on there will allow you to buy now without that annoying bidding. So just keep that in mind if that's the reason you've never tried ebay.

So what do you guys think? Would you give this a try? If not let me hear why. And don't say because you don't like selling because I already killed that argument.

P.S. Shout Out To The New York Giants! Goes to show you, never give up on your self. The same can be said for work at home. Don't give up on yourself. Find a way to win like my Giants did!!!

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