Take Surveys For Cash Review: Is it a Scam?

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Another day and yet another company making claims that you can live off of taking surveys. If you've read my other reviews about surveys in the past, you already know this is nonsense. But for those of you that still believe the hyped up claims about surveys, then you're going to want to read my Take Surveys For Cash Review because if you don't you're going to end up losing money and time. So let's dive into it.

What is Take Surveys For Cash?

Take Surveys For Cash is a company that is owned and operated by Jason White. The website can be found at www.takesurveysforcash.com It appears that the site was started in 2015. The alleged purpose of the company is to provide its members with information on how to make the most money taking surveys.

How much money can you “allegedly” make?

Jason calls himself the king of surveys. But we all know on the internet anyone can call themselves whatever they want. In other words that means little. In any event he claims that he can show members how they can earn $500 by taking just one survey. He also states that everyone that signs up with his program can make roughly $3500 just taking surveys. He alleges that he knows what big companies want and he knows the tips and tricks of how to get you paid to deliver it to them. That seems like a pretty big claim to me. But we'll dive into that later.

In the mean time, here's a video that covers a more realistic expection on what you can make giving your opinion in another way:

So much does Take Surveys For Cash cost?

Oh you didn't think that Jason White was going to give you his so called survey secrets for free did you?
Apparently he charges a couple of different prices and it changes at least three times during the process of trying to lock you in. It starts at $78 and that is crossed out to give the illusion that the tips and tricks are discounted to $39. Let's say that you are still not interested in spending $39, well, it drops down to $24 for a special one time occasion. Somehow the special one time occasion comes back around if you still don't bite and knocks off an additional 50% for a final purchase price of $12. So at this point you think you're saving a lot of money. But even if you wait and purchase at the $12 price, there are other back end sales offers that members are hit with where Jason stands to make up to $124 from every member.

Take Surveys For Cash complaints

If you've read everything thus far, you probably have a funny feeling that TakeSurveysForCash.com is not really on the up and up. And your feelings would be justified. Let's dig into why you may want to avoid this opportunity like it was a dirty STD.

Hyped Income Potential

Jason makes a lot of claims about how much money that can be made using his program. He claims that he has built such a name for himself in the survey taking industry and he knows what it takes to make the big bucks and he has connections to get others heavily paid. He also boasts that he has made his family and friends over 1 million dollars since 2015. Look if it were that easy to make large amounts of cash doing surveys, the work force would look completely different. Everyone would just quit their jobs if you could consistently make income like that. But that's not happening. The reality is most online surveys will only pay you a couple cents to a few bucks per survey if you're lucky. When you actually calculate how much time you spend answering the questions, you'll quickly realize you probably getting paid less than minimum wages in most cases. So I suspect that most of the money he's actually earned was referring others to take surveys where you get a kick back. And there's nothing wrong with that. But don't make it seem that people will actually make the high amounts you claim by just taking surveys.

It's all about supply and demand…

Let's make believe that the money that Jason claims was actually feasible when it's not. There is something else to consider about the nature of surveys. Just like with most things in the world, surveys work on a supply and demand principle. If there is not a need for surveys to be completed by a particular group of people then that group will be excluded from the survey invitations. So if your demographic group just isn't in demand, you won't have a chance to earn money regardless of how much they allegedly pay. So it's a vicious cycle. The outlandish claims that Jason makes about making money hand over fist is like waiting for the ice cream truck to come in winter. That kind of money cannot be made by having his tips and tricks unless those tips and tricks can impact supply and demand. Pretty sure his alleged insight can't change facts. You cannot be paid to take a survey that no one needs you to take.

Why would I pay you?

One of the biggest issues with this whole opportunity is that you're paying Jason for a list of survey companies that can easily be found on the internet. And don't get me wrong we all pay for a lot of information that we can find for free but the reason we're willing to pay for it is the convenience of someone packaging or researching all the information for us. Otherwise things like books, newspapers and magazines couldn't exist. So I have no problem in that respect. I don't like what Jason is doing in making exaggerated claims about how much these companies will pay you. And I also seriously doubt he has tricks that can mitigate the whole supply and demand issue. At the end of the day he's just making claims. If you actually read the disclaimer on the website it clearly states that the information listed is merely suggestion of what could happen. They do not guarantee that you will actually make anything. What they actually promote is that you have the potential to do exceptionally well. Again I'm fine with that but be upfront about that in your sales copy. Ultimately it just doesn't seem worth paying Jason for the information because it's not really going to give you a greater advantage in actually landing surveys and making the money he claims.

The Un-Guarantee

Clickbank is the website that handles the payments for Take Surveys For Cash. TakeSurveysForCash.com states that the product holds a 100% satisfaction guarantee and that members will “make money or it's free”. That said the guarantee would have to be filled through Clickbank. Clickbank does have a generous 60 day refund policy. But it is full of limitations. In order to have your funds returned, the refund request would have to be approved and granted. So if a person is unsatisfied and wants to get a refund, they have to not only ask for it but they have to wait for a response to be returned in their favor. If they do not feel that your request for a refund is warranted then they will refuse it. So how solid is that guarantee. So that's something to think about.

Check Please!

Another reason I feel that Jason's income claims are full of you know what are the checks he uses on his site as proof of his success. He displays two checks; one for $3 and one for $500. Each check was allegedly issued after the completion of one survey. He claims to have gone from the $3 checks for each survey to the $500 checks for each survey. The checks appear to be the same exact check with some minor adjustments. The fine print on the bottom of the check seems to show that the $500 check is not an actual check but an invitation to earn money taking surveys. So its probably a fake check and you can't cash those my friends. The closer you look at this program the more it seems like it has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Is it Take Surveys For Cash Legit?

Personally I would avoid Jason White and his Take Surveys for Cash website. He's exaggerating what you can make with surveys and the information he's selling isn't providing any distinct advantages that will help you combat the supply and demand nature of surveys. So you're pretty much wasting money in my opinion. (Pun intended.)

At the end of the day you can't really depend on surveys to make consistent income and a lot of it. If you are trying to make real money online that can help you support yourself or your family, I would recommend that you check out my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation. And if you really want to maximize what you can do at home, then you need to have a multiple streams of income mindset. Don't limit yourself to one source of income that can easily be wiped out or disappear. So with that said you may want to check out my Work At Home Courses as well.

I hope you enjoyed this Take Surveys For Cash Review if so, please share your comments down below. I'm not going to pay for your opinion but I'll sure appreciate them. lol So share away.

Thanks for reading,

Eddy with a y

16 thoughts on “Take Surveys For Cash Review: Is it a Scam?”

  1. Hey, Great view on this, I really believe that any program that you have to pay money for to make money seems a little wrong..

    I am glad I found this article before I wasted any money on this. Why not stick with what works, be willing to put some work and effort into an online business, after all it is a business.

    • Yeah I don’t know if I agree that anything you ned to invest money into is wrong. When you start a business you need to invest money to make money. If you want to get a great paying career, most of the time you have to invest in college or higher education to do so. So there are legitimate times it makes sense. But not for this particular situation. So I agree with you when it comes to this particular company. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I bought this product before. Jason whit is exaggerating his statement indeed. I thought this program was legit before. I wasted money on this site.

    Anyway, good for me because I found a program that teaches me to build my own business online.

    Great job Eddy!

    • Hey Marvin,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s unfortunate that you wasted money on it. But sometimes we have to go through some of these bad experiences to appreciate when you find something good. And it sounds like you did. So congrats. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Eddy,
    All I can say after reading your terrific assessment of that survey/scam opportunity is that anyone who is dumb enough to fork over that amount of money to that fraud Jason White needs to submit him/herself to professional psychiatric help.

    First of all as you stated one should NEVER pay money to join a survey site based on the premise that you would then be connected to other survey opportunities.
    Simple research conducted on your own, (at no cost to you) would yield survey sites galore, although not all are legit.

    Secondly the notion that you can make up to $500 completing this one survey is absolute, B.S, both capitalized.

    It’s too bad that a fraud like Jason White apparently can still attempt to sell his line of crap online. The reason is that there are so many naive people online looking for the easiest and quickest means to earn money, and the Jason White’s of the world know this. These gullible individuals are easily conned into believing that you can actually make a living and feed a family of four simply by doing surveys 8 hours per day.

    As you said the final caveat against this entire scheme is the fact that practically all survey sites disqualify a person because he/she simply does not fit the demographic profile as designed by the people who wrote the survey. So you spend 5 – 10 minutes answering qualifying questions before you find out that you don’t fit the profile, sorry buddy. And for your parting gift you get nothing.

    Thank you Eddy for pointing out the fact that this Jason character is an out and out fraud.

    Perhaps your article will prevent people who read it from taking part in this survey site’s complete scam!


    • Hey Jeff,

      I couldn’t say it better myself. I totally agree with your observations and statements. The sooner people realize that making real money online will require a lot of work as it does offline, the less likely these scam artist can thrive. But unfortunately everyone thinks of the internet as a fast and easy fix.

  4. Imagine that some exaggerated claims on the internet. Guy like this know a lot about online income. I mean it takes some work to set it all up, right?

    Why don’t people like this take their skills and offer a legitimate opportunity that can actually help people?

    I mean it would probably be the same amount of work.

    It should tip people off when you get those prices that keep lowering the closer you get to leaving. As you say there must be a market or these people would be gone.

    Appreciate the heads up Eddy. No surveys for me.

    • I agree that’s always my argument with drug dealers and other type of criminals. These people are very smart but they’re just not applying their knowledge in the right way. Thanks for chiming in.

  5. I’ve dabbled in online surveys when I first started looking for a way to earn money online. For me, as a complete beginner, it was a good way to just get a feel for spending a lot of time on the internet. And I think my BS radar started to develop at that time too.
    Surveys is the long and winding road to nowhere much, for cents in your pocket.
    This particular program in your review is the first time I have heard of someone charging money for you to do the survey work! It makes me mad to think about the gullible people who are going to get ripped off.
    I guess people think if they pay for a plan like this one they will know more than average Joe who just goes in and does the darn surveys.

    • Yeah these scam artist make it seem like they’re going to teach you a way to make more with surveys but the reality is they can’t since they can’t control the fundamentals of supply and demand. So it’s definitely misleading. Hopefully this article will enlighten them. Thanks for chiming in.

  6. Thanks for your review of the take surveys for cash. There are a lot of scams out there and it is sometimes very difficult to see what are scams and what are not. Thanks to your review you probably will save a lot of people some money. I think its unbelievable that a company will say money back guarantee if you are not happy and then have a bunch of conditions. It just goes to show you always need to read the fine print.

  7. I agree with you about these surveys online. This one is obviously a scam, you elaborated it pretty good. And the problem with all those sites where you take surveys is that it takes too long to actually make some decent money. So thank you very much for exposing stuff like this so I don’t have to waste my time researching it.
    Keep up the good work!

    • You’re welcome Joisp. Surveys definitely aren’t a good way to make decent money and it’s definitely not quick money either. Thanks for chiming in.

  8. Hi Eddy – just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for letting people know about scams like this. As a single dad, I have looked for ways to make extra income. I have tried surveys and they didn’t work out. Maybe scam is too strong of a word but you will not make any money at them for sure. It seems like I never qualified and when I did the survey paid less than a $1.00 for completing it – just not worth the time!

    • You’re welcome Scott. I agree in most cases these surveys aren’t worth the effort. I only do a few survey sites and it’s because they’re quick and I don’t have to jump through hoops to qualify. But other than a handful, I avoid most survey sites especially ones that make unrealistic income claims. Thanks for chiming in.

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