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talent-inc reviewYou know how your momma or dad use to tell you first impressions are everything. So they would instill some good old fashion “home training” in you such as saying thank you, please, referring to folks as mr or mrs so and so. They probably stopped you from walking outside the house if they thought you were wearing something inappropriate. Because your parents knew that folks will judge you based on these things whether it's fair or now. Well in the job world you're being judged by your resume and you want to apply what your parents probably taught you.

Fortunately there are people that can write resumes that will make you look like a shinning star. So let's find out how Talent, Inc can help you make money writing resumes from home.

What Is Talent Inc.

Talent Inc., founded in 2004 is headquartered in New York City. The company maintains local offices in 97 countries and is the featured r?sum? & CV partner to more than 150 job boards globally.

They have and hired over 500 trained r?sum? & CV writers that work one-on-one with customers. Their main focus is Career Branding and the importance of job seekers making the best possible first impression with their r?sum?s, CVs, LinkedIn Profiles and employment correspondence.

What Are The Requirements To Work For Talent Inc.?

The ideal skill sets are:

  • Outstanding writing and editing skills. Professional experience in a writing position is preferred
  • An excellent customer support background
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • A friendly, positive and flexible attitude
  • The ability to work under pressure and strict deadlines
  • The desire to learn and evolve your writing skills in the field of r?sum? writing

Required Experience:

  • Background in professional writing, human resources/recruitment, or associated fields
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word. You need to own a copy of Microsoft Word

I need to add one more requirement which Talent Inc. does not specifically mention on their website:

  • You need to know the difference between a traditional r?sum? and a CV (Curriculum Vitae). If you are unsure, please read up on this article before you apply as writer for Talent Inc.

What Can You Expect Working For Talent Inc?

Your Role!

Talent Inc. is expanding in all domestic markets and is looking for talented, customer-focused writers to provide the highest standard of service to clients in your area and throughout the United States. This offers a great opportunity for a long-term, independent contractor position that is work from home based. Working for has some great benefits such as:

  • You get to be your own boss, set your own work hours, cut the commute and work from home
  • You get a steady supply of work
  • You have access to leading resources in r?sum? writing, LindedIn development and other fields
  • Opportunities to expand into various fields of writing
  • Exceptional support service to assist you throughout the writing process
  • Reliable Payment (monthly through Paypal or direct deposit)

How To Join Talent Inc.?

Visit their career section here. Then follow these steps:

  1. Upload your resume and create a user profile.
  2. Answer a series of questions about your experience and preferences.
  3. Complete a skills assessment by creating a resume from a fictional user's profile.

Once you are accepted connected to their network and begin writing resumes at your own pace.

How Much Do You Get Paid Working For Talent Inc.?

Of course, there is no detailed info on their website, but this statement:

“Your Payments Come on Schedule

Through The Talent:Inc. Writer Network, you are credited upon completion of the project in the system, and payment is delivered once per month through PayPal or direct deposit. Our bookkeeping department will provide you with all the necessary forms you need.

Payment per project will always be available for you to view before starting an assignment, and can vary based on your experience, requested turn-around time, previous customer feedback, and the amount of extras that have been tacked on-such as a cover letter or LinkedIn profile”.

They also provide an email address where you can inquire for additional information even before you begin the application process. I did just that and was very pleased to get a response within 36 hours. The bottom line is this: Pay for basic r?sum?s starts at $20 to $25, and once you are used to their system, such a r?sum? can be completed in about 45 minutes.

Are There Complains About Talent Inc.?

Nope. Not a single one. Here are some examples of what writers for Talent Inc. have to say.

what is talent inc

I didn't really expect to find any negative reports from any of the impressive list of over 150 job boards around the globe, which include JobFox, LinkedIn Builder, TopResume, CV Now and CareerPerfect. Calls to these five clients of Talent Inc. resulted in nothing but the highest praise for the services of Talent Inc.

Is Being A R?sum? Writer For Talent Inc For You?

It sounds like a great work at home option if you're good at writing. I've used resume writing services in the past and they are very helpful. But I've also written my fair share just borrowing what I see from other people's resumes or job description. Then I've pieced them together to make some impressive resumes for myself and others. So this is something that would definitely interest me since I already write for a living. But I'll be the first to admit my grammar and spelling aren't always on point. So that might dissuade me but if your a spelling and grammar nazi and can write decently, this may be for you.

The company seems to be legit and I couldn't dig up a lot of complaints which is rare. So I say go for it. I'm not sure if you can make a full time living with it though. My other issues is if you're a decent writer you can probably make way more being a blogger like I am and my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation can help anyone earn money blogging. As long as you're willing to learn, have patience and don't mind some hard work, you can earn a full time income online like I do. So it may be something to consider as well if you're willing to explore the options at Talent, Inc.

By the way, don't ever limit your income. I'm a big proponent of multiple streams of income just in case something doesn't work out or it slows down. So I always have income coming in from different places. So if you want to learn how I do this, I can teach you here how to have various income streams. So be sure to check it out as well.

Well that's enough yapping for me. Let me know your thoughts about this company. I love hearing from you so leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y.

3 thoughts on “Get Paid To Write Resumes at Talent Inc.”

  1. This company used to be good to work for. I started with them in early 2015 and stayed with them for nearly a year, making anywhere from $400-1200/month. However, recent changes in management and policies have made it no longer viable. I used to be able to pick and choose which orders to take, but that has become increasingly difficult. (The $20 orders are NOT worth it — they end up paying way less than minimum wage. However, the $60 orders end up being decent compensation most of the time.)

    Additionally, order support has gone down hill. They used to respond within 24 hours, but now it can take up to a week at times…which is problematic because company policy is that clients need to receive a response message within 24 hours. That’s a little tricky when you don’t have the information you need from the order support team.

    Lastly, I experienced numerous glitches in the way that the system worked in the last few months. Orders were labeled as “late” even though they were submitted before the deadline, and the “reassignment” feature allowing me to give away jobs I didn’t want inexplicably stopped working even though according to the published company policy I should have been allowed unlimited reassignment within 24 hours of orders being assigned. (I was trying to reassign within the hour.) When I asked questions about why these things happened, the managers ignored all of my questions, and all of the evidence I presented *from their own “knowledge base,” and did their best to sweep me under the rug.

    Things were great at first, but management changes and policy changes have led to a disorganized system that doesn’t play by its own rules.

    • Hey Ellie,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with this company and what has happened. This doesn’t sound so appealing now. Hopefully things will get better. I know there are always two sides to a story so it would be great to hear theirs. Either way I appreciate you sharing!

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