What Is Team Vinh? – An MLM Scam With A Twist

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what is team vinhIt's no secret that Eddy with a Y is not a big fan of MLMs. To be honest, I wasn't successful when I tried it but that's not the reason. There have many other business ventures I have tried that didn't work for me. But I knew they were still good business models. But with MLMs I don't appreciate the pressure tactics that are usually taught. This includes the need to recruit all my friends and family members to join me, and selling them products they don't really want and use. And I don't want to deal with mandatory monthly orders and a convoluted compensation plan nobody understands anyways.

There are literally hundreds of MLM companies offering ‘business opportunities‘ and they all work the same old marketing strategy. So I was mighty surprised to hear about an MLM company that offers a ‘business out-of-a-box‘ opportunity that does NOT require selling products or recruiting new members. I decided to take a real close look and here is my Team Vinh Review.

What Is Team Vinh International (aka “V“)?

The founder of the company is Vinh H. Le, and Team Vinh is ‘strategically' located in Singapore. This part was easy to discover, but now it gets a bit murky and it took some deeper digging to figure out what Team Vinh really is about.

According to Vinh, the only TWO relevant factors for success in MLM are:

  1. Selling Products
  2. Recruiting People to Sell the Products, and Recruit People to do the same

It's a well-known fact that 99% of network marketers fail, and the main reasons are:

  • People Cannot Sell
  • People Do Not Want Sell
  • People Do Not Want To Recruit their friends and family members.

Vinh is absolutely right in his assertion. He now claims to have created a marketing system (which is NOT a MLM) that will handle the referring, recruiting and selling for you. In short, Team Vinh International is allegedly an ‘out-of-the-box-turnkey-system‘ that does all the work for you!

what is team vinh

How Does Team Vinh Work?

First off, it's easier picking cotton than finding any helpful information on the Team Vinh website. There is a short ‘how it works‘ video and a link to a 3-page PDF file. Both the information isn't revealing anything useful.

The FQA section serves you a lot of meaningless platitudes like shown below:

what is team vinh

Or this kind of hype building nonsense

Q. If I have my own LEADs, can TeamVinh call them for me?

A. Because TeamVinh's DynamicTrafficChannels “DTC” are doing all the work and generating all the LEADs & Traffic and does the heavy lifting for you as part of the standard system, we do NOT need your Leads.

What it all boils down to is very simple. In order to find out how it all works, and what you get yourself into, you MUST sign up and became a member of Team V. You fill out the form with the usual info, BUT you are also required to give them your phone number(s). This is something I hate doing, because I don't like unsolicited phone calls.

Once you register for FREE, you have access to the back office and start looking for real information. Let me tell you, there is not really much more to be found, and with little info as there is, it's ‘decision time” and you need to make up your mind if you want to participate in the Team Vinh scheme or not. My team and I were able to piece it all together for you.

Step 1: You purchase 1 VPAK which generates 1 PE (Personally Enrolled)

Step 2: Team Vinh now places your VPAK by placing PE's directly into your down line.

Step 3: You now qualify to participate in their “Third Party MLM's automated income multiplier” (and I thought it is NOT a MLM)

Step 4: You rise in the Team V hierarchy with at least 1 additional referral (you purchase an additional VPAK), or any personal referral of your own (and I thought they don't NEED your referrals!)

“And, as your Downline duplicates and repeats the same Systematic Steps, your TeamVinh International Business will continue to Grow and Duplicate in the most Optimum way”.

team vinh review

There you have your MLM Business on Autopilot!

What Are The Third Party MLM Products?

The whole thing gets even murkier. Up until a year or so, Team V members have been distributors of Savings Highway a company that partners with many diverse companies to create volume savings. Whatever the heck that means. However, things must not have worked out as planned and Team V parted ways with Savings Highway.

The new MLM is VodeOX (OX), based in Singapore and owned by no other than Vin H. Le, and has cutting edge flagship products that include Video Email and Video Conferencing. The Ox product offerings will also include a built-in, high quality Digital Greetings Card & Calendar. Everything will be accessible with the integrated quality Mobile App created for Ox.

How Much Does Team V Cost?

Just in case all the no-info information convinced you to give Team Vinh a try, here is a cost break down:

how much does team vinh cost

It's only a “meager” $399 to get started, plus the monthly $39 Auto-Ship obligation for Digital Greeting Cards or whatever other crap VodeOX has to offer. And don't forget; they are going to hit you up for another $299 for one additional VPAK.

In case you wonder if there is a Money-Back-Guarantee, here is what the Disclaimer on the Team Vinh website reveals:


What Are The Team Vinh Complaints?

As you started to get more details about this opportunity above, I'm sure you started to view this company in the same poor light as other MLMs you may have run into. And you would be right. Let's break down some of the complaints and concerns I have with this company.

It doesn't work

As a experienced business person, I'm not naive. I know starting a business is like a relationship. There are two outcomes you'll be able to make it work or you won't. And notice I said “you'll” because the success of your business falls on you. But with that said my research team found literally hundreds of complaints about this business not working for folks. So even though I know most people will fail starting a business the large number of complaints of people failing with this one is alarming. It actually seems disproportionately out of the norm. Check out some of the comments below.

“It is not working” or “I am in it over a year and have not seen a dime”. Take a look and judge by yourself:

is team vinh a scam

My team could not find a single trustworthy source confirming any success with the team Vinh system which is a big red flag.

It's actually an MLM

First off, Mr. Vinh He L. tells you that his marketing system is not a MLM, but then he turns around and sells you a $39 monthly membership to any MLM he choses to do business with. His first associate MLM, Savings Highway and now the newly formed VodeOX are not very reputable companies and don't offer any products of any value.

The Mandatory Auto Ship

Monthly standing orders from distributors is one of the fundamental pillars every MLM is built on. No matter if you join Arbonne selling ‘Wrinkle Creams' or try making a fortune with Usana's nutritional supplements, you will get product delivered to your front steps, regardless if you can sell it or not. At least you'll get some tangible stuff that gives you a chance to make your dough back, which cannot be said of the VodeOx ‘Video emailing & Digital Greeting Card' crap.

There is only ONE reason for Auto Ship orders: Keep the money flowing within these pyramid schemes so the folks residing on the top levels will make a lot of money.

Expensive start up cost

It's amazing that Mr. Vinh thinks he can get away with this. You are supposed to shell out $340 even before you know what you are getting yourself into; all based on the rather vague promise to build your downline for you, and you won't have to do anything yourself. Except handing over your hard earned money.

I wonder what exactly they need you for; it doesn't make sense. If they are able to build hundreds, or even thousands of downlines for their members, why not just do it and make the money for themselves?

So Is Team Vinh A Scam or Legitimate?

I've reviewed many products, programs and WAH opportunities during my long career in Internet Marketing, among them a bunch of MLMs. If you follow my blog, you know that I always approach my subjects open minded and unbiased. Even though I do not like MLM in general, my reviews are honest reports of my research. In the case of Team Vinh I am very hard pressed to find any positive aspects and tell you that it looks like an outright scam and must be avoided.

Sorry I bust your bubble if you thought Team Vinh would be a good opportunity to make some money online, but if you are looking for a way to start your own online business, I suggest you take a peek at My #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation.

It taught me how to make a full time income online and it can help you as well. The fact that you ended up here on my website isn't by chance. It's because I applied what my top recommended company taught me. If you are willing to learn and work hard, you can be successful too.

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Well that's all for me. Now it's your turn to chime in. Please post a comment down below and let me know what you think of this opportunity. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

Eddy with a y

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