THW Global Review: YouTube Has Nothing To Worry About

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THW Global Review ScamI remember the old days of dial up internet where loading a picture was an exercise in patience. Now most of us have high speed connections which allows us to stream and watch videos from sites like Youtube or Netflix. Considering how much video is now consumed online, wouldn't it be nice to make money for watching all that content?

There are a lot of reward sites that offer this option such as Fusion Cash and But they don't pay all that great. Well apparently THW Global seeks to change this and claims to pay you some serious money. But is it all hype? It seems that way. So let's dive in.

What is THW Global?

THW Global located at was first launched on May 29,2016. The site is allegedly an upcoming online community where members have a chance to get paid to watch videos.

How Do You Make Money With THW Global?

Members are given their own THW Global websites that you can promote to your friends and others. If they sign up you'll get credit. You will also earn when you and your referrals view various types of videos and give opinions. It's promoted to be like YouTube in reverse. But instead of the video creator making money, the viewers get paid to watch.

How Much Money Can Be Made with THW Global?

At one point THW Global has alleged their members could make up to $25 per hour. The compensation plan provides up to $5 per viewed video and $5 for each additional person you recruit.

How Do You Join THW Global?

It is FREE to join. However the former and current registration pages have different criteria. On the original registration page it said to join you had to be 21 and have a high school diploma. Why you need an HS diploma to watch videos is beyond me? But it was a requirement at one point. However, the current registration page no longer lists that idiotic requirement. There does seem to be another criteria which requires a member to be invited by another THW Global to sign up.

THW Global Complaints

Chances are you're reading this review because of all the hype around this company. But so far that's pretty much all THW Global seems to be. We dug a little deeper to discover the complaints against THW Global. Be sure to read them so you make an informed decision instead of getting caught up in the frenzy.

Who Runs This Thing?
The owner registration information is set to “private” which means they either have something to hide or don't want spam. Depending on the reason, it may be a warning sign. There is no “contact us” and the “about” area. Apparently there was a page in the past that listed someone named Alberto Abbatiello, as the VP of International Viewing. His name is no longer on the site for some reason.

Houston we have technical issues.
On several THW Global facebook pages there are several complaints. Some have claimed they are not able to actually view the promised videos. THW Global claims any technical issues are a result of the sheer volume of members signing up. A recent post announced that you can now only contact them through your upline. Apparently they don't want to hear from unhappy members about technical issues!

Who's Getting Paid?
After a big registration push on social media, they are still in “beta testing”. These users keep being told to look out for more updates on all the videos they are acquiring for members to view. One of the recent Facebook user asked the obvious question: “When will it start?” But there is never any clear indication of a real launch date. So no one has actually made money yet.

List Building Scam?
This site is getting a lot of free publicity because of the hype of earning so much money from watching video. So people are signing up in droves and providing a nice contact database for They're basically collecting tons of contact and demographic info without paying for it. If this sight ends up falling, guess what is probably going to happen with that information? It will probably be sold to marketers or spammers. So for all we know this is just a big plot to gather information to be used in shady ways. Time will tell.

Is THW Global Legitimate or Scam?

I've been reviewing make money opportunities since 2003. So I've seen a lot of big hype come and go. has the same stench of scams that I've seen in the past. Anytime a company claims to pay lots of money for simple online tasks, that's a big warning flag. It's not sustainable and doesn't make “cents” literally for the company.

The fact there are still in beta and keep changing dates is another bad sign. It also makes me uncomfortable that the owner's identities are a mystery. I can go on and on about the other concerns. But I think you get the picture. Ultimately I wouldn't join even if it is FREE.

You may not end up losing money but you may lose your reputation and open yourself to spam. It's not worth it in my opinion but to each their own.

What is a better alternative?

If you're looking to make money with a business model and company that are proven, I would recommend looking into Wealthy Affiliate.

It's my Top Free Work At Home Recommendation and has helped me earn a full time living online. It does take time and effort to see results but it's a proven business where you're working with real name brand companies that you know. They're not hiding their identity like THWGlobal.

I'm a big fan of multiple streams of income. So with that in mind, I would encourage you to look at my Work At Home Courses as well. Couple them with Wealthy Affiliate or any other legitimate opportunity and you increase your chances of success online. I hope this gives you other options to consider.

Well I've yapped enough. Let me know what you think of THW Global below. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Until next time,

Eddy with a y

12 thoughts on “THW Global Review: YouTube Has Nothing To Worry About”

  1. I knew this company was a scam from the beginning. With any business you are suppose to know who the owners are and be able to contact them. They were sending emails now that stopped. That’s why I stopped. Nobody is getting paid and it’s a waste of time. Being a business owner I would never advertise anything without having proof of payment and not knowing who the owners are. I did research and found that the owners don’t want to be revealed. That’s bad business. I wouldn’t recommend anybody to join. It needs to be shut down.

  2. I only wish to know who n how many have been actually paid for viewing videos after registration with
    I became IV IN MID NOV.2016,was told by sponsor would be paid after 24th dec.2016.. Till date there’s no notification for payment. So I guess it was all a scam? I wasted time on it.
    And to top all,we can’t even check with site ppl to ask what’s the problem? Why the payment not being done?


  4. Good review on THW Global. I was also wondering what happened with the My Survey site. I was with them quite a long time. They would send me products to try out and I would give a followup survey about the product. They paid promptly. I still have points on there put I find it more and more difficult to login. It’s difficult to contact them with this issue because I don’t get a response.

    • Thanks Judith!
      MySurvey has gotten shady over the years. I had tons of points at their site. They closed my account without warning and ignored my emails. They’re impossible to contact now. They were a good company back in the days. But I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole now. They really started to go downhill when they merged with some other market research agency years ago.

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