Is A Scam?

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Ticket Puller Scam Review

Online ticket sales are one of the top competitive businesses out there. Just type in the name of any group you like to Google and you will see how many people are trying to sell tickets to these shows. They have come a long way over the past four or five years to help weed out the scalpers and scammers that were causing the business way too many headaches. So I ran across this work at home idea that taps into this business but is not in direct competition with all those other people. is a service where clients hire them to buy tickets for high demand events that are expected to sell out in the first 15 minutes of going on sale. There are certain concerts, certain sports games that everyone is sitting by their computers, fingers ready to click click click to buy those tickets they want the second Ticketmaster opens the sale. These are the type of events Ticket Puller was designed for. I have no personal idea who these clients are, but I imagine it could be all sorts of people and businesses who want those front row seats.

How does Ticket Puller work?

OK, Here's a scenario Say My New York Knicks are playing a game against our dastardly northeast rivals, the Celtics. Let's assume this game is expected to sell out in minutes. (Trust me they do!) Ticket Puller is hired by ‘clients' who tell Ticket Puller which sections (and sometimes even Rows), they want seats in. The ticket puller logs on 5-10 minutes before the official on sale time (usually 10am), get into the official ‘pull'chat room for that game, and you will try to buy as many tickets as you can that meet the requirements once Ticketmaster opens the game as on sale now.
They have a clever system all set up so that by logging in to this game's official ‘ticket pull' room, you are using credit cards numbers they give you, and you are in real time chat to get approval before actually making the sale. If a sell out is expected, the tickets could be gone by 10:15. So for that 15 minutes you try to buy as many tickets for this concert or game as the clients have asked for. If you have different browsers going, IE, FireFox, Safari, you get three chances right off the bat. Once the first sale is cleared with the admin team at Ticket Puller, you go to the next browser so Ticketmaster doesn't read you are coming from the same place. Speed matters for this opportunity and why it's a test you'll need to pass to be hired. But we'll discuss this more later.

How Do I sign up to be a Ticket Puller?

Just visit and click the ‘JOIN NOW‘ button. You can't miss unless you're too busy ogling at the cute girl at the top of the page. (Shame on you. lol)
Before you can actually complete the sign up process, you are sent through some hoops to ensure you're really ready for this opportunity.
First there is the ‘Terms and Conditions' that I know you all usually agree to without reading. I'm guilty of it too. I tend to zip through them because I already know terms and conditions are basically blanket statements that protect the parent company and screw you if anything pops off. A lot of times people end up violating some of these conditions and because they haven't read them they run around the web calling a given company a scam for terminating their account or taking away their money.The point is reading is fundamental and you're always going to find little nasty things in these agreements. But I've rarely had them work against me. Knock on wood.
In any event, once you get past the terms and conditions, they make you read the Member Rules. This includes information on how to stay active and the payout structure. Once you agree to that, you have to read and digitally sign the Non Compete Agreement which is very strict but most ticket brokers use it as well. Once you agree to all of that, they have you take a speed and accuracy typing test and clicking speed test. If you have ever use Ticketmaster know they don't give you much time to type all your credit card information in, so they have to be sure you can do that and get that silly captcha typed in right the first time.
After you've finished this grueling process, you are then notified by email if you are accepted or rejected. Sometimes it is pretty quick, other times it might take a while if you hit a day many people try to sign up.
So reading this sign up process you may be thinking you're signing for a mortgage or something. I think it's a bit tedious as well. But I know from experience with some people that comment on this blog that reading is a lost art. This can lead to a lot of issues for job seekers and the company's that hire them. So this stringent sign up process weeds out those type of people. Furthermore, you can earn some decent money with this opportunity so what's a little reading and jumping through some small hoops? By the way unlike most terms and conditions, agreements, etc., the material on their site is actually easy to read, with bulleted points, and not very long.

How do you know what Ticket Puller jobs are available?

Assuming you've passed the intensive requirements and sign up process, you just log in and find the job listings and sign-up for jobs. They call their jobs a ‘pull' as you are pulling in tickets from Ticketmaster for their clients. You are expected to complete 90% of all the ‘pulling' sessions you sign up for. You are not expected to sign up for everything available. 2 out of 10 of what they have available is all the required. However, if you sign up for ten sessions, you have to do 9 of them, so don't go signing up for sessions unless you know for sure you will be free to do them.

How do you get paid?

You get paid 5% of the wholesale price of the ticket that you are able to get, based on the requirements in the order. Obviously the higher the ticket price, the more you earn. Each sporting or music event is considered a session that you can participate in. The max you can earn per session is $50. Realistically, within one 15 minute session, the average is more like $20-$30 per session.
They will pay you via Pay Pal (my favorite) within 48 hours of your account being credited and you have a minimum of $50 in it. However, you can request a payment with less than $50 but they charge you $2 to do it. Usually I would balk at a $50 threshold. But this opportunity pays you a lot more per task than some of my favorite recommendations. Thus achieving the threshold in a reasonable amount of time is significantly more feasible. So keep that in mind.
Now here is something to be aware of. It will take a week for you account to be credited, they have to do that because they have to give the clients an opportunity to cancel a purchase. Like I said when we started, tickets are a highly competitive business. So who knows how much wheeling and dealing goes on with all the buying and selling? If you made a ‘pull' and the client you pulled for returns the ticket, you are out of luck and yes that sucks. But it is like losing a commission on anything that the customer has a right to return and comes with the territory for certain businesses. Just another thing to keep in mind and might be a con.

Can I earn more if I refer friends?

Yes, but they only tell you how and how much once you are approved. I would bet it is a fee per referral system and not a matrix thing.

Is this opportunity International?

Honestly, I don't know. My research couldn't find a definitive answer. So I'll just assume it's probably only open to U.S. residents and possibly Canadians.
Ok guys now it the time for my usual spiel about how nothing in this world is perfect and there is always bad to go with the good, and what kind of professional would I be if I did not dig out the downside to these things, so there, you got it. Off we go to look at the dark, or not so dark, side.


Timing is crucial is this business. Anyone who buys tickets online knows they usually go on sale at 10am local time on a weekday. So in the United States that means between 10AM for Eastern Time Zone at 11AM for venues in Central time zone and 1pm for West Coast event (Not that many venues in mountain time, but for those that are it would be noon). Since the whole point of this thing is to grab tickets in the first 15 minutes they go on sale before a sell out, there are some people whose jobs would not let them be free at those times. For instance teachers can't just cut out of class at 10:00 just to go buy some tickets on line. The cashier at the grocery store can't say to the customer just a second ma'm, I need to try to buy a ticket to earn an exta $30 bucks becasue my pay here stinks. Piles of folks have to punch a time clock or IT keeps an eye on your computer use at work, for ‘personal use'. Trust me a ticket site would ring some personal use bells. With that being said, during peak times for concert tickers to go on sale, there will be some Saturday and Sunday choices, but I am not sure it will be enough to make it worth your while. Most people have those days free so I imagine everyone and their mother will be sitting at 10am Saturday waiting for the big name concerts to go on sale. So your chances of making more than one sale during the weekend isn't all that great.
It doesn't always work. The requirements might be for a certain price ticket in a certain area of the arena. If when you log on, that price range is gone before you have a chance to purchase, you are out of luck for this session. They sort of confirm this when they see the average rate of success is 35%. I know it sounds low, but even Derek Jeter only gets a hit less than 35% most of the time. There is a trick to help this out, and that is to use three different browsers at once. IE, Firefox and another one like Chrome or Safari. Have all three opened at once and then when you close on sale the next browser will be ready and Tickemaster won't read you as coming from the same place. That is how you can sometimes get a second or third sale in.
You can't rely on this as steady income. Like many of my favorite easy ways to make money, is more an opportunity for extra cash that should be added to your multiple streams of income if you subscribe to this philosophy as I do. (If not just focus on getting a traditional work at home job that fits your needs.) You have to keep in mind that since tickets have their seasons, what is actually available will vary from week to week. One week there may be lots of available offers and other weeks there may be very few. Online surveys and focus groups work the same way. It's called supply and demand. A lot of time people don't understand this concept and then run around calling companies scams because they're not getting as much work as they expected. Again this is one of those situations where reading and knowledge is power.
Remember Ticket Pull is for new concerts the first day they go on sale, and is either expected to be a sell out in the first 15 minutes or the ‘best' seats are expected to go quickly. No one is going to pay a service to buy tickets for a concert that will be on sale for months and the best seats are still there. My point is, I wonder how many of those sorts of concerts and sports events there really are? However I did hear on the news last week that one of the surprising things is that in this weak economy, concerts are selling well. So I just may not be up on the number of concerts that sell the best seats out in the first 15 minutes.

Is Legitimate?

No news is good news. I literally saw zero, zilch nada complaints about this company on my scam search like I show you how to do in my scams video. The only stuff I really read about was what I've covered in the cons above. And honestly none of that stuff is like the malicious scams such as package reshipping, check cashing, etc. The ‘complaints' are things that can be worked through.
So from where I sit (which happens to be my man cave, it is too damn hot to be anywhere else), this looks like something that is worth trying out. I can't wait to hear from those of you who have worked for this company or plan to. For any of you newbies planning to get into this company, just remember you will need a dose of patience for the times you try to pull a ticket. The fact of the matter is that sometimes you won't be fast enough didn't get as many tickets as you wanted. There are going to be bumps with this opportunity like there are with any money making options. But as long as you go in there aware of the possible obstacles, I think you're better equipped to deal with them.
Well I'd love to hear your thoughts about this company. As always if this doesn't appeal to you, feel free to focus on traditional work at home jobs listed here. Be sure to check out my other personal recommendations that can be used in addition to this opportunity to build your multiple streams of income. Good luck ya'll.

9 thoughts on “Is A Scam?”

  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. I’ve been a member of TicketPuller for about a month and been involved in 4 pulls, 2 of which I’ve made money on (1 of the ones I didn’t make money on was because of me accidentally back spacing and losing tickets). I will say, though, this requires crazy amounts of speed and determination. If you or your internet aren’t quick, you’ll lose out. It is fun, though, and I enjoy it so far. Just a little extra side cash.

    • Hey Steph,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Sounds a little stressful but clearly it’s possible to make some side money with this! So that’s great to hear! Are you doing anything else to make side money online?

  2. Eddy,
       One thing that you didn’t really touch on in this article was the payment situation. How are the employees expected to pay for the tickets?

    • Hey Ed,

      We did. I think you may have missed it:

      “They have a clever system all set up so that by logging in to this game’s official “ticket pull” room, you are using credit cards numbers they give you, and you are in real time chat to get approval before actually making the sale. ”

  3. I worked for TicketPuller during the NBA finals and I did not make a dime.  It’s very nerve-wracking and fast-paced –  I had 3 different browsers open and refreshed constantly. The tickets we were told to buy were either not available or sold out immediately after Ticketmaster opened. There is a chat room open during the session, and I did not see anyone else being successful either. I”m sure it’s legitimate and that people can make some money, but I wouldn’t count on making much money.  

  4. Eddy,

    Great article.   I think I need some coffee now because just reading about all the hoops and then the idea of not being fast enough has made me tired 🙂    


    • Some other details about applying for this.

      – They require some testing which includes
              – A mouse speed/accuracy test (Click as many bubbles as you can X amount of time)
              – A typing test (WPM based)

      I was not accepted based on the results of this test. I don’t claim to be the fastest typist nor the fastest click, but I am by no means slow. I average around 50WPM, and click pretty fast.

      So as a quick forewarning to those of you out there if you are unable to type at a fast speed, and click at a very fast speed than this is not for you.

      The good news is that they said they would allow me to apply again in 30 days, but I doubt I will. I will stick to more consistent ways to make money as listed by your recommendations. Thanks once again for offering a opportunity Big E, but I doubt this one is for me.


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