TimeBucks Review: Is It A Legit Get Paid To Site or A Scam?

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We spend much of our time surfing the Internet browsing videos, uploading pictures, and checking out various websites. We do this for free, but there are many websites that will pay you to do so such as the one from TimeBucks. You may have already read other TimeBucks reviews to find everything about what it has to offer. Let's get into all the details, including all the complaints to find out whether you can make any real money.

What is TimeBucks?

TimeBucks.com is a get paid to website that pays users for performing a wide variety of online based tasks. The website was created in 2014 and is owned by LK International Ltd of Al Jazeera Al Hamra. The company's headquarters is located in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

How Does TimeBucks Work?

TimeBucks rewards users for completing surveys, watching videos, installing apps, playing games, and more. You can also earn cash by completing interesting tasks such as taking selfies, growing a beard, and drawing photos of other people. The website also rewards users for referrals and offers competitions with daily bonuses. There are several one-time tasks that you can complete right away to start earning cash. These include items such as liking their Facebook page and subscribing to their YouTube channel. You can get paid for many of the same activities at the following sites: SurveyJunkie.com, FusionCash.com & SwagBucks.com.

How Do I Start With The TimeBucks?

TimeBucks is free to join. Users can create a new account by visiting the company's website by using their Facebook information or entering an email address and password. You will receive a confirmation mail where you will need to verify your email address in order to receive payments. According to the company's Terms and Conditions, TimeBucks works in all countries where PayPal is accepted and there are no minimum age requirements.

How Much Money Can I Make With TimeBucks?

The amount you are able to earn highly depends on the particular task. They pay anywhere from one penny to $3 depending on the difficulty of the task. Here are some of the various payouts:

  • Polls: $0.01
  • Sharing Content: $0.01
  • Surveys: $1
  • Uploading a Promotional Video: $3

This may not be enough to make you any real money. So you may want to take a multiple stream of income approach and join other better sites as well, such as the following sites: SurveyJunkie.com, FusionCash.com & SwagBucks.com.

How Do I Get Paid With TimeBucks?

TimeBucks pays out earnings on a weekly basis every Thursday through PayPal or Payza. There is a $10 minimum payment threshold. The amount of money the app pays out is very low. If you are looking to make real money, then you may want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

TimeBucks Hacks or Tips

The best way to earn money using TimeBucks is through its referral program. You will receive a referral link that you can use on social media or email to invite others. The program pays out 5 levels deep, which is more than other similar apps available in the marketplace.

TimeBucks Complaints

If you've read my reviews long enough, you know I can't let you join anything without knowing the bad sides as well. So we've compiled some of the complaints against TimeBucks that you should know before joining this company.

Unavailable Tasks: Depending on your location, there may not be any tasks for you to complete. Certain categories remain empty days and weeks at a time, according to some users. If there are no tasks, then you are unlikely to get paid much.

Survey Limitations: You have to pre-qualify for a survey in order to be able to take it and get cash. You can spend a lot of time not qualifying. The surveys will give you a penny if you do not qualify, but you can spend your time on much better things that will reward you better. Survey disqualifications are really based on supply and demand and just an issue across the survey industry. It's not just isolated to this site.

Don't Quit Your Day Job: You won't be making large amounts of cash. This website pays out pennies for many of the tasks. It's going to take you a long time to even earn anything just to cash out. One user stated it took him 2-3 months just to cash out $20. If you want to make real cash from home, you might want to check out my Best Work At Home Recommendation.

Payment Limitations: The company only pays through PayPal or Payza. There are no other options such as check or direct deposit. If you don't have these accounts, you are screwed on getting paid. Fortunately, there are other sites that offer more payment options such as the following sites: SurveyJunkie.com, FusionCash.com & SwagBucks.com.

TimeBucks Alternatives

There are several other apps and websites where you can earn cash and gift cards for doing various online activities such as Swagbucks.com and Instagc.com. If you like taking surveys, then you can check out my reviews on sites such as PaidViewPoint. If you are a video fanatic, then you might be interested in reading my AppTrailers Review. You can sell your photos through the Foap Smartphone App or download apps with AppMan. Keep in mind that these websites typically don't pay out much. However, they can be useful if you are looking to make some spare change while waiting in line at the store or have a few extra minutes to spare.

So Is TimeBucks A Scam?

TimeBucks is a legitimate get paid to website that pays users for various online tasks you do now unpaid. However, you aren't going to make any real money. You can earn up to $3 per task as well as referral commissions for inviting others to join. However, there are few available tasks and you have to pre-qualify for surveys which can be a huge waste of time. There is also no mobile app for easier access.

Now that you have read all the other TimeBucks reviews as well as mine, you should have a complete understanding now of the app and all its offerings. The app won't help you towards building your multiple streams of income. If you want to make real money from home, then you should definitely check out my Top Work At Home Recommendation and my Work At Home Courses. If you used TimeBucks before, I would love to hear about your experiences. Please feel free to post your comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, please free to check out my other work at home reviews as well.

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