Warning about Tjobs.com!

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The warning about Tjobs.com is that it's actually a legitimate work at home resource! Isn't that a surprise? Tjobs.com has been providing legitimate work from home jobs for over 11 years. That's an eternity online people! They're one of the leading resources for telecommuting jobs on the web. As a result, they are a very established company with little complaints or claims of being a scam or ripoff.

Their website design is antiquated but it's very simple and easy to get around. Unlike many other work at home resources you won't find a lot of google ads or other website advertisements to clutter the job finding process.

But because this website isn't supported by ads you the job seeker is expected to cough up $15 per year to gain full access to the job descriptions and how to apply. So I think for many job seekers this may be a turn off. The other problem is that you can't do a search for jobs by keywords like you would expect in traditional job websites. But they do organize the jobs in some nice and easy categories as listed below:

Artists, Desktop Publishers
& Photographers

Data Entry, Transcription


Programmers, IT


Web Designers


Other Skills

Freelance Projects

My final minor gripe about Tjobs.com is like Wahm.com they have fluid rules when it comes to which advertisers are accepted on their website. But that's their right as the owner. So I can't really knock them for that.

All and all I think Tjobs.com is a great work from home website. I loved it more when it was free back in the days. But if you're one of those people that hate the ads on the other free work at home resources then Tjobs.com may be for you.

But for most there are free alternatives such as:

All the sites above are updated daily and best of all they're free! Granted you'll have to deal with a lot of ads but the ads aren't intrusive like pop ups or pop unders. At the end of the day I would argue that most would think that dealing with a website with ads is better than paying money to find a job. I know how that rubs work at home seekers the wrong way!

But despite the minor fee, I would highly recommend Tjobs.com for your work at home search process.

6 thoughts on “Warning about Tjobs.com!”

  1. Hi,
    I am new to finding work from home. I saw the tjobs.com and was really wondering if they were the real thing or a scam. Thank you so much for your insight. I am in a position where I HAVE to work from home and with all the information out on the Internet and SO many scams out there, this article was helpful. Thank you again.

  2. Hey Ben,

    Welcome to our blog. First and foremost be sure to become a subscriber so you can keep abreast of various legitimate work at home opportunities and avoid scams:

    Let’s see if we can help you get started.
    You should visit the following areas as soon as you can and be sure to take the time to read through them or you’ll miss out on various legit ways to work at home:



    Our personal recommendations can be found on the following page:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.


  3. Hi my names Ben im 21 and i live in the UK im looking for a legitamate work at home job ive been looking for some time now can you please get back to me thanks Ben.

  4. Thanks for your comments Sol and going into deeper explanation as to why your company charges work at home seekers. We weren’t inditing your site for doing so. I think it makes total sense given the work that is put into the site. But alas many work at home seekers would probably still cringe at the fee because of the mantra pumped by other sites that anything that charges a fee is some sort of scam. I for one think your site is legitimate and a great resource.

    In terms of the free work at home websites turning their eyes away to scams, I don’t think that’s a fair statement. I believe many of the good free resources provide a lot of material on how to avoid scams and spot them. It’s up to the users to do their due digelence especially when the information is made readily available on various free work at home websites.

    Many times these website are running Google AdSense and honestly I think it’s really up to Google to filter out these scams. It seems like they are cracking down but there is a lot to be done. But I really do believe you can’t get scammed if you’re vigilant and do your research especially when a company is asking for a fee. It’s just a no brainer at this point. The few times I was ever scammed was because I didn’t do my research.

    In any event, thanks again for chiming in. It’s great to see an active website owner. Keep up the great work.

  5. Free is not free when it comes to TeleCommuting job searches.

    Thanks to the author for the compliment about tjobs.com: ‘Warning about tjobs.com.’ Unfortunately, a lot of internet viewers are scanners and don’t read past the headlines.

    Now here’s the full story about why tjobs charges.

    We know TeleCommuting — we are working TeleCommuters. Unlike most work at home – and even major – job search sites, our staff screens all job listings based on 11 years of experience posting TeleCommuting jobs. All jobs that trigger past experience with companies requiring payment for jobs, selling products or services, or are business opportunities are not posted.

    We also refuse all advertisers that have outstanding complaints with the BBB or RipoffReport or promote business opportunity profit schemes.

    And, to encourage as many TeleCommuting job listings as possible, we don’t charge employers to post jobs. If we charged for listings, we could not refuse scam job listings since the job posters would have already paid us. This is why you find so many scam job listings at sites that do charge employers for listings.  

    Because we do not send our viewers to possible scam jobs, we are only one of two work at home sites allowed membership with the BBB. Our BBB Reliability Report can be viewed at http://chicago.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=46&bbb=0654&firm=88015162

    You’ll find no safer place to pursue TeleCommuting work, but, it will cost you $15 for an annual password to all services.   Given the amount of work our staff puts in to insure safe work at home job hunting and the resources provided to job seekers, we are confident they are getting a $15 value.  

    It takes money to fund the operation of a job search site. Free work at home sites have to close their eyes to the type of companies they expose their viewers to — to pay for running their sites. View the nature of many of the ads on the sites linked to in the author’s piece. Free is not free if you’re ripped off by scams. We have heard ripped-off stories from so many of our subscribers who finally found a safe haven to try TeleCommuting one more time before giving up altogether because of previous experiences with work at home sites.


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