Top 3 Worst Work At Home Tips Ever!

bad-adviceI'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a grumpy old man that's been here for many moons. I've been looking for ways to make money from home in some capacity or another since the very late 90s. So I've seen and experienced a lot of the crap that comes with trying to work from home. Unfortunately this industry is filled with a lot of bad people, products, opportunities and advice. You probably know about the bad products and opportunities already but today I want to discuss some of the crappy advice being spewed out there.

I felt compelled to write this article because I'm tired of reading this nonsense online and running into poor work at home seekers that are being misguided. So hopefully by the time you finish this article you'll be better informed when you're out there trying to find legit opportunities. So let's get into the bad advice you need to ignore.

Search For A Work At Home Job!

I know you must be saying what is he babbling about. The whole reason for visiting your blog Eddy is to find my dream work at home job or opportunity. Well I'm here to tell you that's not a good idea. Well let me give you more context as to what I mean. If you were anything like me, you came into this industry with a dream work at home job or opportunity in mind. You searched high and low for it and then you quickly realize it's not that easy to secure or it's just not available. But you're not getting the hint and continue to be fixated on this one job. It eventually leads you to frustration or worst being scammed. It's an unfortunate situation but it could haven been easily prevented if you weren't hell bent on one type of job.

The way I became successful at making money from home was to be a lot more flexible with my desire. Instead of trying to hit a homerun with that ONE perfect job or opportunity, I decided it was better to have Multiple Streams of Income. There were far more choices that way and it limited my risks in the event I lost that perfect work at home job or opportunity. You see when you just have one work at home job, you're pretty much at the mercy of that employer or company in terms of how much you make. They dictate your hours and salary. Whereas when you have Multiple Streams of Income, the pay can vary per company. There may be more flexibility in terms of your earnings because the nature of the work allows for the greater potential to earn more. The beauty of working from home is that you have a lot more flexibility with your schedule and hours. One employer may only give you a limited number of hours. But you may have more time in the day to work other opportunities that can pay you more or supplement what you already earn.

The point is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Adjust to what's actually available and what you're capable of doing. And if you lack the skills that will give you more options then be willing to invest in yourself to learn skills that give you more options to earn multiple streams of income.

If It Requires A Fee, It's A Scam!

This advice drives me bonkers because it's not explained in complete context or detail. It's just a blanket statement thrown out by other sites, the media, consumer protection sites, etc. Don't get me wrong, the intentions are good but it's misguided and mentally laziness. The advice should really be don't pay an employer to work for them. For instance Walmart shouldn't charge you to become a cashier. But they may expect you to pay for a background check, a smock or something else related to the job but not to work for them. Unfortunately because this tip isn't explained in more detail people run around assuming anything that requires a fee is a scam.

But the fact is there are perfectly legitimate reasons when investing cash makes “Cents”. For instance every year people pay for college or technical training schools. And the reason is they are paying is to gain knowledge or learn skills that will help them get a job, start a career or start a business. Another lesser example is if you've purchased a newspaper to look for work in the classifieds section. Well my friends the work from home industry is also very similar. You can invest in home based business opportunities. You can invest in training to learn skills to land a job or start your own business. You could invest in ebooks or other materials that are about helping you find a job or start a business. As you can see in these situations you aren't really paying for a job, you're pretty much investing in yourself so you can secure a job or start a business. Hopefully this makes sense to you. At least now you'll have the full context of this advice and hopefully see the value in investing in yourself via a course or other training material.

All Work From Home is A Scam!

So earlier we discussed how people generalize the fact that anything related to working from home that requires a fee is a scam. If that wasn't bad enough there is a camp of people that take it one step further. They just feel the whole industry is a scam. It doesn't matter if it requires a fee or not. If it has to do with working at home it's a scam. Lord have mercy. This is by far the most frustrating thing for me since I pretty much live and breath this industry.

I've had people give me the side eye, I've been told I need to get out such a scammy industry, blah, blah, blah. Sigh… Look as I said from the start of this article this industry does have a lot of shady stuff that goes one. But I can say that about the used car industry, lawyers, politicians, etc. Every industry has it's bad apples. Some industries definitely seem to have a higher ratio of these bad apples and yes the work at home industry falls in that category. But like people it doesn't mean the whole industry is bad. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised since people are quick to lump whole groups of other folks for the action of a few idiots.

But I'm assuming if you're reading this blog you have a lot more sense than that. You know there are good apples and sometimes it means filtering past the bad ones to find them. And since you are on this blog I help make that process easier. So with that said ignore people when they say all work at home is a scam. It just means they haven't had success finding the legitimate opportunity and assume that it doesn't exist. But just because they failed doesn't mean you will. If you're reading this blog you know I help you avoid the crap and I hand the best of the best to you on a silver platter.

What Should You Do?

Hopefully I've opened some eyes with this article. If what I've said makes sense be sure to share it with others so they don't run around blindly following the bad advice about working from home that is being pumped out there.

  • If you you want to avoid the mistake of people that think anything that involves a work at home is a scam then be sure to check out my resources here and here.
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Well that pretty much wraps it up for me. Let me know what you think about the advice being pumped out there regarding working from home by posting your comments down below. I'd like to hear if you agree or not. Maybe you've run into some other bad advice that you want to share down below. Either way I want to hear from you.

Until next time,

Eddy with a y

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